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It’s been a while since my gaming group played this particular campaign for Dungeons and Dragons but for some odd reason I just can’t seem to stop thinking about how crazy it was. My Husband was the DM and decided to be lazy and said “You can be anything as long as your alignment is Good.” Those are foolish words with our gaming friends. Very foolish words.

We started off as level 10 characters so I chose to play a half Dragon half Githzerai monk. Why? I was being random and if I was going to play a half dragon I was going to play one that was half reptile from the plane of Limbo as well.

Picture the above picture without eapons (This was the best picture I could find, I actually drew my character but it looks horrible…like a very bad representation of a dragon mocking Jackie Chan ><)

My scary looking monk wasn’t even the worst, in fact out of our party, I was the only one who looked remotely good aligned.

How about two words that should never go together. Drow of Pelor. Yes that’s right, not only did one of our group members want to play a good drow (Which is fine, lots of people play good drow) He had to choose the Sun God as his Drow’s diety. Lawful Good Drow paladin of Pelor. For once there was drow living in the underdark, secretly studying the ways of Pelor when one day she asked “I want to be blessed by you Pelor”. So Pelor blessed her…and lit up the underdark and pissed off a whole lot of Drow. And that was the backstory to this character.

How about a Good Mind flayer wizard with a Beholder as it’s familiar? Somehow we made it work. But certainly every town we travelled to moved as far away from our wizard as possible. “It’s okay, I only drain the minds of evil folks…are you evil?”

A party needs a cleric right? Why not make it a rakshasa Cleric? Afterall a Rakshasa could always denounce the necromancy part of it right? Why raise the dead when you can turn undead and heal people?

And last but not least, the party was complete with it’s very own Lich Rogue/Sorcerer. Because nothing spells “Good Heroes” Like the walking skeleton in robes. While most Liches are evil…it is possible, although VERY rare to have a Good aligned Lich. I’m sure this threw a few other Lich brethren off.

But think about it, how man towns and cities would easily let a party of Heroes into town that looked like this wonderful collection of misfits? “Why hello. We are heroes and we are here to destroy some evil artifacts.” No bluff check, just the plain truth. The Dragon, Mind Flayer, Drow, Lich and Rakshasa walk into the inn…and everyone runs for the hills.

…and this is one of the reasons you should probbaly never give free reign in class and race selection when running a campaign. If your group is as twisted as mine…maybe it’s best to avoid the face palms and headaces and make a few rules.


I’ve been super busy(Or possibly lazy) the last few months so I have neglected to write Geek Reports since February. I’m sure I’m not all that important but if you feel the need to know what I have been up to find me on google+, thats where the majority of my geeky posts go because my facebook friends just don’t understand me!

Google+ and Twitter mentions

Normally I pick 10 people and just mention them but I thought I’d try something different, just pick a few and mention why they are at the top of my google+ or twitter geek list.

Tony Love: The one who makes virtually everyone feel welcome on google+, I don’t know how he does it but he takes the time to focus on pretty much everyone in his circles, so much that a few of us Google Plussers had a discussion on someone’s status feed about how awesome Tony is. So Tony, keep up what you are doing and keep on geeking!

Robert Muhlig: Robert introduced me to google+ by inviting me 🙂 YAY! Robert also comments on many of my posts and talks to me regularily on twitter. So thank you Robert for being an awesome Goolge+ and Twitter friend.

Christoher Waisanen Commenting, sharing and liking many of my google+ updates and posts thus giving me a +5 boost to my geeky confidence.  He’s kinda like the Bard constantly throwing out bonus spells to everyone.

@AdmuralCain I’m pretty sure out of everyone on Twitter @AdmuralCain comments on my posts the most plus comments with witty and funny responses. One can always use more humor.

@CheekeeChappee A huge Jason and The Argonauts fan as well as the biggest fan of Ray Harryhausen’s special effects work. He also has twitter accounts for some of his Figurines, one of them being @HarrysHaus whom is one of the skeleton’s from Jason and The Argonauts. Those who make accounts for figurines are not only borderline insane but awesome! Wait did I say Borderline? Oops, we all know we’re nuts and nobody is going to stop us!

