Valentine Day Cards of Epic Geeky Proportions

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Geek
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I have decided to compile a list of the best geeky Valentine’s day Cards I could find.  You can find all sorts of great geeky cards online and just print them off OR if you are looking for any marvel or DC type valentine’s day cards you can easily find them at your local store that sells those Valentine’s day cards f kids…they might be kind of tacky but theres still nothing stopping you from being a big geek and distributing little cards.

For the D&D Lover


Everyone’s favorite Skyrim Meme Now in the form of a Valentine’s day card

Did your partner manage to turn you into a Star Trek fan?

Dr. Who fan? Check these out.

For the Dragon Age fan

Obsessed with the Zombie appocalypse?

Zelda fanatic?

Starwars (amazingly hard to find good ones >< Unless your into Luke kissing his sister.)

Super Mario

Comic fans (Warning, Comic book Valentine’s cards are quite sappy)

Theres so much more that I could add but I’ll stop here. Have an awesomely geeky valentine’s day everyone 🙂


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