Greetings to our (Nick’s) New Found Family

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I haven’t posted a blog in a while, so much has been happening and there have been some very exciting events in our lives. I thought I’d take the time to share that Nick (My Hubby) has found his biological Father and all is very well ๐Ÿ™‚ We are now exploring the other half of his long lost family and everyone is just so excited about the reunion. We’re so overwhelmed and happy. But of course since they haven’t seen Nick since Birth I thought I’d write a blog post just for them so they can catch up!

So here it is, dipping into the lives of the Goslin Disasters (I’ll also explain the name of this blog as it has a history too)

195_12004801279_5278_nNick was born September 7 1987 in Port Perry Ontario. By the way Annette still looks the same except with updated hair…every time we throw her a birthday party it’s always her 29th birthday. Nick got his red hair from both his mom and dad and has acquired personality from both (We are of course blaming dad for his mischief tenancies as we’ve already heard stories-“Ahhh so that’s where that behavior came from!”)

12290_424357411279_2344110_nI don’t have many embarrassing photos but Nick does! And the above picture tops them all! He proudly showed me this photo when we began dating.

Nick went to Perry House Daycare when he was a wee one then he attended R.A Sennet school all his elementary school life. R.A Sennet has since closed it’s doors, it was a small school located near downtown Whitby.

Nick has 3 sisters and a half sister.

8822_1222323352623_7024985_nJessica is the oldest and she is Nick’s Half sister. Jess is engaged and has a son named James. Crystal is the youngest, Kassy is the Middle sister and Melissa is the oldest. All of course, are full of drama ๐Ÿ™‚

Nick went to Henry Street Highschool in Whitby where he met me. Nick was well liked by teachers at the school.

And this is where I got the idea to name my blog Goslin Disaster. In Grade 11 we both attended the same class, this class was called “Natural Disasters” where we learned about…well Natural Disasters. We both also LOVE the weather and the nastier the weather the more fun!ย  Nick wasn’t the most popular kid in highschool (For the first half anyway) And I tended to keep to myself. I could be shy but really deep down inside I’m a fire cracker. Ask anyone today, I’m so outgoing I can make the shyest person in the world feel comfortable around me. Oddly enough the year before we officially met I noticed him walking home every day. I’m not entirely sure why I noticed but one day I decided to say a little prayer for him, I wanted him to find the perfect girl. I just really wanted him to succeed and be happy. Then I went on my merry way and dreamt about marrying some silly Jock I had a crush on. Anyways I’m pretty sure the day we met I was dressed like the wicked Witch of the west because at that time I was all into the goth fashion. But no amount of tough looking clothing can hide who I really am…I was trying to be tough but I’m really a kitten. I walked into Natural Disasters class and out of everyone in that class I gave Nick a chance, I was looking for a friend (And I definitely found a good friend) and Nick fell head over heels for me. He even stole my phone number out of the class phone book so he could call me that night-and he did. Nick has ALWAYS been bold.

Nick and I began dating November 14th 2003. Of course he did take me on a few dates before it became official. Our first date was to the AMC movie theater to see The 3rd Matrix movie (Which sucks by the way…so we made fun of the entire film) The most memorable thing about that date was walking to the movies after skipping Natural Disasters class (teacher gave us permission because he liked us) when we got to the bridge on Consumer Dr we looked at the river and saw tonnes of Salmon. Nick told me he enjoys fishing and I mentioned my phobia of fish (Long story short was swimming in Stergeon Lake in Bobcaygeon and was attacked by a Carp which gave me a phobia). We’ll always remember our first official date. But on November 14th I agreed to be his girl friend. He proposed 50 days later by the way, I laughed at him then but he kept insisting that no matter what we were going to get married.

Nick was very good at Science and Math in highschool and I was good at Art, English and Geography. I helped nick with his English assignments and he assisted me in all my math. Math still gives me anxiety to this day…I hate numbers.

Nick got his first job at Food Basics, a grocery store. They promoted him to cash office on his second day of training (Again he’s great with math) He got that job in grade 12. Nick wanted to persue a career in Computers so he applied to Durham college and was accepted. I tried to apply to Ridgetown College to become a Vet tech but it was so competitive I opted to take another year in highschool so I could update my math and science grades and do a co-op placement at a vet office. I got the highly competitive vet office placement and I also got a volunteer job for the summer at an exotic animal farm. ( I never did the coop placement as I was pregnant when September rolled around and they would not let me coop there)

2248_1098557218547_7584_nNick proposed to me at Prom on june 3rd 2005. It was such a magical night. We got a standing ovation. We had such a great time. Nick is just so wonderful, I have never met a more supporting person in my life. The grace that he freely gives out to myself and others just inspires and astounds me. Nick and I are best friends, I was so happy to be engaged to my best friend. We got mixed reactions to the engagement as we were so young but we never gave up. Infact highschool dating was harder than actual marriage-honestly the best of our fights occured in highschool and I honestly do not blame anyone for doubting we’d ever get married. We had a messy relationship I think we broke up at least 50 times. Ahh young love.