@ElderBlueDragon Twitter can always use more dragons, so long as they stay out of @epicreddragon ‘s hoard.

Zombie 101

#11 Like the sign above says, invest in a boat…

#36 if your vehicle keeps breaking down, don’t keep fixing it, look around you. GET A NEW ONE! Don’t be like that old guy on the Walking Dead…every other episode that damn RV breaks down at inconvenient times. Don’t be like this guy, drive a brand new Luxury RV, if your going to hide out from zombies you might as well hide out in style.

#55 Stock up on medical supplies. Especially pain meds…for your headaches. Gravol is probbaly good too, the smell of the undead will probably make you want to barf all the time.

2012 Summer Movie outlook

The Avengers Best. Superhero. Movie. EVER! Go see it if you haven’t, the only people who have bashed it so far are those who hate superhero movies to begin with. There isn’t a lot to nitpick in this film, it just flows perfectly with minor flaws. The one liners are awesome and Joss Whedon is a film Making genious, enough said.

The Dark Knight Rises: Being released in July, this film is sure to make July an epic month. I just hope they did an awesome job with this last installment of the Dark Knight. But being that it’s Batman, it’s quite hard to not make it Epic…because it’s BATMAN!

The Amazing Spiderman: So we’re just going to forget the other Spiderman films did not happen. The trailers for this film look pretty good so here’s hoping we get a great Spiderman movie out of this. I’m also glad that Emma Stone is playing Gwen Stacy in this film as I absolutely LOVE Emma’s acting abilities.

Prometheus: Looks absolutely awesome so here’s hoping the film is just as good or even better than the awesome trailers for it. I’ve always been a fan of the Alien Franchise so I really hope this movie is great.

Brave: I have to mention the next Pixar film in this blog (Because we’re all kids at heart and we’re so totally going to go see this movie) I adore the trailers for it and I’m sure Pixar will not fail us!

Snow White and The Huntsman I’m all for my favorite fairy tales getting a dark twist, I know that Kristin Stewart can act even though Twilight really sucks (But honestly ANYONE with the role of Bella is going to act corny, the character is just lame) I think the role suits her and we will get to see just how good an actress Kristin Stewart is. On the bright side, at least Megan Fox wasn’t cast as Snow White.

Out and About in May

While doing an Avon Spa party at the local Cafe I took some time to admire the Batman Tin wall Plaque.

Taking Anadralius out to Free Comic Book Day at the local Comic Book store.

Picked up a new percentile dice (double D10) at the comic Book store. maybe now I won’t have to worry about hunting down 2 10 Siders as much. (assuming I do not lose this one under the couch as well)

My 6 year old Daughter playing some arcade games at the movie theater on her birthday. We went to see The Avengers.

Taking Anadralius to the Beach to catch some rays on a nice warm sunny day. She also needed a bath after being all dusty from the winter.

Aurora taking a break from selling Lemonade by reading some Batman Comics.

Gaming News

My gaming group and I have been playing Silver Age Sentinels, I do believe the party only has 2 original characters. I finally decided to retire my Weather Controller who was also team leader and bring in a Healer…a healing Dragon to be exact. Being a Dragon, I find that I am getting attacked much more. I’ve always wondered how the heck the enemies know I’m a healer…I mean DRAGON! You’d think that the last thing a dragon would be would be a Healer ><

Anywho, our team has been dealing with more rumors of Appocalypse and the Horsemen returning and we finally found one of the villians we’ve been searching for on our Patrols…turns out it’s a very evil dog that has Size and Mass increase and eats a lot, thanks to our Psychic party member the dog is now our new party leader’s responsibility. Seeing as how my room mate’s character is now party leader…I’m getting a big kick out of this.

Top Geek Pics

And thats it for this month’s geek news folks. Have a very Geeky Summer and most importantly, Stay Geeky!

