Had a very successful animal outreach today at the Marmora family celebration.  Over 150 kids had the opportunity to learn and handle critters. 

Today’s stars were:


Bowzer the bearded dragon.  Bowzer is a lazy lizard who sits still and allows everyone to pet him.  He loves to hang out on people’s shoulders when he is handled.  Bowzer enjoyed this nice warm day and sat still the entire show.  Kids had the opportunity to pet bowzer and learn what he eats,  where he is from and why they are one of the best kid friendly exotic pets in the pet trade.  He does the same at home,  basks and checks everyone out. 


Boo the ferret had plenty of attention today.  Boo loves attention and doesn’t mind being handled by everyone.  We tired him out within 2 hours and he was a sleepy boy while not everyone got to interact with him he had a good show.  Boo is very friendly and does not nip or bite he is the absolute perfect ferret for outreach and he enjoys being in the spot light.  While the kids hung out with Boo they learned the meaning of “ferret”  which is little their.  That’s because they love to steal and stash things.  Boos all time favourite thing to steal and hide are slippers. 


Dax the California King snake.  Dax did great today she was very comfortable being held and the longer she was out the calmer she became.  It was great having the option of letting her get used to handling and kids even got to hold her.  California King snakes are related to corn snakes and garter snakes and have similar temperament and movements.  When scared they will shake their tail pretending to be a rattle snake and if that doesn’t work they will release a musk (kind of like peeing)  on you when you pick them up.  I’ve had my California King snakes do this many times but once out of their enclosure they are very comfortable.  Dax has not been timid lately even in her enclosure. 


Data the ball Python.  Also a great hit even with those who are afraid of snakes.  We had about 10 people get over their snake phobia today and brave holding or touching Data.  Because data is so friendly and slow moving he is an ideal snake to start out with.  He was handled by at least 50 kids and they learned something… Snakes aren’t really that scary or mean.  Especially ball pythons one of the most docile snake species on the planet (captive bred).  Ball pythons are a top beginner snake for hobbiests because of their amazing temperament.  Data will grow to be 5 feet long.  Data is also comfortable having his head touched and chin rubbed which snakes usually dislike but you can find the odd snake that doesn’t mind handling and attention what so ever. 


Lolth the rose hair tarantula.  While I don’t let kids handle her she was handled by 3 adults today.  Rose hair tarantulas a docile species of tarantula.  While they are venomous they don’t pack enough venom to even phase a human (however like bee allergies it is suspected there are people with spider venom allergies too)  tarantulas also have tiny hairs on their abdomens they can rub or flick off if agitated… These hairs get stuck in skin and can cause skin irritation while it’s rare for a rose hair to flick hairs it’s still a possibility so special precautions are made when this spider is handled by others. 


Rodney the guinea pig.  Rodney was pet by many kids today and enjoyed his treat of clovers and grass.  When they are given a little back scratch ( or in Rodney’s case hears bags crinkle)  they squeal in delight.  Rodney loves food and the sound of bags. 


We had a great time showing off a few of our critters today.  It brings me great joy to be able to educate people on a diverse range of critters.  And the critters had a great time too exploring and being handled. 


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