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Tooth Beaver

I should have had that stupid molar filled last year. But noooooo I had to wait until it started to hurt before I even considered doing anything about it. My bottom first molar had a cavity and it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger until one day the tooth beavers got to the root and took a nice big bite out of a nerve! Talk about ouch! But I was too late for properly caring for it. Floss wasn’t going to work, killing the infection with salt water was not going to work…I was doomed but how bad could an infected tooth be?

I started to get severe tooth pains on October 3rd, I just tried to mask it with tylenol. Friday was literal hell because I had to go to work and finish my shift with a throbbing tooth. I downed enough pain meds to knock out a horse, went home and the pain slowly went away. Saturday it felt fine so I figured it would probbaly come back every so often-I get dental benifits eventually, I can totally wait!

But here’s the problem with an abscessed tooth. They can cause serious complications. By monday after the pain returned I had a high fever, I was completely out of it, I had zero appetite, and my lymph glands under my chin swelled like 100 times their normal size. I was not holding up too good plus I was starting to have a hard time breathing. The Hospital would not do anything so I did the only thing I could do. Call an emergency dentist and get my butt into the office so I could at least get onto some antibiotics.

And that’s what I did. I went to the dentist by 4 in the afternoon looking like the undead-I would have aced an audition to be a zombie in a movie because I was moaning and lumbering around like one. Because I was so swelled up the dentist decided to just take an xray of the tooth and send me home with a prescription to meds and some Tylenol 3. Xrays are no fun at all-try biting down on the film when your mouth feels like world war 3 is occuring inside of it.

I had no peace all week leading up to my tooth extraction appointment. I chose an extraction because it costs less than a root canal…like a whole lot less than a root canal. My insurance I’m getting next month won’t even cover a root canal. I figured they’d freeze me and yank the tooth out just like that. Apparently adult molars are fairly huge.

1382012_10153385078405171_1275427883_nSo here I am actually looking forward to a dentist appointment. When you are in pain the dentist is a saint, when you have to go for cleanings, filling and xrays you dread the dentist. I hate needles and I was savouring the feel of novocaine. I had no clue what to expect. And in all honesty on my dentist chair I experienced peace for the first time all week. Wonderful relaxing peace. It took 4 shots of novocaine to freeze me up. It didn’t hurt too bad. The third needle hit a nerve and my mouth felt as though I was being electrocuted. I had no idea nerves could do that. Humans have electricity surging through them. It was quite an odd but cool feeling.

Now for anyone who’s maybe faced with this procedure and you are scared, there’s nothing to worry about you will feel NOTHING. Just lay back, relax and pretend your stuck in road construction because that’s exactly what it felt like…minus the pain of course. To remove a first molar it has to be cut in half. So it takes the dentist a minute or two to saw the sucker in half. You will smell and taste burning. Once the dentist is done cutting it in half they start pushing it around to loosen it, again I felt NOTHING. The only time I felt anything was when my head was jerked around as he tugged on the tooth. There was no feeling of it comming out except that the first half flew into the air. The second one came out easily enough and they cleaned the two little holes where the roots were then gave me a stitch and that was that.

1391847_10153385076120171_853957159_nAnd tada iceburg teeth! The roots are actually bigger than the tooth. When I saw my tooth I was totally amazed at how huge it was. Now I have a big molar to gross people out.

I had Mcdonalds after for being such a good little patient. It took me 10 minutes to eat 1 chicken nugget so I just ate the dipping sauce and was satisfied with that. By day 2 it’s a bit easier to eat and you can eat anthing soft that won’t end up getting stuck in the tooth crater. Popcorn and chips are not a wise choice. Soup is great and eating anything that can be swished away with water is acceptable. By day 3 chewing is a lot easier. And brushing the teeth isn’t as scary. My pain hasn’t been too bad post procedure, however I’m still dealing with enarged Lymph nodes that don’t seem to want to drain-other than the fact my jaw is puffy from the enlarged lymph nodes I look fine and feel fine.

The cost of the whole procedure (In Canada) was $361 including the xray. Not too bad really.

I highly recommend that anyone with an abscessed tooth see a dentist as soon as possible. If money is preventing you from such a vist there are dentists who offer payment plans and there are government subsidies granted by your local municipality if you call and ask. I ended up with a potentially life threatning condition and had I not have gotten the antibiotics my lymph nodes could have grown to the point they pushed on my neck making it impossible to breathe. Sure by then my dental visit at a hospital would be free but having to have a breathing tube stuck into your neck just doesn’t sound all that fun.