Hello fellow geeks, I totally forgot to do a December geek report so I shall include December in this one. I want to thank the few fans of this blog I have and a big thankyou to anyone who stalks this blog…or twitter stalks me, or admires me on google+. I’m not after fame (Actually I hope to just inspire a few and not have to worry about the masses, I don’t think I could handle fame, I can be quite shy at times. That and in real life I’m actually quite awkward but people seem to like me still go thats awesome.)

Well that being said, Geek reports are monthly personal reports on the geekness that surrounds my life. Also people seem to LOVE being mentioned so I thought I’d start off with some honorable mentions of some of the many geeks who inspire me 🙂

Twitter Geeks

Shout out to some of my awesomesauce Twitter Geeks











Keep on geeking everyone 🙂

Google Plusser Geeks

Christopher Waisanen

Chris Taylor

Steven Arebalo

Kim White

Linda Baxter

Kristen Moran

Jason Ryan


Brian Fitzpatrick

If you have google+ and you are a geek I totally reccomend circling these awesome people 😉


December geek reportings

In all honesty December wasn’t at all too geeky. Normally I get all geeked out come Christmas but this year I got nothing geeky. I actually got stuff I needed which is great too 🙂 The Dish Cloths, Socks and Underwear I got for Christmas all came in handy. I did purchase a few items for myself before Christmas though. I could not resist Hello Kitty Slippers that were in an Avon brochure (I sell avon…mostly to myself lol)

I also Got myself a set of Dragons. I posted Pictures of them already on Twitter and Google+ but here is a picture of these awesome lil dragon figurines. Speak No evil, Hear no evil, see no evil dragons. Maybe they don’t speak, hear or see evil but in my world of geekdom if the dragons are Chromatic (Not Metalic) then they DO evil. Just Dragon rules, that’s all. Dudley the Dragon isn’t shiny so I’ve deemed him to be evil as well…along with those Dragon tale dragons.

And I might not have had a geeky Christmas but my Daughter sure did. Her Grandma Bought her a nice brand new Light Sabre. Now might be the time to show my young Jedi the Star Wars films 🙂

So there you have it folks, the geek happenings in December.

January Geekness

December may not have been a geek month but I can Say Jauary Certainly was. I turned 25 on Jauary 27th and I was destined to have a geeky party. I didn’t get my geeky party on that particular day because weather was horrid and 3 friends showed up. We had some great laughs though and I was very Content. My Husband on the other hand really wanted me to have my geeky party so he threw me a surprise belated bash. He made a Turkey and sent me into town to do some shopping. I got to run amok in the Comic book store too which was great! I had my Geeky day and LOVED it! Have I ever mentioned that I’m easily amused? The smallest of geek things can bring me joy. Like Batman Heroclix that I totally forgot to decorate my cake with.

I bought myself some new D&D miniatures. I don’t play 4th edition D&D so I don’t ever use the stat cards for the new minis. In all honesty I don’t even use stat cards at all. I just simply collect D&D minis, it has been a tradition of mine since 2006 when I was introduced to D&D.

I also picked up a coffee table with a glass top for $1 at an auction. I found it was quite plain so with my awesome geek ideas I decided to throw a D&D dungeon map under the glass. Now the table can add to my tacky geek decore AND the dungeon map is safe!

So there you have it, January was great. I anticipate 2012 to be a very geek year! I hope to bring good geek updates in my blog (Other people’s geek updates, not just my own.) Have a great 2012 everyone and keep on Geeking.

Zombie 101

#42 Sunflowers will not protect your lawn from zombies.

#10 Landmines will Protect your lawn from zombies…as well as unwanted tresspassers. Zombies are one thing, looters are another.

Call of Duty Noob report

I am hereby proudly reporting that I have finally gotten multiple good kill streaks (Not on PVP though just Player V.S Computer) and I have figured out how to actually use the items when I get a kill streak. As for using the mini map…I still ignore it. I am slso getting more kills than deaths, that’s always a good thing…practise practise practise.

