Happy new year 2016

Posted: January 2, 2016 in Uncategorized


Well 2016 is here and I didn’t really write any resolutions this time,  but like every year I hope to improve many things.  I’ve had ups and downs in the last few years but here we are we made it through 2015 in one peice.  Victory.  Today marks a new day,  a new year… Traditionally a new start but a new start can happen at any point in the year,  I will likely have many new starts this year but I do not know what they may be yet. 

Last night for new years Eve we stayed in,  we actually stayed up this time.  The last 8 new years eves we have pretty much skipped and in fact last year we went to bed,  woke up at 2am, muttered “happy new year”  and went back to bed.  Last new years Eve I only had 2 pet snakes,  I’ve acquired a whole wack more in 2015 so my house has exploded into a zoo and I couldn’t be more happier, we have taken in elderly animals that have lived their life out here or are still living their lives out.  It’s heart breaking to lose pets and it’s bound to occur with the number we take in but I am so happy with the fact we gave them love as they aged and many of our critters are still young and yes I will face more heart break but I take it a day at a time.  There is always room for a little critter in need. 

To start off 2016 we headed off to visit with a few friends who we have known since highschool.  It’s quite awesome to still keep in touch with highschool buddies.  It’s a blessing to have Facebook and keep tabs on everyone.  We had a wonderful coffee date with our friends Lisa and Mandy and can’t wait for more hang outs. 

We hope to visit more family and friends this new year as both of us now have vacation time we have to actually take so why not spend it with great friends? 

Speaking of coffee,  apparently Starbucks lattes give me anxiety attacks… Honestly anxiety is a horrible feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy… I don’t even know who my worst enemy is lol.  I’m sure some people out there can’t stand me.  That’s totally OK though.  But if it weren’t for the lovely 90s hits we blasted in the car I’d have curled up on the seat and cried but I pushed through and sang along to all the lame 90s hits… Oh what a decade that was.  I’m feeling old now. 

As much as I would love everyone to enjoy this blog I must warn some I will post snake pictures often… I know some of my family have blasted me for this but snakes are a huge part of my life and well I’m blogging about them 🙂 I’m not being rude or inconsiderate and it hurts when I get angry emails and messages about someone accidentally viewing one of my pictures.  I’m not sorry for having a passion that doesn’t harm anybody. 

And one more thing before I sign off.  I’m trying out a secret mission project,  I want to see more pay it forward initiatives so all year I’m collecting items for needy people or families.  I’m trying to keep it as anonymous as possible so most times I won’t post about it other than to encourage others.  I’m turning my porch into a drop off location and leaving my Charlie Brown Christmas tree up all year 🙂  I think this year will fly by so better start now.  Can’t wait for the ups and downs of 2016. 


And I’ll leave you all with a snake.  Vader the super pastel ball Python.  Also known as Mr.  Snake Eyes according to my daughter. 


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