The Snowflake

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Faith
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Winter tree, snowflakes. Christmas holiday.I have a story that has been weighing heavily on my heart the past few days and I feel that I need to share this. I hope this encourages people whether you are a person of faith or not.

This is the story of the snowflake, an amazing series of events that led up to a miracle. In this season of spiritual dryness I believe that these simple events created a huge event and people were changed. But why contain this experience to just the few people who witnessed this event? Also nobody knows about the perfect scenarios that occured that led to event. So here it is…

It all started in January when my husband located his biological father. Honestly this story has to start here. Finding his other side of the family was a miracle in it’s own but the miracle of the snowflake starts here. Because we met Nick’s other half of the family we became welcomed with open arms and started a brand new journey.  In September we went to his Grandmothers house in Oshawa for “Big Chrtistmas Dinner” And Nick’s dad came all the way from Florida for this so it was awesome. Nick’s Aunt blessed us with a very fun card game. It;s essentially a chineese auction card game and she had gathered all these gifts to use in the game. I had so much fun that I decided I was going to bring this card game to my church’s women’s retreat at the end of September.

A friend of mine quit Avon that month and gave me all her customers. One particular customer ordered late so I had to place an additional avon order…this means I pay for shipping again. But it’s only half as much if my order is over $50 soooo I snatched a few items up for myself. One of these items was a series of glass snowflake ornaments I thought were pretty. They were on sale so I bought a few boxes.

flakeI thought nothing of these snowflakes. I mean really, they were pretty and I looked forward to placing a few on my tree come Christmas time. But they are JUST simple glass snowflakes. When my friend and I started to wrap the little gifts we bought for the card game I grabbed a few boxes, opened them and wrapped the snowflakes thinking nothing of it. I thought nothing of these gifts, i figured it’ll be fun and bring a small amount of joy but surely they won’t be life saving or anything.

The week leading up to retreat was hard for me. I suffered a severe mental breakdown, I won’t go into details but I finally landed myself in the mental hospital for an afternoon. I came home defeated asking God “Why? I was doing so good why did this happen?” But through the week I realized that surely I can make SOMETHING good come out of this so all week I prepared myself to give a testimony at retreat. I needed to give this testimony. Last time I shared a similar testimony I was strengthened and embraced in prayer…I figured that’s what I maybe needed again, let everyone know what I went through so they could keep an eye on me yet again.

The first session was about Winter. A season in the Christian life. Winter is a harsh season. Someone’s winter might be illness, a time of discouragement, a time of pain, hardships etc. Winter is a time where we are supposed to hunker down and hang on to God and his word. Spring will come. If you can learn to trust God in your winter season you can trust him in every season. Winter is probably the hardest time to even reflect on God’s promises, let alone praise His name through it. What a perfect message to start retreat off. So when testimony time came I got right up and I shared…

And it all snowballed from there. I came in as a discouraged, beaten, worthless person. I had been defeated yet again that week…I was ashamed. I poured my heart out anyway. And then a woman whom I did not even know before retreat came up to share…that she too had been going through the same in her life and that her step daughter who just so happened to end up at the retreat last minute needed to hear what I had to say. I was greatly encouraged. I had no idea that my words would impact someone, that someone actually needed to hear MY words. After that so many people poured their hearts out and there was a huge time of prayer. The first night was wonderful.

The next day a few of us ladies got together and played a few rounds of the chineese auction card game. But after a few rounds we still had 40 gifts left over which was enough for everyone at retreat so instead of playing more games my friend and I decided “Hey why not just bless everyone with all these little gifts!” So we lugged the big box of gifts to the meeting room and the speaker discussed the season of Summer which was a time of rest and celebration. A spirit of rest came into the room and everyone was at peace. I’ve never felt such peace.  We all led busy hectic weeks, we needed this rest. My friend got up to testify, this is her first ever testimony and she got the courage to pour her heart out then she grabbed the box and said “We got gifts for EVERYONE!” The time of rest quickly turned into Celebration as everyone laughed, shared joy etc.


Oh but what about that snowflake? See it turns out our speaker really wanted to bless us all with snowflakes as a reminder of winter…however she never found any. She sat in the back of the room thinking “What would the chances of that one girl we are all pouring our love into getting a snowflake?” Really the odds were slim. But a series of events landed some snowflakes in my box and after 30 or so gifts were handed out and the box got to the back guess who grabbed a wrapped snowflake? I didn’t even know she got a snowflake until the next day.

My church has a wonderful family. I can’t be grateful enough. We truly have a wonderful rare gift. And revival took place at that women’s retreat. I’m not entirely sure how much it’s been talked about. I left out names in my blog because I didn’t want to mention names without permission. What’s important is that there were amazing events at this retreat. The entire weekend was filled with the spirit, it was nothing more than divine. It was life changing. And I pray that when events such as these occur anywhere that they spread…things like this NEED to be talked about. Other believer need to be encouraged. There are so many in a dry season where they are waiting for the rain to pour down, even I have felt that it’s been dry and quiet. Nothing miraculous seems to be happening. But it is, all over the place! God can use something so very small and turn it into something so very huge.


I’m encouraged. I hope others are too. Because if my God can take a simple glass snowflake and use it to His glory and purposes…then what else can my God do? I’m excited!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 

  1. Carolyn Rodley says:

    you my dear, should be a storybook writer, you are so wonderful with your topics. We are so blessed to have you , Nick and Aurora in our family. I love you all, Auntie Carolyn xxx

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