Top Geeky Pictures

Fan Expo Toronto 2012

With the announcement of Patrick Stewart being in attendance at Fan Expo I had no choice but to insist that I go this year. I skipped last years geek fest because we didn’t have enough money and we had to fix some plumbing in the house. But Now I have months to prepare and save as well as make a costume.

Jason Mews as well as Kevin Smith will also be in attendance at Fan expo this year. The line up of celebrities will be announced as the year goes on so I am looking forward to every announcement. Hopefully this will be a great year. This will also be my first Geek Convention.

Extream Geek Makeover

I’m destined to turn my house into a great big tacky geek fest so I thought I’d share my progress each month. I’m just a beginner compared to the many geek collections and decor I have seen.  So I thought I would start off with showing everyone my office Vanity and the contents on it.

I have a mix of things on my vanity, Hello Kitty, Super Heros, D&D minis, and Star Trek action figures as well as some fantasy figurines.

Now that I think of it…my display clearly shows my geek confusion…I just can’t pick a theme or make up my mind.

And yes, I do have a Barbie included in my display to show off my girly side. She’s a collectable Hippy Barbie (Even gives the peace sign with her hand)  I have seen Star Trek barbies as well as Barbies dressed as super heros…they need to make more super hero geek Barbies. Maybe a Star Wars edition Barbie?

Gaming News

Pleased to announce a new member to our gaming group @WraithLover my Friend Sam. You can follow Sam on Twitter 🙂 Sam has been introduced to Pathfinder and will also be joining us in other games that our group runs such as Deadlands and Silver Age Sentinels.

We just finished up Pathfinder for the Month of January and will be playing Deadlands in February.

Things Geeks say

Or better yet…Things I, a Fan girl, Says…amazingly regularily. And I think I’ll include this section in my geek reportings blogs.  We shall see where this goes…and I hope to get other phrases from other geeks.

“Honey!!!!??? I Looked EVERYWHERE and I can’t find it! I Failed my Perception Check again!”

“Stupid computer…If you don’t freaking speed Up I swear I’m going to throw you out the damn window!”

“Where’s the damn Xbox controller? Where the hell did I leave it this time?”

“OMG I actually killed someone!” (PVP in Call of Duty)

“Are we rolling for initiative yet?”

“When are we gaming next?”

“Honey! The guys want to know when we’re gaming next!”

“I am going to assimilate this pastry, Resistance is futile…Om nom nom.”

“Nooooooooooooooo!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The computer was lagging and I just died! Gaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“Where the hell did the 10 sider go this time?”

“I found the Schwartz!” (Pointing to something with the brand name “Schwartz” on it at the hardware store)

Aaaand that’s it for this edition of Geek Report. I swear I’m going to feature more awesome geeks…eventually…after I bug them a bit…

Keep on geeking everyone. And don’t feed the Yao Guai!

I have decided to compile a list of the best geeky Valentine’s day Cards I could find.  You can find all sorts of great geeky cards online and just print them off OR if you are looking for any marvel or DC type valentine’s day cards you can easily find them at your local store that sells those Valentine’s day cards f kids…they might be kind of tacky but theres still nothing stopping you from being a big geek and distributing little cards.

For the D&D Lover


Everyone’s favorite Skyrim Meme Now in the form of a Valentine’s day card

Did your partner manage to turn you into a Star Trek fan?

Dr. Who fan? Check these out.

For the Dragon Age fan

Obsessed with the Zombie appocalypse?

Zelda fanatic?

Starwars (amazingly hard to find good ones >< Unless your into Luke kissing his sister.)

