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Saturday Night we took Aurora to see her very first big Hockey game. Peterborough Petes V.S The Oshawa Generals. It has been 6 years since I myself have attended an OHL hockey game. Aurora was excited about the game all day leading up to the event and the game did not dissapoint her. She’s a loud little girl and anywhere she is allowed to make noise is a good place indeed. She absolutely loved the mascot which was a dog, she got to give him a high five and also witnessed him skating. Aurora enjoyed Yelling “Get the Puck!” and “Go Petes Go!” .

I had my first big game experience at the age of 4. My parents took me to see many Moncton Hawk games. The Moncton Hawks were an AHL team and later got replaced by a CHL team known today as the Moncton Wildcats. I remember going to the Moncton Colleseum and watching the Hawks play. Me being 4 I remember the big Hawk Mascot most. I also remember getting hockey cards from some of the players after the game. I got to hug the mascot and my Dad caught a frisbee that the skating hawk was tossing to the crowd.  If it wasn’t a Hawks game we attended it was my brothers hockey games. Not as entertaining but I was a huge fan of the canteen. I bought gummy snakes, chips, hot chocolate and Pizza Pockets from the canteen every single game.

Once the Moncton Wildcats showed up in town I got the best hockey experience ever. Now, I’ve been to a whole wack of Oshawa Generals games but they don’t compare to a Wildcats game. There is something about the East Coast thats just so much better than Ontario. I’ve seen a guy win a car durring intermission. The car was driven right on to the ice. There were better prizes being shot out of the cannon. Best of all every time the cats scored fireworks would go off. I used to hold my ears every time the Cats were near the other teams net because I was getting prepared for them to score. There was action, I was in love with Hockey and I was at the point in life where I was not going to the games to see the players, I was going to see hockey. My Dad also took me to the Junior games, Moncton Beavers. Not as many people were in attendance but there was this one guy who heckled the other team and the refs constantly. “Drop Dead $%^& Head” He used to yell at the Halifax Mooseheads. Sometimes he told the Refs to drop dead or get glasses. These Junior kids fought an average of 6 times per game and this to me was very entertaining.

We moved to Whitby Ontario when I was 11 years old, I missed my Wildcats. We didn’t bother with Generals games until I was in 8th grade and a friend invited me to go. It was entertaining but still not as good as The WildCats games. This was the year I became a puck Bunny. Okay, I wasn’t interested in all the hockey players, I was crushing on one in particular. But he was the secondary reason for my attendance (But the main reason I tagged along with my friends when they went to the practices). I was going to watch Hockey. I was a rowdy, obnoxious fan and I had ALOT of fun. It came to the point my parents did not want me going unless they were present. They did not trust me. I don’t blame them. By 10th grade I was going just to cause havoc/ watch hockey/watch some awesome violence. Ben Eager (Now in the NHL) never let me down…I think the only thing he ever did was fight and live in the Penalty Box.  My crush had a girlfriend and while I was heart broken I remained his fan and a dedicated fan to the team. I remained a fan even though I was bullied by some of the Generals at School (I had it coming, I deserved being called horrible uncreative names). I was even still a fan when I had to put up with some particularily irritating General Classmates. But Being a Gens fan slowly faded and I eventually forgot all about them.

So for 6 whole years I did not attend a single OHL game. When I went to the Petes game I had a blast from my past. The generals have some very dedicated super fans. If you look at the picture to the left, the entire endzone section was filled by Gens fans. The Cow Bell posse was in attendance and I couldn’t help but laugh. I used to sit near these crazies back in my Gen days. These people are rowdy, loud, proud and they not only attend EVERY Generals home game they get aboard the Bus and they come to all the away games. The Generals won the game in shoot out, it was a pretty good game. There was some amazing plays from both teams and there are some promising players. I will totally attend more games in the future, I had a great time, Nick had a great time, Our friend Sam had a great time but most of all my daughter absolutely LOVED it! She’s the Next generation in Arena Rats, I just hope she skips the Puck Bunny part. And maybe one day, I will treat her to a Moncton Wildcats game.