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This is a true story about how a stalker who called themself “Guardian Angel” Helped shape my destiny.
I would have to say the most interesting summer I have ever had occured 10 years ago when I was a 16 year old girl. I was a blonde (dyed blonde) punky 16 year old girl who was having issues finding her identity. I didn’t really have one. I had friends, I had a boyfriend whom I was only dating to make some other guy jealous (A guy who didn’t even know I existed so I was simply wasting my time and stringing my guy friend along), I had a volunteer gig at the Humane Society and I was lost in a world of darkness…I was a volitile little 16 year old girl, I was on Antidepressants and I could snap without notice. I wasn’t emotionally well and my current boyfriend didn’t really know how to handle me.

Then the first note came. My mom pulled a single peice of paper out of our mailbox. An adventure had begun. “Hello Jess, Your favorite Hockey player says Hi, Be good.”ย  SQUEEEE he loves me! I honestly thought my crush was stalking me, this was epic. And I was going to catch him in the act.

More notes were placed in my mail box. One said that I should avoid the Hockey players at my school because most of them were not good enough for me and they had bad intentions when it came to girls. Another said that I should look up at the sky at night and say that “I’m a good person”. Others were just little tidbits of advice like toning down my heavy makeup, not sitting out front of my townhouse complex with my friends like jailbait, not going off alone with random guys etc. Later on the note writer admitted he was not a hockey player…so it wasn’t one of the hockey players…or was it? I didn’t care I just wanted to find out who my note writer was. Who was this Guardian Angel? Who was stalking me the Summer of 2003?

Then a note changed my destiny. I would have listened to ANYTHING this person said. I was 16 years old, I was a messed up 16 year old girl, infact I was like any 16 year old girl who would find this kind of creepy stalkery romantic (In an Edward Cullen sort of way) I was in love with the person writing these notes and I had no clue who it was. They wrote a note telling me to dump my boyfriend because he was no good for me, he didn’t know how to handle me, he never smiled and there were other guys at the school who were in love with me. So I did what any crazy 16 year old girl would do…I dumped my boyfriend. I then proceeded to wait on my Guardian Angel. I sat outside all summer waiting. I recieved 14 notes in total that summer and as son as school started they stopped…apparently my Guardian Angel headed off to school in British Columbia. He was gone and I was single and I was going to stay single. I was not well enough to have a boyfriend anyway.

I dressed like a Goth in grade 11 to scare the guys away. I put up a wall. “…Theres somone else who loves you who goes to your school…guys are just too shy to tell you.”

But one guy wasn’t shy. One guy was destined to win my heart. I was single because of a series of notes. I was available because a bunch of notes told me to be single. And here I was open for the taking. The least likely guy went for me. He was like King David, the least likely person to win a girls heart. At the time he was the school’s loser. He wasn’t worthy of anyone. But he knew in his heart I was the one…so he asked me out and stalked me until I said yes. Guess I ended up having 2 stalkers that year.

All it took was a few notes to shape my destiny. Maybe Guardian Angels do infact exist to push you in the correct direction. I probbaly would have endedup in a dark hole had I not have met the man who could actually put up with my emotional baggage. A man who never gave up on me no matter how many idiotic things I did or said. The man I’ve been with almost 10 years and have been married to for 5. And I couldn’t be happier.

Guradian Angel, I still don’t even know you. Were you an actual guy who had feelings for me? Were you one of my mom’s friends writing these notes? Was it you mom? Was it just a big joke? I still don’t know…10 years and I still have no idea. But who ever you are, Thankyou. You saved me, you saved me from a horrible fate. I was a lost 16 year old girl who wanted to end her existence and you saved me. You led me to someone who is good for me, someone who will never give up on loving me, someone who does smile and laugh and brightens up my day every single morning. I’m glad I never had my heart torn out by some jock. You saved me 10 years ago and I just want to say Thankyou. I pray for you every day, whoever you are, and I hope you are doing well.


The 8 year disaster.