Super Mario

Comic fans (Warning, Comic book Valentine’s cards are quite sappy)

Theres so much more that I could add but I’ll stop here. Have an awesomely geeky valentine’s day everyone 🙂

Greetings fellow Geeks! Another month has come and gone and GASP! It’s December! That means nerdy Christmas gifts! That means from this point on my husband will have me on a short leash (No not an actual leash…although I have been dragged by my hoodie out of stores a few times) as we shop for the last of our gifts. I only have a few more things to buy and that would be the gaming group secret santa gift and some stocking stuffers (he wants explosives a.k.a fireworks) for the husband. And naturally I will be giving hints on what I want to my husband as we shop. For the most part I’ve asked my friends to do charitable acts on my behalf but my husband is a different story…if he’s getting fireworks then I’m getting something nerdy that I likely don’t really need. I will be sure to include my adventures in my December report but for now I have November’s to write. Happy Christmas shopping everyone!

Geek Purchases:

I could not resist purchasing this set of See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil dragons. These are much cooler than a set of monkeys AND it’s quite obvious these dragons are lying. Seriously what Red Dragon doesn’t speak evil? These dragons may look inocent but I can guarantee they are not…which makes them even more cute! I’m certain in a few years my living room and office will be filled with dragons. And when they come out with country themed dragons I’m sure my kitchen will fill up too.

Zombie 101

#49 planting sunflowers in your garden will not keep zombies off your lawn.

#2 Limber up, those out of shape get chowed down on first.

#15 if you plan on staying in one particular place for a long time be sure to make the place look as if it has been ransacked by throwing stuff out on the front lawn. Zombies are easy to avoid, it’s the raiding survivors you need to worry about.

Call of Duty Noob adventures

Sitting Duck: I happen to be one of those people who stand around in the middle of an open area. Because I’m ADD I have a 10 second attention span so my eyes don’t seem to find other players…however they have a very easy time finding me unless I go explore indoors (Where I tend to get knifed alot). Most noobs eventually learn to go hide behind vehicles and walls…I have yet to learn. If I’m being shot at I have 2 options, find out who’s shooting at me or Duck! I do neither. If you read my last COD noob confession you will know that I never pay attention to the map in the corner of the screen AND I also don’t duck and cover, I just stand there like a totall idiot. Then when I die I giggle “Wow…I suck!” I laugh even more if I manage to actually kill someone. The fact that I can now kill people means I’m getting better…but it seems I really need to work on ducking when I’m under fire…or actually LOOK at the map to see where the bullets are coming from.


Top 10 Google+ geeks for November.

Linda Baxter

Micheal Beckett

Jeremy Hodges

Jemini Decipticon

Adam Dray

Josh Rogner

Christopher Puppe

Adam Minnie

Marcin J. S

Emily Vitori

Thankyou everyone for being so awesome!

Top Twit Geeks

Must add new geeks to twitter…running out of new geeks…but I’ll mention you for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time anyway because you know I love you! 😛











November Nerd Pics

Pictures that gave me a giggle in the month of November.

Gaming News

We have resumed Silver Age Sentinels and are quite literally battling…sentinels >< Our characters are just students BUT we have been dealing with major issues. We seem to be the first to find out about master plans when it comes to resurecting the 4 horsemen of the appocalypse. But on top of dealing with the Horsemen there are Sentinels everywhere wrecking havoc on earth keeping the epic superheroes busy. All this of curse occured over Christmas break and our group literally skipped out on Christmas. We were sent (More like demanded to go) to the Moon to rescue Superman’s Daughter. Amazingly this was an easy feat, we walked in undetected, we teleported her out, tossed her in a dimentional bag, ran like hell, jumpped on the jet/ spaceship, placed the spaceship into the other demention and we again ran like hell! But mission was successful AND not a scratch on any of us for once.  Communications are down and we are now trying to figure out whats going on. The first two groups who went to investigate are missing so we are probably doomed…but it sounds like fun so our group is investigating. And have I mentioned I’m the worst party leader EVER?