112_10179835223_7269_nAbove is a picture of me with Lionel the Lemur one of the many awesome animals on the farm. Nick helped out there a few times too we really enjoyed it.

Nick and I found out On September 8th (A day after his Birthday) that I was pregnant with Aurora. We actually planned it, we had this master plan to get our own place and needed the kick to do it…of course our parents were not impressed at first. Our church that we attended also was not impressed which began a long hiatus away from church. I had a very conservative church background as a kid, I’m very grateful I was a church kid as it instilled many good values in me. Neither Nick or myself do drugs and we very rarely drink. We would rather sit at home and cuddle in front of a good movie than go out to parties. Nick and I have always been the goodie goodie kids, the teachers pets so of course we were the last couple on people’s minds to get Pregnant. We did jump for joy when it was confirmed I was pregnant and our parents forgave us completely and withing a few days started to get quite excited over the fact that we were about to make them grand parents.

I worked Night Shift at Zellers while I was pregnant but had issues with blood pressure (I still do, I’m not sure how a high strung person like me could possibly suffer low blood pressure) so I quit in 2 months. I enjoyed the job but just couldn’t do it. Nick did a half semester at college before he realized he knew more than his professors so why pay for something you already know? Nick didn’t get his college degree BUT he’s everyone’s go to guy for computers.

Another important part of our lives if definitely Table Top Role Playing games, which Nick introduced to me when I was 8 months pregnant. I wasn’t too impressed by the price of the core rule books (They sell for $45 each and you tend to need multiple books just to play the game) But Nick introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons and I acquired an addiction to the miniatures (Which we don’t even use in the games) I can honestly say both Nick and I are big geeks. Below is some of my collection I have acquired. I think a good chunk of them are actually in Aurora’s room now as she does play with them…all little girls have to have goblins riding My Little Ponies.


Aurora Abby Cynthia Goslin was born May 13 2007 and weighed 7lbs 9oz. 76_8552270223_9035_nI don’t have any new born pics uploaded on my computer but above is a picture of my 8 month preggo belly.

221925_8551215223_7393_nI lived with my parents for a few months after Aurora was born. When Aurora was 3 months old I went and got employed at Food Basics along side Nick. We were just destined to work the same places throughout our lives ๐Ÿ™‚ Nick was promoted to Dairy Manager shortly after I got a job there as a grocery clerk. In January of 2008 we got our first apartment down town Whitby. It was so nice to have our own place.

195920_1006639452032_9696_nOn July 11th 2007 Nick and I got married. We were married at Heydenshore Pavilion in Whitby Ontario near the lake and we took our wedding photos at Rotary Park in Whitby. It was an absolute gorgeous day. Right after the wedding we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in our wedding attire along with our wedding party. We’re such geeks! But it was so much fun! We never had a honey moon though, we went to the CN tower the next day but that was about it.


We moved to Norwood Ontario in November 2007. Above is a picture of our house. It is a lovely 4 bedroom house that backs up into a large pond. We go fishing and canoeing in the pond every summer.

129_11825850223_7365_n129_11825830223_6572_nWe bought The Harvest Cupboard Bulk food store. WE decided to try owning our own business. The business is great around Christmas time but very slow between January and May. It was a very nice experience to be able to own our own business for a while. I managed the business while Nick worked at a few places. He worked part time at a grocery store for a while as well as a local Pizzaria. I ended up getting some hours at the Pizzaria as a waitress in the evening, again we worked at yet another place together. Nick got a job as an industrial roofer in 2009 and was away quite a lot. In 2010 he quit roofing because it was not consistent enough, there was too much time between jobs. Nick got a job at Tim Horton’s in 2010 and we sold the bulk food store. I got a job as a conference Moderator where I could work from home.

8822_1226226730205_282999_nAbove is Aurora’s first Christmas at our new house. Thats her reaching into her stocking.