Posted: November 14, 2011 in random

8 years ago I was a 16 year old teen girl who didn’t have a clue in the world what the future held. 8 years ago, the geek boy in my class did…he was going to spend the rest of his life with me even though I didn’t know it yet. I laughed at his silly dream but yet on November 14th 2003 I decided to date him. I tried the whole “I want to be single…I have major issues you don’t want to date me…I have zero intereste as you as a boyfriend” Speil but it didn’t work. 8 years ago I made a decision that had a bigger impact than I could have ever imagined at that time. After all I was just a clueless 16 year old highschool girl.

8 years later I’m married to this nerd and I am deeply in love with him and not only that we’re Best friends. I know many couples have their guys/girls nights out and all that seperate life stuff but we don’t need that…we’re quite literally BFFs who like mostly the same things. When God said “And when they leave their mother and father they become ONE in Marriage…” he really meant that, Nick and I are glued together and we humbly appologize to the world…for whatever disaster the two of us can cause together.

8 years of a relationship and I have honestly learned a lot. Here’s what I have learned over the years.

1. Being ADD has it’s advantages. I always thought it was a disability but it really comes in handy in our marriage. You see when I fight with my husband and walk off to sleep elsewhere I will fall asleep for about an hour, wake up, wonder why I’m not in bed, forget that we fought then proceed back to bed. Then we both wake up and pretend that I didn’t walk away in a huff and puff.

2. We always decide on what to watch on TV together. There never has been a case where I want to watch say MTV (why would I watch MTV?) and he wants to watch Sports. There’s none of that in this household. No arguments over what to watch. Why? We like the same crap so the decision is actually quite easy. “Hey Nick! Wanna watch Myth Busters?” “Yep sounds good…”

3. My husband is a Video Gamer and I have always enjoyed watching others play video games. Sometimes I join in but for the most part I enjoy watching. I’ll sit there and watch my husband play Dragon Age or Call of Duty or whatever and sometimes I’ll even be a sweet heart and go find game walk throughs for him.

4. The one who works less does less housework. We did equal amounts of chores up until I went from Full time to part time. I work 8-10 hours a week from home so I do 98% of the house work. And I don’t complain about it either. But on days I need help with stuff my husband will usually lend a helping hand…also he fixes the stuff I can’t or won’t fix.

5. I shovel the driveway, do other physical jobs around the house JUST for boasting rights. Ladies should pile wood, shovel snow and other stuff like that just so they can brag. Oh and it’s a great work out too.

6. It’s okay to eat Husband’s food…I need it more than him.

7. When you get married you aquire a family filled with nuts. Then you realize both sides of the family have equal amount of nuts…infact it’s probable we’re all nut cases. But there’s always that one or two family members who aquire nut alergies and stay away from everyone.

8. My husband enjoys fishing, I enjoy Bible Devotional so I read the Bible to my husband while he goes fishing. My husband hates reading and I hate fishing so it’s win win.

9. When in need of comfy clothes, loot husbands side of the closet. Actually we got lazy and our clothes just kinda mix.

10. Wearing the same socks is great. We buy two packs of wal mart 20 pair socks for $10 and we’re all set. We even have a little tradition that dates back to highschool where we wear one white and one black sock. And we don’t care how stupid it looks we just do it anyway.

11. When you both consume garlic at dinner there is no such thning as bad breath, just syncronized breath.

12. Farts are always funny!

13. Farts are even funnier when you can make your spouse exit the room…

14. We use geek slang every day that only geeks would understand. I have always wondered if geek couples have actally rolled for initiative literally >< Or failed a search check, or said “Make it so number one.”

15. When severe weather approaches we both get excited…I always call the front half of the house for funnel watching and he calls the back because thats where all the good lightning strikes.

16. I NEVER trust him when he’s smirking…

17. Doing the little things for one another add up.

18. If he has the garden hose…I run.

19. Bickering relieves stress and provides entertainment for others.

20. The dog and kid might be more obedient to my husband but I know they totally love me more.

Happy 8 year anniversary Nickie! I love you so much and I’m so glad you never gave up on me ๐Ÿ™‚

Ding Dong! Avon Lady!

Posted: October 11, 2011 in random

When my friend asked me to sign up for Avon I automatically just agreed. Yeah sure, why not? I order enough Avon for it to be worth signing up! For the cheap price of $10 I would have all that I needed to sell Avon and have it delivered right to my door. Kind of like Melaleuca but cheaper and more product…and no chance of having insufficient funds in the bank when payment comes out. So I signed up on a cold Saturday afternoon then bounded home with my Avon package filled with Brochures. I Ran into the house and happily exclaimed to my Husband “I’m officially an Avon Lady!”