Pathfinder: We are now creating characters for a Pathfinder campaign. My husband decided to DM Pathfinder (after I convinced him of course). I am looking forward to this campaign as I’ve only played in 2 Pathfinder sessions. I Really love the system and my gal pal Sam will be joining us as well, she’s a new gamer and I pulled her over to the dark side muwahahaha…yes we have cookies, and chips, pop, candy etc. I will be playing a Gnome Druid and because we are playing Fable hero style we all got a special item handed down to us so I chose a dragon as an animal companion and the DM allowed it (He’s my husband, I get my way because he loves me!). I can’t wait till this campaign starts up ^^

And that’s about it for Geek news in my life! Have a safe and happy Holiday season everyone!

Steam Punk Halloween Costume from stuff in the closet? It can be done!

I had no clue what to be for halloween so I started to rummage through my closet. Certainly I’d find SOMETHING. I paired an oversized green dress with a green jacket that I had…low and behold I also had a corset that barely fits me (I’m skinny and I don’t have a large enough rack) so I threw that over top my creation and voila I was on the path to something steam Punkish. Or at least that’s what I thought when I paired everything up. All I needed was goggles, because most steam punk outfits need cool goggles!

For those of you who do not know what “Steampunk” is here’s a deffinition and a few pics to go with the deffinition: a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world. 

I searched costume shops from top to bottom and could not find goggles anywhere.  I gave up and went to my hardware store to buy safety goggles and found a pair of welding goggles. Who would have known a hardware store could have steam punk looking goggles? I was quite happy and skipped home to boast about my awesome find.

I threw on a broach, a necklace and hairsprayed the hell out of my hair and had had myself an okay steampunk style costume. Only problem was nobody in my town knew what the heck I was nor did they understand the term “Zeplin Pilot” >< Seriously, who the heck doesn’t know what a Zeplin is? But in total, my outfit cost a grand total of $12 which is VERY cheap for Steam Punk.

Cthulhu Pumpkin

Just thought I’d share a pic of my masterpeice…yeah I know, it’s not that good, and I admit it took me a whole 10 minutes to carve but I can try right?

Top Twitter Geeks:











Top 10 Google+ geeks

Alright as promised, here are some awesome people who I “circle” on Google+, using actual names so a bit different than twitter. If you are a geek I highly recomend finding these people on google+, they all have great posts and 100% social.

Scott Duffy

Steven Arebalo

Frank Sheers

Jason Beardsley

Robert Muhlig

Mathew Hoy

Carl Bussler

Jason Gaffney

Robert Oglozinski

*Theres so many more awesome peeps I want to add to my top 10 ^^ so more to come next month!

Zombie 101

#45 Don’t go searching for loved ones…unless you honestly can’t live without them and you’d commit suicide if you lost them. If you are that emo about losing loved ones…it won’t be an issue when it turns out that they are zombies and they end up eating your brains.

#127 Plan routes to pretty much everything. Have spare time in your day? Take out a map and look for great places to camp out durring a zombie appocalypse. It’s fun, educational and if the zombie appocalypse doesn’t happen you’ll at least have some geography knowledge and know a few good spots to take the family on camping trips.

Black Ops Noob file:

I can’t read that damn map in the corner of the screen. This drives everyone nuts because apparently I’m supposed to pay attention to it to know which direction the enemy is. Been playing a few months now and I still don’t look at that little map. I’m living proof that sterotypically…women can’t read maps. But I do ask for directions 😀


Still playing Deadlands. Our group finally had a death in the party. Our soldier who scrutinizes EVERYTHING decided not to scruitinize the door for once and blew herself up quite nicely. Our Priest could not fix her this time ><. Now we have a new party member, a Souix native warrior who found himself in Nevada. Our new member can barely speak english so it’s making for a very intersting scenario. My character still doesn’t see ghosts, demons and spirits so she thinks everyone is nuts still. Our party is on their way to the mountains to go prospecting for a mineral known as ghost rock. Hopefully nobody else will explode.


