Let’s Make some Kids REALLY happy This Christmas 2011

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Faith, random
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I absolutely LOVE filling out Operation Christmas Child boxes during the holiday season. I like to get a head start by July because I fill out multiple boxes. This year I have decided that instead of buying gifts for all my friends (Yes I know, I know, I understand you can’t live without the awesome bath and Body stuff I always gift you!) I am going to fill a box per friend and send them out. These boxes get distributed to children in disaster zones and third world countries. Last year Thousands of boxes were hand Delivered by volunteers to Haiti as well as many other locations. And this would not be possible without the help of generous volunteers, Schools and churches.

IF you are planning to buy me a Christmas gift DON’T. Instead I would prefer either items for the shoe boxes, some money (Costs $7 to send each box) or if you want to go ahead and fill out your own box that would be AWESOME! I will include a list of ideal items in this blog.



For those of you who do not wish to support Samaritans Purse Let me know and I will donate a Toy to a local Toy Drive. I assume none of my friends will be upset that they do not recieve something lol.

I encourage everyone to write a note, card, art work etc to add to the box I will send out on your behalf. I guarantee that the children LOVE getting notes. They LOVE pictures too, if you are not shy you can include a picture of yourself or family and include a message or greeting.

That being said. We have 6 months until distribution. I have LOTS of boxes to do and lots of collecting. I am all for donations. I have compiled a list of the things I need, let me know if you would like to get them 🙂


Age groups are 2-4, 5-9, 10-14 Boys and Girls.

No war related Toys, No Glass, no Playing Cards, no liquids.

Kids love Balls, skipping ropes, dolls, stuffed animals, toy binochulars, games, cars, marbles etc.

School Supplies

Crayons, Colouring books, note pads, journals, pens, pencils, rulers, stationary sets, stickers, markers, chalk etc.

No sharp objects please.


Socks, toothbrushes, combs, head bands, T-shirts, hats, hair accesories, Soap (No liquid), cloths (face cloths),


Hard Candy and Hard gum. Ie: Rockets, double Bubble, mints, Candy canes.  All candy must be in wrapper.


Jewelry, non breakable momentos, pictures, books etc


I want to thank everyone so much! I will Definately Take pictures of each box 🙂 Again if you want to personalize it or add some things in yourself, let me know. If you want me to make up a specific box (Age group/sex) let me know as well. This is going to be so much fun! 🙂 I guarantee the kids are very very thankful as I personally know volunteers and missionaries who distribute these boxes. A simple little shoe box makes such a huge difference. Lets make the 2011 distribution a record!

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