“Oh yay! Something else for you to spend money on!” He said. Obviously kidding. He is blessed with a frugal Wife who shops deals, who will hunt down that marked down meat every morning, who will snatch up free or used clothes over buying from stores…me the person who rarely buys stuff for myself.

“Oh shut up! Just be happy they don’t have door to door geeky merchandise that I could sell because I would be my best customer.” I replied. Also true, if there was a brochure that I could order Comic books, Super Hero Posters, Dragons, gaming stuff etc from…we would be broke. Everyone has a weakness and mine is comic book store merchandise.

I signed up for Avon right before the start of Christmas shopping. And I happen to be one of those crazy early bird shoppers. I have my gifts bought and wrapped by November. Last year I put my tree up after trick or treating and started to wrap gifts! My small tree is waiting in the basement, garbage bag over it with all decorations on it. And after Halloween, she’s coming out of storage. And I already have a hoard of Avon bought gifts under it.

I looked at my husband “Let me put it to you this way. I order over $100 in merchandise, I get 40% off, I don’t have to hit up the mall, you don’t want me to run amok at Wal-Mart and if I’m lucky I might even get customers and make money!” I did get customers. My mom, my mom in law, and two people who work at the Library. Plus I signed a friend up so I’m on my way to leadership. Now to just con 4 more souls into doing Avon and I am all set.

The First boxes (Yes Boxes) of Avon arrived and my husband brought them in, he gave me the look. The rolling eyes “You are insane” look. I have not done a good job unless I get that look from him. He opens the boxes to hundreds of little creams, perfumes, makeup etc and glares at me. I jump up and sort my stuff, carefully organizing it to it’s recipient. Most of it is Christmas gifts, and there are more to come. My Sisters are getting madly spoiled this year.

But despite my Avon excitement I still don’t see myself as Avon Lady type. Then again neither was my friend who signed me up. Black clothes, skulls galore, pentagram, black Nail polish, the Nursing home refers to her as the Grimm reaper…yep that’s who signed me up. And when she was told to start presenting Avon she caught me off guard big time. “Holy CRAP! You’re wearing makeup! And a light blue Shirt! Who are you?” Avon transformed her and now it’s going to transform me too…if only I liked the clothing line. Sigh* you know, I wish there was an Avon product line for Rockers/punks/goths/emos/bikers. As much as I try to avoid going back to my high school ways, I still can’t resist the look of punky rock bling or an edgy look. I am now the Avon lady with pink hair. I’m a T-shirt and Jeans type of lady and I wear Leather Biker jackets. And yet here I am in front of a mirror going “Okay…apply makeup Avon style.” I finally passed and no longer look like a clown! Success! I can do this…Avon can transform me.

Which brings me to the skin care line. The label says “Look ten years younger!” Hmm. Well if that’s the case if I start applying this stuff I should look like a 10 year old in a month or two (Everyone keeps mistaking me for a teenager). But joking aside, it’s never too early to reduce skin damage so I started to use the skin care line on my face. So far so good, now I just need to keep it up. Avon actually does boast of having a phenomenal skin care line. AND best of all I don’t have to have a green facial mask for this stuff to work! This makes my husband sad as he was hoping to see me with a white towel wrapped around my head, green gook all over my face with cucumber slices on the eyes. Well too bad for him!

So, alas, my Avon adventures begin. And I promised that after Christmas I would not order as much…hopefully I can keep this promise. Hopefully I won’t start Christmas Shopping in January. Maybe it isn’t the best thing to give myself ideas ><


Meandering Evening #1

Posted: September 8, 2011 in random

I’ve never really blogged about stuff I do…I mean, who would even find my life interesting. BUT since I like to spice up my blog and who knows, I might have potential stalkers (HI STALKERS AND WELCOME!) I have decided to start posting a few Meandering blog posts here and there. I’m on a coffee high so I’m sure I can attempt to make this interesting.