Geek Wants:

Wizards is releasing a new D&D Dragon Miniature set for $45 and I really want it! I’m liking how the miniatures look, however, the Blue Dragon looks a lot like the Blue Dragon from the 3.5 miniature starter set. Other than that they look great. The set is now available and all 5 Chromatic dragons are in the limited edition box set. I’m not sure how big these dragons are going to be but even if they are all the size of my other medium and large dragon minis $45 is still a decent price for this collection. I paid $20 for the Brass and Gold Dragon miniatures that I own so shelling out $45 for a whole set is a steal!


And that’s all I have for October. Keep on geeking everyone 🙂


Just me reporting on the geekyness of my world in my journey to achieve major geekdom. (Because being in the “In Crowd” is NOT an option)

I’m late posting my geek report again…I was busy at a Procrasination convention. But anywho here it is!

Will I ever achieve pure geekdom?

I joined Google+ and of course followed as many geeks as I could. Circled…I circled as many…whatever. I’m reading awesome posts posted by actual game designers, pro geeks and famous geeks. There is so much geek that I feel…unworthy. Am I geek enough? Is obsessing over table top gaming, geeky shows and geek product good enough? To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot. I haven’t been religiously collecting comic books or memorising ever line in Star Trek, I have yet to learn Klingon for goodness sake. I only started to like Star Trek about 5 years ago! I’m not the best Table Top gamer (Mainly due to being ADD, but let me tell you I can make one mean dice tower while awaiting my turn) and I’m a horible Dungeon Master. I fix computers by kicking them. I am clueless when it comes to the latest technology…I’m too poor to even check out all the latest gadgets. Hell I do not own a cell phone. I don’t even have a crappy Cell phone! I am an ultimate noob in the geek world that I try to live in. I’m ceryain this blog post is mediocre compared to everyone elses. I mingle in with geek rock Stars and I shyly sit in the back ground, taking in all the really awesome geek content. I envy all you pro geeks, I really do.

Then again, I have only been a geek for 6 years. I have so much content to discover. And I must be a geek because I’ll buy Star Trek Figurines or Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures over buying new shoes. The Comic book store is my shoe store. My Husband literally has to tie my hands down and drag me out. I need a written note from my husband that I have to submit to my friends before they let me purchase anything. No wonder my Husband didn’t want me to go to Toronto fan Expo!  He had a good reason. Perhaps I’m a little geek after all. I may not be a super geek but, I’ll get there. Which brings me to my next topic…

September Geek Purchase.

While I was walking in town I noticed a very colorful picture across the road at the pawn shop. I took a second glance and exclaimed “Is that a Super Hero picture?” Low and behold it was! And for the price of $4 it was mine! Best 4 bucks I had spent all morning!  It will look great in my office! But I need a little help from my geek counterparts. I can only identify 2 of the supers in the picture and have no clue who everyone else is. They look really cool though. But if any of my geeky pals are reading this blog and know everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe just leave me a comment, it will be much appreciated. I would LOVE to know the names of all the Supers in this wonderful geek find of mine.

Introducing the newest member to the family! Neelix.

This is Neelix. He was found along with his mother and 3 siblings in a box in an appartment Stairwell. A friend of mine is an apprtment building superintendant and she came across some hampsters after a family had moved out and abandoned them. So I gladly took one of the furry beasts in. Neelix (And he looks like a Nellix, the name suits him) is a Teddy Bear Hampster…or at least he’s fluffy enough to be a Teddy Bear Hampster. He is not fully grown yet. We Thought we’d stick to a Star Trek Voyager theme from now on. Hopefully I don’t win a goldfish at the fair this weekend or I might have to name it Kes (I know, I’m horrible!). But yes, this is geek worthy news because he has a geek worthy name.

Live Long and Prosper Mr. Spock!

Star Trek celebrates it’s 45th anniversary this year and Leonard Nemoy attended his last Star Trek Convention. Mr. Nemoy, who is best known as Spock, said goodbye to Star Trek Conventions! But Don’t worry, he still has a twitter and we can all keep tabs on him via twitter. And they say 80 year old people can’t use technology, Bah! I have yet to attend a Star Trek Convention (A few years ago I’d have said Star Trek Conventions are lame) and I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to meet Leonard Nemoy but I, as well as all his fans are grateful that he took the time to welcome all his fans at each and every Convention. So Mr. Nemoy, may you Live long and Prosper!