And now that I’m on the mend, I’m going to take good care of my pearly whites and follow up with my dentist to make sure all my other teeth are in great shape so this does not happen again…and also that I don’t end up like my good friend Ren.



Looney Tunes - Tasmanian Devil 1The above photo represents who I can be when I become irritated or the right conditions occur to create a “Tornado”. In fact my husband has even nicknamed me “Tornado” or “Taz” at times.

If I get irritated (Usually because of lack of sleep or food) I can have short outbursts of frustration, anger, confusion etc. I kind of snap like a short tornado outburst, It doesn’t last long but it leaves a small trail of emotional damage. Sometimes physical because I have broken things.

Now when the conditions are right, just like they are in the Midwest United States for a Tornado I can have a nice long outburst which consists of a whole day or two of tornados that strike whenever. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened and it isn’t pretty. What are the conditions? Anxiety mixed in with lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, lack of glucose which causes a headache, weakness which causes frustration and stubbornness not to take it upon myself to eat something healthy or to go take a time out.

Having Anxiety disorder and being diagnosed with hypoglycemia is one thing but combining the two with lack of a consistent diet and thats just asking for a disaster. Hypoglycemia will also cause anxiety if it is not maintained, so that’s double the anxiety.

So after having a stress induced headache for 4 days and passing out at work I finally bit my pride and called my doctor. When he looked at my health history he asked if I was maintaining my diet. By maintaining that means, Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack…I hung my head in shame because I only actually maintain my diet maybe once a week. That’s usually the days we actually go out for breakfast. In other words am I anorexic? No. Do I infact have an eating disorder? Yes. Snarfing down food everyday but at an unconsistent rate is infact an eating disorder. My body is not getting enough energy and nutrients throughout the day.

So for the last 3 weeks I have been on a consistent diet. And let me tell you, eating something at 5:15 in the morning is NOT easy. But I wake up that early most mornings for work and I was told to eat something before leaving for work so I forcefully ate something that would allow my body to wake up and get my digestive system going.  Breakfast is a very important meal and it can mean the difference between having a good day or having a moody day.

Advice to those with Hypoglycemia and/or low iron.

If you are hypoglycemic or even suspect it, or even if you have a mood disorder it is important to eat something within a half hour of waking up. It can be hard sometimes to stomach food really early in the morning so starting small then working your way up to bigger meals is a good start. If juice is all you can stomach at first then have a cup of juice. I started with a handful of trail mix, it has protien and iron in it. The protien will give you a boost because protien takes longer to metabolize in the body. If you have enough protien then you won’t experience sugar crashes when you have carbs and sugars.

Make sure to have a larger meal or what I like to call Breakfast #2 within 2 hours of having that little morning snack.

Snack between breakfast and lunch. A cup of yogurt, some cookies, crackers etc. I’ll admit sometimes I chose unhealthy snacks but as long as they have protien or iron I’m good to go.

Lunch should be a bigger meal than the snacks although I’ll admit that once I get snacking I don’t stop thus my lunches can be smaller.

Snack before 3pm so you avoid that 3:00 wall.

Have a nice dinner which should include Protiens, Carbs and lots of nutrients. I try to get meat into my dinner each night but if I can’t I will definately have cheese. Cheese is my favorite food group.

And of course have a few little snacks before bed time. Or be like me and snarf down a whole bag of bits and bites.

Foods that contain iron are Meats, Nuts, legumes, and green leafy veggies. The Iron in Non meat is harder to absorb so you need more of it. The Best food for someone who has low iron is Chili because it contains meat, beans and vitamine C. Vitamine C helps absorb iron so make sure your body has enough vitamine C and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting enough iron. I’ve been making sure to drink Orange Juice every time I make a commitment to eat something with iron in it.

Most importantly if you make a commitment to stick to a balanced diet make sure to stick with it. It’s been 3 weeks now for me and people have noticed a change in my behaviour and I have noticed that my energy levels are getting better, I can think more clearly and I have less panic attacks from anxiety. When I do start to get moody I can easily stop my self from continuing.

I’m just so glad that I finally started to look after my health. I feel so much better and I’m sure that others around me will be thankful too. I was able to work 14 days in a row at work and don’t think I would have been able to had I not of gone on a consistent diet. I want to thank everyone for advice and for rooting for me and I am very grateful for those keeping a close eye on me making sure I don’t go off track.