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Posted: July 19, 2013 in disaster, Faith, Family
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I realized I have been too busy to blog lately but today I thought I’d sit down and make a quick update-after all I do have family and friends who read my blog and theres the odd admirer out there. I truly appreciate you all. I am grateful for those who would spend a few moments to read about a complete stranger-sometimes I find myself glancing over blogs dipping into people’s lives even though I have never met them. There’s just so many beautiful people out there and I just love you all.

Anyways I left off with blogs about my child’s birthday bash and my husband locating his biological father. I don;t even know where to begin other than the fact the last 2 months have just been AMAZING! I’ve got stories, I have testimonies and of course no blog would be complete without a few disaster’s right? Guess I’ll start with our amazing trip to Florida to meet our family.



Florida was just WOW! We had a safe journey and I must say that there is nothing better than driving down as a family to meet a new family. You hear so many reuniting stories and ours has a very happy ending. The thing is we were all looking-they were looking for a lost son and my husband was searching for a father. It might have taken 25 years just to be united but it has been well worth it and the only thing that matter is Nick is finally united with a lost family and everyone is happy. Above is a picture of us with his dad.

We drove down in our yellow car, the entire way down was sunny. We stayed in North Carolina overnight and I must say that the folks in Carolina are just so lovely. Everyone is so nice and polite. When we entered Florida the first radio station we found was a Christian music station-talk about a sign eh? We were just so overwhealmed. We made it and family was together at last.

Nick’s father has no other kid’s. Nick’s Step Mum was unable to have children so she was thrilled to have a son, daughter in law and Grand Daughter…even though we’re all a little crazy…but I do believe we fit in just perfectly. Together at last.

epcot7Above is a picture of Missy. Aurora calls her Nana Missy 🙂

epcot3A Florida vacation just isn’t complete without a trip to the beach. Missy took us to New Smyrna Beach, the waves were huge but the water so nice. I was afraid to go in too far but I really enjoyed myself.

epcot2We got to go to Disney world twice as well. It was a wonderful opportunity being able to take my daughter to Disney World, something I have always dreamed of. Mum and Dad knew where all the good places were so our experience was phenominal. Father and son at Disney world, nobody is too old for Disney world so it does not matter that Nick went to Disney world with his dad for the very first time at the age of 25. Some of our greatest moments were Nick and Andrew (Nick’s dad) constantly playing pranks. Missy and I had ice tossed down our backs, water dumped on us etc. It was all fun!

But beyond Disney we had many memorable moments. We got to see Gators, we got to eat gator (Yes tastes like chicken) we survived Tropical Storm Andrea, Nick and Andrew almost blew up the backyard with a deep fryer frying a turkey, we got to play with a potato gun, saw the biggest Cyprus tree in the world, went to church with our Aunt and Uncle and met a wonderful church family who made us feel like we were home-they are totally Florida’s version of Norwood Pentecostal Church and that’s saying a lot because Norwood’s church family ROCKS! We got to meet many family members and were truly embraced and loved…there was just soooo much and it was all a wonderful, wonderful experience.

epcot1epcot6epcot5We had a wonderful 2 weeks in Florida, we ended our trip in St. Augustine exploring the wonderful city. We left at 5pm and some how managed to get home in Ontario by 3pm the next day…we got 2 hours sleep and EVERYONE was speeding…we just went with the flow. Oh we almost hot a deer, that was scary but other than that the trip home was good. Back in cold Ontario so that 2 weeks later we could have a heat wave.

Our new Family

999356_10153054011075171_239441934_nSo we now have tonnes of new family members and are trying to keep track of everyone…while still trying to keep track of our own.  We will meet a few family members at “Big Christmas Dinner” in September. Which by the way we managed to get a flight booked for Dad and Mum (By booked, Nana booked it, we just simply talked Dad and Mum into comming hehe) Wish we could spend Christmas down in Florida but September will have to do. Besides we love our Christmas snow.

27126_111327599068531_1723967906_nfamilyNick is a Ginger, most of his family are Ginger…Nick is definately part of the Rodley clan. As for me, I’ll just bring my crazyness in and add it to the family…families are good with more nuts right? I’m a walnut by the way. Or maybe a Pistacio-I like Pistacios 😀

We had a very good family day just recently and finally got to meet Nick’s Cousin Kina! We just Love her! Can not wait to meet again!

Of course storms

Good news: Our car got us to Florida and Back. Bad News, the Transmission went on it recently and now we have to fork out over $1000 to get it fixed. Good news: We are CAA members. Bad News: No vehicle right now. Good news: We can borrow vehicles and well…we’ve gone so long without one it’s no big deal right? Inconvenient yes, a need? Not really. Although why did it have to happen in the middle of a heat wave? I’ll never complain about the winter again! Cra break downs and stuff like that are just a part of life. Challenges will come, but this time I counted my blessing instead of throwing a fit fest over facebook. It is sometimes better to handle situations with grace than to just go mental. Probably good for the heart too 🙂

But then Blessings

I love how God works, it is just beyond amazing. We had our cousin’s best friend move in with us not too long ago and Nick and I got to share the Gospel. She’s kind of wondering why we’re so excited about this but it’s just refreshing to be able to share…with anyone. I feel blessed being able to have civil conversations with atheists even, any opportunity to share my faith and share about why I’m a changed person I’ll take. It has been just amazing, our room mate obviously came here for a divine reason. She walked into our church and was overwhelmed-someone who has hardly any Biblical background walked in and there was a strong spirit presense and she was over taken. Our church has been waiting for revival for so long…maybe we just need a small push, maybe we need to just snowball and turn into Azusa street all over again. God’s presense has NEVER left any church body-I was told the rain was comming and by God LET IT RAIN! (I think I have a blog entry somewhere about the rain I speak of). I would love to have our beautiful Room mate walk into the family of Jesus Christ. Be a part of a wonderful family, she barely knows anything about Baptism yet she’s got what it’s all about 100%. people don’t need a Biblical scholar background they just need Jesus. The rest will unfold. I’m so excited! We all are!

And VBS!

DSCF8171Kingdom Rock VBS this year was amazing. The kid’s learned to Stand Strong. The points durring VBS week was “God’s Love” “Family and Friends” “Prayer” ” Trusting God” and “The Bible” The kids had a blast and learned so much. On the first day they learned about King David and how he was a shepherd before becomming king. Day 2 we were introduced to Queen Ester and how her family helped her stand strong. Day 3 we got to pray with nehemia and build the walls of Jerusalem (Nick got to play Nehemia by the way he LOVED it and the kids enjoyed building a huge wall out of boxes) Day 4 we got to learn about the greatest love ever, God sending his Son Jesus. That was an emotional day, the stage was FILLED with kids accepting Jesus as their saviour. Day 5 the kids got to smash idols. It was so wonderful. I wasn’t a team leader this year but I got to help where needed and it was great. We all came together as a church family and had 160 children registered! Woohoo!


And that’s my Latest Goslin Disaster Report…More to come 🙂 I’m sure I’ll find time.

  1. great post and photos.

  2. Carolyn Rodley says:

    Excellent, your such a great writer, love reading this from your view. Big hugsxxx

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