Religious Nuts, Spiritual Fruits and Naysayers.

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Faith

The world is filled with Billions of people each with their own individual oppinions. Since God gave us free will (Or we just have free will because there is no God) there will always be human conflict. Yes that’s right Naysayers, even if you eliminate religion it will not prevent wars. World Peace is impossible unless Jesus returns, The appocalypse happens and theres no more humans to create conflict or the Borg show up to assimilate us. If you eliminate Christianity who’s going to be left to be stupid enough to continuously reach out to everyone? Yes I just called myself stupid because I’m a Christian and I give multiple chances to people, I sacrifice my comfort and finances by helping others I don’t even know and I love complete idiots unconditionally.

So that being said, the world is filled with all sorts of people. Some people are ignorant, some know nothing becaue their world is so small, others seem to know EVERYTHING etc. But I’m going to cover three different groups. Religious Nutjobs, spirtually fruitful and Atheists. I’m not getting into any other religion but Christianity.

Religious Nuts:

The above photo shows a great example of Religious Nuts. Thankfully the worst of religious nut jobs are few but they sure do attract a lot of media attention. There are cults out there, there are those who force feed the scripture in a very hateful way, and in all honesty they make good Christians look bad. But don’t worry, most good Christians do not agree with anything thse not jobs do. And we’re praying for them as God seriously needs to give them a reality check.  Or on the other aspect if your an atheist maybe you could make public displays like such illegal…or just continue to be amused by their sillyness. Bottom line, as far as the Gospel goes, Religious nuts are really doing it wrong.

But there are also minor religious nuts. Infact I used to be one of them. I attended a church where I thought my denomination was the only right denomination and everyone else who went to other churches were going to hell. Little did I know no single church is 100% perfect because religion is made up of imperfect people. If people are the church like the scripture says then the church is imperfect ecause no single person is perfect. But Religious nuts believe that they are right, righteous and everyone else is wrong if they don’t agree with what they say. Even Jesus called the religious leaders a bunch of Hypocrites…because they were, they were merely Godly on the outside but rotten on the inside.

Spiritually Fruitful.

Whats a Spiritual Fruit? Love, Joy, peace, Goodness, Kindness, patience, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and self control. Those are the attributes of being Spiritually Fruitful but many Christians struggle with many of these. The Gospel (The New Testament) is all about the fruit of the spirtit. Jesus said Christians will be recognized by their fruit. The problem today is there are so many people who claim to be Christian yet inside they are rotten. It’s like paining a pear red and calling it an apple. Maybe it’s red like an apple on the outside but inside it’s still a pear.

A good Christian should be spiritual fruits and not religious nuts or just merely someone taking on a title. I could say I’m Buddist but it doesn’t mean I actually am. There are no laws against Love, Joy, peace, Goodness, Kindness, patience, faithfullness, gentleness or self control. Infact if everyone were to practice these 9 attributes the world would get a lot better. If you love everyone unconditionally then it will be hard to do people wrong, there is nothing wrong with being joyfull in any situation, Peace is a good thing (Holding a protest with signs that say “God Hates fags” is not peaceful at all)  theres nothing wrong with being a good person, the world needs more kindness, we could all benifit with more patience, having faith is good, being gentle is also good and having self control in a world where you want to punch everyone is also a good thing.

So if you are a Christian be a fruitful one. Yes spread the gospel but not in a forceful way, not everyone is going to listen. Be a selfless person (Doesn’t mean you have to give everything away or always lend money to those who you know will never pay you back) but reach out your hand to help those in need the best you can. If you take on these attributes and act on them the world has nothing against you. The world will still blame you for all the problems in the world but they just can’t open their eyes to the fact Humans can be plain stupid. The Old Testement even shows much human error and stupidity. And if one doesn’t even believe in God they can’t blame God because to them he does not exist. Some people just never seem to let go of the past.

And to those who think Christians are sooo bad just look at what the good ones are doing. Mother Teresa was a selfless person and roll model, she wasn’t perfect either but she sure did show her spiritual fruit. Christians aren’t perfect either, we make mistakes all the time. Our places of worship are not museums for the righteous but hospitals for the sick because every single one of us has some sort of issue. We’re broken people, we admit that we are broken people, we are no better than anyone else. There are selfless non Christians our there as well :). But take note our Gospel teaches us to be selfless loving peacekeeping caring human beings…with God’s help of course.


Atheists, I have nothing against you and I feel that you are entitled to your oppinions. But eliminating Christianity is not going to solve the world’s problems because humans will find something else to argue about. We’re a species that argues and again unless we get assimilated by the Borg we’re going to constantly clash. Also I belive in Science and I believe that it compliments the Bible. I know many brillinat men and women who were Atheists and people of science, some of these people are now Christian because they were unable to prove the Bible wrong by studying it deeply. They found Scientific evidence within the Bible and grasped the fact that there is a very very slim chance that we are all here accidentally.There are very intelligent Christian people out there who are physisists, Mathmaticians, Scientists etc.

I still love you non believers, I’m friends with many. I’ll even talk about the Bible with those who are fine with hearing it and having a good friendly debate. I believe that God made it clear enough for anyone to know of his existence so believing in him or not is your choice. But just know this, I’d rather live a life modeled by Christ and die only to realize there is no God (Which I won’t know because I’ll be dead ) than to not live a life modeled by Christ and find out that there is a God. My life has improved because I follow God so why would anyone want me to change that and go back to a life of hopelessness and misery?

And no, we’re not going to keep the Gospel to ourselves. Some of us even risk our lives to spread the message to places where it is illegal. We just can’t be stopped really, over 2000 years and Christianity is still going strong. You can’t even insult us out of Christianity because we’re told we’re blessed when we get bashed and suffer humiliation because we’re Christians…and while you insult us we still continue to love on you. Well at least the majority of us do ^^







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