Valentine Tradition.

Posted: February 1, 2012 in disaster
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Valentine’s day used to be a huge tradition for me, as a girl it was one of those ‘holidays’ I absolutetely had to celebrate and if my boyfriend at the time screwed up there was trouble.

Valentine’s day is a day for men to show romance to their girls by buying them stuff, taking them out to dinner etc. Millions of Dollars are spent every year on cards, jewelry, roses, restaurants etc. I’m quite confident that not too many men are more excited about Valentine’s day than ladies unless they are one of those super romantics. Heaven forbid a man forget Valentine’s day.

My Husband ‘forgot’ it one year. I gleefully went and bought him chocolates, a card and a cute stuffed animal (Which was actually more for me and now my daughter owns it along with my other 20 Valentine’s day stuffies) February 14th rolled around and I got nothing. I was jipped, I was upset, how could he forget Valnetine’s day?

I cried, I screamed, then I angrily ate half his chocolates. I walked up to him with a huff and threw the half eaten box of chocolates onto his lap. “Happy Valentine’s day.” I muttered then walked away. No fancy dinner, no movie, nothing.

What man is dumb enough to forget Valentine’s day intentionally?

Or better yet, what man is dumb enough to go out the next day to purchase Valentine’s day stuff? My husband was. And it was an act of bravery. But he went to the Drug Store after work, bought a whole bunch of stuff, 4 cute valentine’s day plushies, some chocolate, lots of candy…

Most men today would get in even more crap for being a day late with Valentine’s day. It doesn’t matter how much money they spend, the girl would feel enraged. There’s not enough flowers, jewelry or candy to satisfy a woman the day after Valantine’s day. I’ve met many men who’ve been dumped because they were a day late, heck I’ve met men who got dumped because they bought the wrong gift! There are lots of shallow ladies out there.

But I’m not shallow, I forgive very quickly. So when my husband got home from work on the 15th and threw 4 cute plushies at me and dumped a bag full of candy onto the bed I smiled. Yes it was a day late BUT because it was a day late I got more because Valentine’s day stuff is 50% off the day after Valentine’s day! You know, I actually saw where my Husband was going with this. I get more on the 15th for the same price we’d have spent before Valentine’s day! And I was cool with that.

So now we have a tradition. We eat a nice romantic dinner on the 14th then go out the next day to purchase clearance candy. We’ll get a plushie or two as well but our daughter usually picks them out for herself. We go home, load up on sugar and are super happy. Not too many couples do what we do but I’m sure there are planty of single people who do go out the next day to stock up on wonderful Chocolate and candy laced with Red Dye #40.

So couples, maybe you should consider this tradition. After all February 14th is just a stupid date. Honestly if you have to wait for Valentine’s day to get romance your relationship sucks. It should be February 14th everyday or at least randomly. Single folk, no worries, nothing is stopping you from indulging on goodies-plus more for you! If your single, try getting stuff for your friends and family. Valentine’s day isn’t a day of love it’s a day to indulge on sugar and aquire diabetes! (and for those who already suffer from diabetes there are lots of yummy sugar free candies out there as well)


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