7pm Kid’s Ministry meeting at Tim Horton’s This is where I got the coffee…Tim’s coffee isn’t strong BUT I downed an extra Large Tripple Tripple in minutes…and the caffiene kicked in within minutes too. I am sensitive to caffiene, it rushes to my brain then I crash later on, thankfully Timmies doesn’t make me crash as bad as Star Bucks. I’m banned from Star Bucks, I salivate at the thought of an espresso with a fancy name. Instant high, I take one sniff of an espresso and woooooo.

Anyways, tonight was the meeting for the start up of Kid’s Ministry at our church. So all the volunteers got together and shared thoughts and ideas. This year is going to be awesome! Every Wednesday night we have a kid’s For Christ Club at the church and it always goes so well. I even managed to voluntell my husband to join…if he has a Wednesday off I can drag him along! I know he likes to sit at home and relax BUT he always complains he misses me so he can come too!

After our meeting we put some candles on a Boston Cream Donut BECAUSE it’s Nick’s (my Husband’s) 24th Birthday!!! YAY! And he’s pulling a midnight shift tonight (Thus I’m blogging about my night alone) and we had to sing him Happy Birthday! He’d do the same for me! His Co workers are thrilled that it’s his birthday too…he tried to not tell them BUT we ruined it for him. Nothing makes me more happy then getting pay back for all the irritating things he does to me! It’s all part of a healthy marriage! If you can’t bug each other then Marriage isn’t fun.

9:30 LAUNDRY! Okay so how the heck am I going to even make this interesting? I’m not sure BUT I am going to clean my closets, and try and put the stuff I don’t wear in a donation box. Some stuff doesn’t fit me, and by “doesn’t fit me” I mean it’s too big. And I certainly am not growing into any of it any time soon unless of course I decide to casually skip a few pills and well…you know, I’ll gain 40lbs over a course of 9 months ๐Ÿ˜€ But I know it’s a bad time to have an addition to the family (it’s a zoo here right now) so the only way I’m having a kid is if the pill fails. So anywho…going through closet and stuff…rocking out to some Alice in Chains as I fold Laundry…yes I’m totally singing along. Then I get to The Offspring song list and I really belt out the tunes, I’ve got another hour before my room mate gets here so hey why not eh?

10:30 Room mate arrives home…ok well he’s not a room mate perse…more of a renter as he rents a room off us. We own the house. He arrives home, Dog jumps him, Dog gets a lecture as if she understands “You were in my room again! I told you not to go in my room! Bad Dog! You know better!” Know Better? Seriously she’s a dog! She knows she will get in crap for stealing stuff off the counter BUT she still does it because she’s a dog and getting yelled at is well worth chewing stuff up for fun.

11:00 Relaxation time woohoo I made myself a mini spa in the bathroom. Foot soak, bubble bath, candles…all it needs is some relaxing rock n roll music. (I’m weird, loud rock relaxes me) well I shall relax then get back to more loads of laundry. Have so many baby blankets that I can give away to my many friends who have new babies. So many cute new babies, man I love you guys for having babies that I can spoil! And look at adorable pics…that make my lil heart melt with joy!

11:30 Crashiiiiing well…had a relaxing spa now I’m all blaaaa…but it’s a calm blaaaa. Normally I sit in a corner all paranoid when I crash from caffiene but I’m too tired to be paranoid. Alas I still want to at least go upstairs and clean out the closet. Must clean bedroom!

12:30 Not going to make it till 2am Man, I am such a non partyer…must be the mother in me. Can’t stay up past 1am. Well Most of the laundry is put away, have some stuff to donate and it’s lights out for moi. I’m so tired I can’t even review this blog. It’s probably boring…but Honey Badger don’t care (Great I’m getting into the Honey Badger quotes) Time for bed before I write something stupid that while may be amusing at the time I write it I will likely look at it in the morning and think “What? I seriously wrote this?”

I’m just going to end…NOW. Nighty Night!

Canada day Journey

Posted: July 2, 2011 in random

I experienced the best Canada day EVER with family yesterday. I wanted to give both myself, my husband and my daughter a really fun experience for Canada Day and we had a blast. The only family member who sadly missed out was the dog but she got to go for a long walk and swim before we left to experience some fun festivities.