8822_1226237770481_8013347_nAurora’s first Halloween at our new house.

19563_1300929157719_7518493_nChristmas of 2009 was spent at Wolf Creek equestrian center. Nick’s mom and step dad owned the equestrian center for a while. Gramps co owned it and decided to sell the farm so they no longer live there but have decided to reside in the town of Marmora. They still own a minature horse and a Quarter Horse named Zen, they are being boarded at a family member’s farm. We had many good times at Wolf Creek Equestrian center.

19363_1326269791219_5118974_nThe most awesome Christmas gift we got was our dog Seven. She’s a purebred German Shepherd. She chose us! She does a great job protecting our house and protecting her mommy (me) when she’s out walking. As for Nick he’s alpha male in the house so the dog ALWAYS listens to him. When Nick is not home Seven goes on senty mode and barks at EVERYTHING. But she’s a total sweet heart…despite sometimes being very hyper. Seven Loves to chase sticks and is a very good swimmer. She is literally obsessed with water and her favorite toy is the garden hose. We can not water the garden when she is outside or she’ll get right in the garden to attack the hose.

60983_1581652215620_8232841_nAurora’s first day at school. Junior Kindergarten 2010.

265007_2159008489166_718623_nNick, Aurora and I felt we were missing something very important so we took a leap of faith and began to attend church again. We began attending Norwood Pentecostal Church in 2008. It’s our home away from home and we call them our family. Norwood is such a great little community and is very supportive. Even all the churches (There are 6 denominations) get along and we all get together. One such event where all the churches get together is Vacation Bible school where we get about 140 children attend for a week. I take part in this ministry and it is just so rewarding and fun. Nick is a member of the men’s ministry at church and I take an active role in women’s and children’s ministry. Every Wednesday night I volunteer at the kid’s club hosted by the church. Nick and I also plan to one day go on a short term missionary trip but we feel that right now our place is our community and we take an active role in helping out the food bank and the Church’s Connection project which gathers money and items for members of the community who are less fortunate or just need a little help. As for over seas missions I love filling Operation Christmas child shoe boxes every year and I go on a hoarding spree for these boxes. Last year I filled 18 ๐Ÿ™‚ This year I will be doing a bit less and will focus on the community outreach project. Nick and I absolutely enjoy doing this and it makes us so joyful when we can put a smile on someone else’s face,

409603_2740719751584_1846772857_nAnother event we love doing is the Journey to Bethlehem which our church does every Christmas. It is an outdoor live journey complete with actors and live animals and we take part as actors in the interactive journey. Aurora and I haggle people at the market place. Nick was a Roman soldier at the last Journey to Bethlehem.

181051_3852350301653_258625006_nHere we go again! Guess who got another job along side Nick? I worked at Tim Horton’s the summer of 2012. Nick went on to a better career path that summer and got a job doing frame work in houses. He did that for the rest of the summer and I got a full time job closer to home at Coffee Time. Nick started working at The Boot an italian restaurant in town in January 2013. He is really enjoying the restaurant life again. Nick is assistant Manager at the restaurant and is helping expand the menu and open for breakfast.

304185_2397019359289_1192601944_nNorwood’s big event is the Norwood Fall fair which brings in thousands of visitors each year on Thanksgiving weekend. There are vendors, many events, carnival rides and more. All the kids from the schools enter art and crafts into the fair each year to be judged. People in the community also enter their crafts, art, baking, garden goodies etc to be judged in the fair. Our favorite part of the fair is watching the many shows put on by competitors, there are tractor pulls, horse shows, and everyone’s favorite, the lawnmower races.

420796_3143836389248_970591665_n527701_4407510820319_916440008_ncuddlesauroraproject2We have 4 pets. An Iguana named Garek, she is 4 years old. A Bunny Named Penny, our Dog Seven and one Black cat named Spike. Sometimes we have more cats in the house as we take in strays and find homes for them. Spike is the only one we have kept the longest, he used to be mean but is now a sweet heart. We love animals and if we had the time we’d probably have more. We will be getting a Bearded Dragon sometime this spring from someone who doesn’t want it when it gets bigger. We’re also hoping to get a Tarantula (No worries they are not poisonous and we won’t handle it often) I know it sounds crazy but we’re all big fans of spiders, they don’t creep us out at all. Both Nick and I used to collect them in jars when we were kids.

christmasOur last Christmas was spent at home. On Christmas day Nick and I went to help out at the community Christmas Dinner, a free dinner for those who may be alone on Christmas Day or who can’t afford a turkey. It was very well done, we had lots of fun and it was really nice being with members of the community. Above is a picture of some on the kitchen help. The man standing between Nick and I is our friend John and he does full time Missionary work in Kyrgyzstan along with his wife and 2 daughters. It’s absolutely amazing what they do, and it was wonderful to have them home for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚ even when they are home their outreach never ends.

