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Posted: February 5, 2016 in Animals, Uncategorized
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It has gotten to the point in my house where nobody bothers to question me about what pets I currently have. For 2 years I dealt with arguments like “You can’t get a snake it will do this and it will smell and you will decrease the value of your home and it will eat your kid.” You are right I shouldn’t get A snake…snakes are like lays Potato chips once you get the first snake you cant stop at one. Same goes for Spiders…there’s just so many to choose from and they are so easy to care for.

But here is the newest endeavor and one I researched for years. I know that there is no such thing as a tea cup pig, pigs do not stay under 20lbs unless they are starved. But there is such thing as Micro pigs…but they aren’t as “micro” as they turn out to be. They look uber cute as babies but micro pigs can grow the size of a medium to large dog and this is STILL considered mini. Why? Farm pigs are huge, you don’t want a 600lb porker in your home. Julliana and Pot Belly pigs which are a smaller hobby breed are domesticated pigs, and even one the size of a great dane is tame if you raise it in a home. I nearly adopted one it was 250lbs and the previous owners had him inside, he was fixed and updated on shots and kids used him as a bean bag chair but of course I wasn’t allowed to adopt Pumba…I hope that big porker found a loving home and lots of bean bag cuddles.


Here are some basics facts about my new adventure. Her name is Matilda, she is a mini pig and the largest she will likely get is no more than 75lbs and that’s reaching. She is 14 months old, has been on a steady diet of pot belly pig pellets and junk food and is only 20ish pounds…possibly 25. Her mother is only slightly larger. Because she isn’t a farm pig but a hobby pig she eats a special diet that doesn’t make her grow to top size quick like farmed meat pigs are grown on. Pigs shouldn’t be starved nor should they be over fed…a pig with fat forehead where the fat over laps the eyes is an over fed pig. Its not healthy for a domestic pig you plan to own for 15 years.

Mini pigs need a fresh supply of water at all times, they eat twice a day and get a few treats in between. They choose a spot to do their business and can be rained to use a litter box or go outside. They are easily leash trained. They sometimes walk nicely just like dogs but for the most part they just enjoy rooting around outside taking their sweet time. So far cleaning up after this pig has been nothing…she pees on a tray which we clean right as soon as we notice and her poop is easy to scoop up and throw out or simply flush down the toilet. You would think with a pig you would have a messy home, turns out I actually clean more with the pig because I don’t want her getting into stuff…

*pet cleaning hint* cleaning pet areas with a mix of lemon juice, your fave essential oil scent and vinegar is great for removing stains and smells. Another thing I use is Laundry scent booster beads that I dissolve into a spray bottle and use as a room and floor spray, this ensures visitors do not smell that lingering animal smell we have other small mammals and these methods greatly work


Matilda did not get too much socializing, she had been with a family for a few weeks and before that lived on my friends farm. In other words she was not house trained as a piglet but even with that history she does let us know when she needs to go potty so she can be taken outside. She only took a few days to get used to everyone and now gets super excited if she hears anyone’s voice. She absolutely loves chin and belly rubs, she will flop and sleep anywhere we lay a blanket down and she likes to get tucked in at night. And because of her I have been paying even more attention to all my other critters and I spend twice as much time with my daughter doing things that do not involve the TV or xbox. So all in all having this unconventional Piggy is great! And I can’t wait to blog about her progress.




  1. Sherrill Lloyd-Wardle says:

    Hey Jess, our bulldog Eleanor was born into a home with micro pigs and spent a number of weeks there. The bond she had with them was cool to witness. In fact we think that quite a few of her habits are “pig-like” and feel they were imprinted upon her. We affectionately call her Snort. If you every think Matilda would like a visit-I think Eleanor would love the opportunity. She a very low energy 4 year old dog.

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