Adding some colour into my Summer

Posted: June 1, 2011 in random
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It was about 3 months since I last Dyed my hair, I was tempted to buy some red or dark ultraviolet hair dye at Wal-Mart yesterday but my husband stopped me. After all, Wal_mart did not have Magenta coloured hair dye. My husband informed me that it would be pretty cool if I had magenta coloured hair, I of course agreed. My significant other is all for a funky colour? Well then heck yeah, so am I!

So we headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase some Manic Panic dye. I should use this stuff more often. Manic Panic is an all natural semi permanent hair dye, it comes in a plastic container and it can be sealed and used again. Unlike hair dye where you have to apply ASAP then toss the left over out. Manic Panic is not tested on animals, it doesn’t have a strong scent, it doesn’t burn the skin (Although it can temporarily stain skin) and it is a lot safer than Permanent hair dye. Manic Panic was first invented in 1977 in NY City by Tish and Snooki (No not the Snooki from Jersey shore). The late 70’s was a punk era so the dye and cosmetics line took off! Today it is still very popular with many celebrities using the product. The Dye comes in every colour of the rainbow and works best on light hair.

My hair was light brown/red when I applied the Manic Panic (Fuscia color). I washed my hair, dried it slightly, applied to entire hair and left on for a half hour. Because it was my first dye application I put on a lot of dye (a quarter of the container) and I made a pretty big mess. For the first few days when the dyed hair becomes wet the dye runs off and temporarily stains the skin, the dye will come off skin with soap and water. I came out of the shower completely PINK but I eventually got all the dye off my skin, promptly dried my hair and cleaned the shower which was also VERY PINK. The next time I apply it I will use a small amount, brush on to hair and wash in a tub full of water (Water turns pink BUT the dye will stay in water and not on skin). I used to dye my hair hydrant red and I have established a routine that involves less mess.

My end result was Magenta. It looks red inside but in the sun it’s a dark pink. It looks pretty cool and I didn’t even pre lighten my hair. Manic Panic is great for those who have darker hair and want a slight tint of colour. For those who want the exact colour that is stated in container they need to bleash their hair or lighten their hair first to get desired results. I am very happy with my results.

So this summer I will be rocking Fuscia/Magenta coloured hair! Who knows, I might add a bit more colour over the summer. One is NEVER too old for funky colours! A lady in my town who is in her 60’s rocks Manic Panic hot pink and it looks pretty awesome on her! So here goes, Loving my funky colour hair!

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