Our first stop was to the Cobourg Water front festival. There is a Craft show, Vendors and midway at the water front all Canada day weekend. We stopped in at the Midway for some midway food because I was craving something nice and greasy and unhealthy like usual. We then manouvered around the thousand people on the sandy beach…most just tanning or standing around looking pretty. But for those with small children like ourselves we moved up to the water front to go for a swim. Normally I run around in lakes yelling “Fish! Fish! Fish! Seaweed! Eww!” because I have issues with fish and weeds for some reason, in the picture above I was screaming “Cold! Cold! I Can’t feel my feet!” It was true, the water was VERY cold. The beach isย  very nice, no fish at all. There is also nice sand so sand castles are a must.

Or big holes like what my Husband was making. He played with he sand while Aurora threw sand balls at the water.

Over all Cobourg has a very nice beach, it’s safe, clean and you can go pretty far out before it gets deep. A Life Guard is on duty at the beach durring the day and there is also a beach voley ball area and soccer area. Washrooms are on site as well as two splash pads and a park.

We went to Wimpy’s Dinner for some dinner. Aurora had a milk shake and some fries. The food was great, it has been quite a while since we last had food from Wimpy’s.

And of course, to join us on our adventure are Anadralius and Icingdeath all decked out in Canada Day decorations. I Thought the White and Red Dragons would be very festive. Anadralius (The Big one) Got plenty of compliments and people adored her Canada Day gear.

We headed to Hastings Ontario to watch Fireworks on the Trent River. Hastings has the biggest and best dysplay in Canada for a town it’s size. Double the population of this town show up to watch the display of fireworks. We got there 4 hours before fireworks so Nick took a nap while Aurora played in the river by a sandy area. The water was much warmer than Lake Ontario so she sat in the river with some other kids for about an hour. There was live music, a BBQ, games and plenty of friendly people. We met lots of people we know. I tried Funnel cake for the first time and now I REALLY want to make some in my deep fryer…I’m sure I can figure it out.

Picture above: I know, shouldn’t I be on Nick’s lap and not him on mine? LOL. His back was hurting so he leaned on me for once.

Aurora also played with a few dogs. This Golden Retriever was very affectionate and was trying to cuddle with Aurora. There is a King Shepherd Pup behind the Golden Retriever. This dog was a big charmer with everyone.

And of course what we were waiting for…FIREWORKS! Amazing display. The favorite was the ones that went into the water then blew up in the water. There were many big fireworks and Hastings got to try out a new set of fireworks sent from Spain. It was well done, everyone enjoyed themselves and Aurora was amazed. We all came home nice and tired. We had an awesome Canada Day ๐Ÿ™‚ I might not have gotten to see the Royal couple in Ottawa but hey, I still had a really great time.


I used to play Farmville on Facebook and remember the big craze. Many of my friends still religiously play Farmville and I still get invites and gifts, I still have my farm on facebook, my 12th level farm over run by nothing more than gifted animals and trees that I some times on occasion will go and harvest. I play my share of facebook games but always eventually get bored and stop commiting to collecting and harvesting and sending out gifts to people on a daily basis.

With Farmville it’s the same thing, you grow stuff, you have to log on at a certain time to harvest stuff, you have to ask your friends for gifts so you can complete stupid quests, you try and make your farm land look cooler than all your friend’s farm lands. You sit in the comfort of your own home, away from the sun and bugs to do farming. I could imagine that in the event of a zombie appocalypse or some other disaster that deems computers useless, everyone would have to actually go OUTSIDE to play Farmville. That’s right, actual labour and not the convenient press of a little button. Bone aches, bug bites, sun burn, the dissapointment of a crappy growing season…oh yes the Reality Version of Farmville! One that has amazingly been played for centuries! One that is played today but with the help of machinery of course.

So how does one get to experience the Reality version of Farmville? Well with a little Hobby garden of course! You know it always confused me how on Cityville Beans took 4 days to grow and Corn took like only 12 hours…when in reality Beans grow quite quickly and Corn takes a whole season to finally be ready, but I guess Zynga did not do their research. But anyways other than the confusing non sense of Zynga games, one can experience the joys of farming right in their own back yard. All you need is a back yard. So if you live in an appartment…well I guess your stuck with flowers and potted herbs and tomatoes.

