Posted: April 25, 2013 in Faith
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Alone I wandered, Completely lost
Selfish I was at any cost.
Needed to make myself feel great,
As I played with the webs of fate.
Destruction appeared at every turn,
Over and over, I never learned.
Hopelessness inside me dwelt,
My soul dying, continued to melt.
Friends I held dear, I simply lost
Then I knew; what would be the cost.
I cried, my heart exploded,
the tears dried, my soul eroded.
As people soon turned against me,
The destruction I caused I could finally see.
Guilt sunk deep, deep inside,
I had no shells left where I could hide.
As I considered ending my life,
Too dull was the blade on my knife.
But as I was falling from Grace,
I saw a flawless, bright face.
I crawled into a cocoon,
Laid there morning, Night and Noon.
I am so horrible, how can I be saved?
Could I change? Or would I just continue my rave?
For all the bad things I’ve done I’m sorry,
for all the bad things I’ve said I’m sorry.
The guilt I face on my chest,
I don’t know how far the east is from the West.
“I’m not worthy!” I said as I fought.
And A voice replied ‘Your right, your not!”
“Your not worthy of my Grace,
not deserving to see my face.
But as you finally accepted The Son,
A victory in your Heart was won.
So exit your cocoon where you lie,
and become New. A Butterfly!”
Grace is not a gift you can earn,
when you know the meaning, each day you learn.
God gave up his only Son for me and you,
so that anyone could become NEW.
Like a butterfly released from a sealed box,
a new foundation is built on the rocks.


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