Top 10 Twit Geeks.

Going to have to do a google+ list soon, but for now, here are my top ten twitter mentions of the month!



@ElderBlueDragon   My Dragon’s favorite Frienemy








Keep geeking everyone!

Zombie 101

#98 Axe Deoderant repels zombies, or I like to assume so. It Repels people too. But in the event that it does not repel zombies stock up on Axe Deoderant and any other aerosol you can muster. Those things make GREAT explosions. And I think you can duct tape a few together and make an even bigger explosion.

#65 If you happen to be in a hospital when all hell breaks loose don’t panic. Don’t go outside either. Just grab some supplies, some survivors and barricade yourselves in a room for a few days. Once everything is calmer and the Hospital is still in one peice then slowly make your exit. Remember hit zombies in the head, there will be plenty of undead meandering around in the hospital.

Call Of Duty Noob experience #2-Noob faceoff.

I can always tell when there are other inexperienced players playing Call of Duty. The experienced ones massacre me and the noobs take a few seconds to actually hit me. I can totally understand someone shooting at me from a great distance but being only a few feet away is no excuse to empty your gun, reload and continue shooting at me. I Have horrid aim and my reflexes really suck! I came across a noob at one point and I even commented to my husband that the person trying to shoot me was infact a noob…like me. Except I killed him first while he reloaded his gun. We stood there, froze and both began to shoot. While we were shooting at one another I began to laugh histerically. I finally got him down, basked in my kill success for two seconds and then got knifed from behind. But I was still a happy noob because it was my first kill in online COD. I’ve moved to multiple kills but the point is, I’m still a Noob.

Gaming update:

We have been playing Deadlands all month and I quite enjoy it. Amazingly we have gone an entire month without a character death :O! NEW RECORD! We have been facing a lot of supernatural things and my charcter just doesn’t see any of it because she is a doubting Thomas. My Cow Girl doesn’t belive in demons, ghosts, magic etc. Needless to say she thinks everyone in the group is a nutcase.  Our first mission was to make a delivery to a ghost town so we trekked across the desert to make this delivery. Along the way we met some ghosts (I didn’t see em) the Huckster summoned demon rabbits (I didn’t see em but am now convinced bunnies are destructive little varments) we met El Diablo and guess what? My Character saw NOTHING! Once we delivered the package we finally found out what was in the box. Dynamite and the guys who ordered it were planning on hitting up a train. So being good people that we are we blew the town up…well a Ghost did but I didn’t see it! When we got back to our town and we went to collect our payment for the job. We ended up with a bonus because the man who sent us on the job was a Texas Ranger. Our group were unknowingly undercover agents the entire time. Destroying evil pays off…now if only we could stop our Huckster (Spell Caster) from announcing he wants equal rights for magic users. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Deadlands is a great Table top RPG for western-steampunk lovers.I just can’t wait to come across some steam powered armor.

Dragon Adventures

Anadralius read a good book “Dragon With the Girl Tattoo.” She wasn’t all too interested in “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” so I found her something that applied more to her. “Dragon With the Girl Tattoo” Is a parody of course. I Just finished reading “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” and It was an okay book. Filled with lots of random sex and the over use of coffee. In Sweden it’s Coffee, Sex and tearing down corrupt corporations and/or dirty men. Oh and there is some computer hacking and a mystery involved. So if you have yet to read this best seller it’s pretty good, if books aren’t your thing there is a movie with subtitles…as well as an American Version hitting theaters in December. I Hope they didn’t leave the coffee out. If this book was written in Canada it would be “Hey, I’m making a Timmies run, need anything?” “Yeah I’ll have a Double Double…and don’t forget to pick up a few 24’s at the beer store eh?”

and that’s all I have for geekyness in September. Keep on geeking everyone.