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Posted: March 4, 2011 in disaster, greetings, random

Hello friends, aquaintances, geeks and strangers. Nick and I have decided to create a blog. Okay I’ll admit it, I didn’t ask Nick if he wanted to start a co-blog with me but I’m volun telling him so whether he actually posts on here is up to him (I’m certain he’ll find enough random things to post and keep people interested).

I, Jess, have been blogging for just over a year now. I am a perfectionist so I have deleted or neglected many of my blogs. No

However if he finds something interesting he will likely post it or get me to post it (I will simply give him credit).

For those of you who do not know us and are just randomly reading this here’s a little info about us: We met in grade 11 Natural Disasters class in 2003 and we began dating. We defied statistics because we think Stats are a load of dung and we became engaged June 3rd 2005. Two months after the engagement we got wonderful news that we would be parents, it’s a long complicated story but yes we planned the whole thing…but again, complicated. Aurora was born May 13, 2006. We got married July 11th 2007. And if that wasn’t enough we bought a house November 2007 along with a Bulk Food store business. We ran the Bulk food store for 3 years and closed it November 2010. Nick currently works at Tim Horton’s but has much bigger dreams, for now he rather enjoys free coffee durring shifts. (FYI I almost left the “F” out on the word “Shift” but I caught it on time to avoid embarassment.) Now I am unemployed but funnily enough I make more money now than I did working full time as a business owner. Actually wait, technically I still work…we still have our vendor licence and we order wholesale for people we like. See below for random Pictures.



So, our new blogging adventure begins. Thankyou for reading!