Here’s what needs to be done:

1. Like Farmville you need to have a plot first. How do you make this plot? Spend a few hours Row Tilling the grass until it’s dirt. OR do it the hard way which is by shovel, and every single hole you make with that shovel you have to pull the grass and weeds out, shake them to get dirt off, toss them then shake the dirt with the shovel. Voila you have your plot.

2. Now you have to rake your plot to make the soil nice and loose.

3. Buy some seeds or seedlings for the garden. Research must be done. When to plant, how to plant, where to plant, how long it will take to grow, what to plant near it, how to avoid pests, how much to water etc. Also note many plants must be planted indoors first then transplanted other wise you must buy seedlings. Good starter plants for gardeners are beans, peas, Carrots, Tomatoes (Seedlings), Raddish, Zuchinni and cucumbers.

4. Now that you have planted, water the garden daily (unless of course Mother Nature does it for you)

5. Weeds pop up. This means you will have to weed the garden at least one a week. Pull the large weeds out, rake the small ones.

6. Then you wait until you have veggies…

7. Harvest the Veggies.

Sounds easy right? It is but it’s a commitment. You will get dirty, you will get sweaty, you will get a tan, you will get attacked by bugs, but best of all you will get a work out. And you get to eat what you sow!

I have my very own Farmville plot in my yard. I tilled it by hand this year. I have weeded it 6 times so far. I’m still planting stuff. I will have about 100 tomato plants when I’m done. We just made a Strawberry plot which should produce fruit next year. My Daughters 3 cucumber plants are growing nicely. My Husband planted Raddish. I planted some Pumpkin and Lettuce and there’s some Squash popping up everywhere from last years crop. I’ve got myself a nice little garden and although My neighbour’s garden looks neater and more decorated I love my Garden. I also have a very nice tan. I must say, the reality version of Farmville is much better than the computer game version.

I absolutely LOVE filling out Operation Christmas Child boxes during the holiday season. I like to get a head start by July because I fill out multiple boxes. This year I have decided that instead of buying gifts for all my friends (Yes I know, I know, I understand you can’t live without the awesome bath and Body stuff I always gift you!) I am going to fill a box per friend and send them out. These boxes get distributed to children in disaster zones and third world countries. Last year Thousands of boxes were hand Delivered by volunteers to Haiti as well as many other locations. And this would not be possible without the help of generous volunteers, Schools and churches.

IF you are planning to buy me a Christmas gift DON’T. Instead I would prefer either items for the shoe boxes, some money (Costs $7 to send each box) or if you want to go ahead and fill out your own box that would be AWESOME! I will include a list of ideal items in this blog.

For those of you who do not wish to support Samaritans Purse Let me know and I will donate a Toy to a local Toy Drive. I assume none of my friends will be upset that they do not recieve something lol.

I encourage everyone to write a note, card, art work etc to add to the box I will send out on your behalf. I guarantee that the children LOVE getting notes. They LOVE pictures too, if you are not shy you can include a picture of yourself or family and include a message or greeting.

That being said. We have 6 months until distribution. I have LOTS of boxes to do and lots of collecting. I am all for donations. I have compiled a list of the things I need, let me know if you would like to get them ๐Ÿ™‚


Age groups are 2-4, 5-9, 10-14 Boys and Girls.

No war related Toys, No Glass, no Playing Cards, no liquids.

Kids love Balls, skipping ropes, dolls, stuffed animals, toy binochulars, games, cars, marbles etc.

School Supplies

Crayons, Colouring books, note pads, journals, pens, pencils, rulers, stationary sets, stickers, markers, chalk etc.

No sharp objects please.


Socks, toothbrushes, combs, head bands, T-shirts, hats, hair accesories, Soap (No liquid), cloths (face cloths),


Hard Candy and Hard gum. Ie: Rockets, double Bubble, mints, Candy canes.ย  All candy must be in wrapper.


Jewelry, non breakable momentos, pictures, books etc


I want to thank everyone so much! I will Definately Take pictures of each box ๐Ÿ™‚ Again if you want to personalize it or add some things in yourself, let me know. If you want me to make up a specific box (Age group/sex) let me know as well. This is going to be so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guarantee the kids are very very thankful as I personally know volunteers and missionaries who distribute these boxes. A simple little shoe box makes such a huge difference. Lets make the 2011 distribution a record!