10 best pieces of advice I’ve been given for mental illness

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I’ve had lots of great advice and coping. Methods over the years and I have tried many of them.  Ya gotta at least try right?  I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder,  seasonal bipolar disorder and ADHD.  Believe me crazy combination right There. 

But with good advice I have also been told some way out there coping methods.  Some from fellow sufferers and some from people who assume they are experts. 

1. “you need to avoid junk food especially chocolate”  – okay doesn’t sound that crazy right?  It does when the person is standing  there explaining ever since they cut back on chocolate cake they have felt better WHILE  THEY  ARE  EATING  CHOCOLATE  CAKE!  I may have listened but the cake on their plate distracted me. 

2. “have you tried (insert name of multilevel marketing shake or nutrition supplement  here)”  – yes I have and I’m not paying $30 for 3 milkshakes that taste like saw dust.  I do however drink protein shakes I do have to make use of the Costco membership we paid $50 for

3. “you are probably allergic to gluten”  – No and if I EVER  have to go gluten free take me out back and shoot me.  I feel for those who have genuine gluten allergies. 

4. “It’s the coffee.”  – Actually caffeine and anxiety disorder don’t mix BUT  coffee didn’t cause my chemical imbalance.  I didn’t even consume caffeine as a teen.  By the way I can have 1 energy drink or 4 coffees without crashing.

5. “Video games caused your mental illness.”  – I KNEW  it!  Must be those magical shrooms and all those head butts to random boxes floating in the air.  I had to use all the coins from those boxes to pay for my psychologist  fees.  I suspect a conspiracy.

6. “Dungeons and Dragons brings demons into your home.”  – no but that Harry Potter Character is another story.  If Dungeons and Dragons causes demon possession why hasn’t my husband and friends been affected?  Tin foil helmets? Forgot to wear mine. If the D&D spell book is in fact  real though I’ll just cast magic missile into the darkness it’s all good.  Do I believe  in demons?  Yes but that’s a different story and I’ve been messed up waaaaaay  before I even knew what Dungeons and Dragons  was. 

7. “If you go on medication you will end up psychotic and in a few years will probably be on the news for terrorism.”  – nope but every time I see you I’m purposely going to find a corner and rock back and forth repeating “the cake is a lie the cake is a lie the cake is a lie.” 

8. “cut all sugar out of your diet.” – Ha!  I did for like 3 hours once… It was horrible. 

9. “Don’t tell anyone you have anxiety keep it to yourself nobody wants to hear it and if they do hear it your life will be a living hell”  – stupidest advice ever.  If you suspect or know you have a mental disorder find someone you trust and TALK  about it.  Staying silent is the worst thing to do. 

10. “have you been tested for Lead poisoning?”  – no I don’t need to I know those curtains contained Lead… Yummy delicious Lead horizontal blinds mmmmmmm.  The lead paint on the playground was the best though. 

Eating healthier,  talking about it,  getting excessive and fresh air,  finding coping mechanisms etc do help… While they may not help 100‰ any improvement to how you feel is a good step.  Most of all its OK to laugh in fact the funniest people I know have a diagnosed mental illness.  Take life a day at a time and keep fighting 🙂  just remember you are not alone. 


  1. All great examples of bad advice. And number 6 reminds me of those hilarious anti-D&D evangelical comics. Great post.

    • Funny thing is I am an Evangelical (pentecostal) so it makes it ten times funnier when someone freaks out over D&D. Had a group of Catholic ladies call me a devil worshipper when they saw me with a players hand book it’s insane how quick some people are to judge. There’s no lynch mobs at my church thankfully just the odd few who tell me off 🙂

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