224561_2200072915751_2651201_nWe love to have big bon fires in our back yard. Nick makes HUGE fires. It’s not a real fire unless it’s 10 feet high. Sometimes when I call our fire chief to let him know we’re having a fire he asks who’s lighting it as he knows Nick is very bad and tends to have too much fun lighting the fire with gasoline >< I’ve banned him from anything flamable yet he STILL seems to get into things.

5848_1210055285929_449391_nHere is a picture of our waterfall. We live 2 doors down from the waterfall and our house backs into the pond. In the winter we sometimes see otters slide down the waterfall.

32019_1448030755167_3985596_nHere is our Garden in the back yard. This is what it looks like in May, nice and neat. After that it’s over run by plants.

32019_1448030195153_1833557_nHere’s the front flower garden. Tonnes of perenials in there and I also like to sow annual seeds as well. We get some really nice flowers through out the year.

166674_1736514207073_6246236_nAnd in the winter we go skating on the pond.

281866_2207625664565_5709247_nWe have a brand new park located beside the community center in town. They are planning on building a splash pad near by as well.

5848_1210054285904_7809920_nDown one of the rivers is a mini paradise. There is a spring that shoots out from the rocks and we like to trek up stream every year to go visit this spot. The water is so cold and fresh.

262197_2129230704740_3336623_n45 minutes from us is Cobourg Beach, a nice swimming spot in Lake Ontario. Water is very cold though. The Beach is very nice. This is one of our favorite swimming spots.

561189_4055958511731_1082422152_nOur other favorite swimming hole is Beavermead Park in peterborough. We swim in Little Lake, a lake that is part of the Ottanabe river. The water is much warmer and there are lifeguards on site in the summer. This is the first lake that I have gotten over my fear of swimming in open water. I’m getting much better so long as the Carp stay away from me. Had a few fish swim beneath me but I kept my cool…then freaked out when the floating weeds got tangled on my leg. Nick on the other hand LOVES to swim in open water and has a blast. And as long as he doesn’t forcefully drag me in like the picture above I enjoy being his swimming partner.

Well that’s just a little recap of our life. Nick has some interesting childhood stories to share if anyone asks. I thought I’d end with a few of Nick’s interests.

Nick enjoys Cooking, BBQing, fishing, canoeing, camping (Prefers to rough it out and wants to camp at Algonquin park one day), fires, fixing things around the house, learning new things, computers, he is a coffee and tea drinker. His favorite sports are Hockey, Soccer and Football. He doesn’t really have a favorite Football team yet so he’s up for suggestions. Our fave hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs when they are actually not sucking. Nick like Manchester United as his fave soccer team. Nick’s favorite TV shows are: Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Star Gate, Avatar the Last Air Bender, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, CSI, Spongebob, The Walking Dead, Merlin, The Simpsons…just to name a few (we have the same TV show interests and there has NEVER been a fight over what to watch). His favorite movies include: The day after Tomorrow, Ghost, Dantes Peak, Finding Nemo, Law Abiding Citizen, all of the Marvel or DC movies (But the best is the Avengers so far), Star Trek movies, Fireproof, Courageous, Lion King, and many more. Nick’s favorite types of music are soft rock, classic rock, some pop songs, Country and Christian music. He likes to play X-box and PC games and we also get together with friends to play Table Top RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, we always have a blast. In all honesty Nick and I share 95% of our interests the only difference is the odd time I go off to do ladies stuff and he goes off to do guys stuff. We have yet to become bored of each other’s company. Just keep an eye on Nick, he’s a prankster and his nickname given by his mom is “Big Brat”.

We can’t wait to meet our new found family ๐Ÿ™‚ take care everyone! Love Nick, Jess and Aurora.

  1. andrew says:

    Thankyou for your letter. Missy and I are looking forward to meeting the whole family. Missy and I as you know live in Florida. We have house north of Orlando were we have recided for the past 23 years. Missy’s mother lives with us, she turns 92 in the morning. Janet (mom) stays much to her self. She has her own room, study and bathroom. Janet walks down to the mail box at the end of the driveway everyday. Missy and I enjoy the fact that she is here verses an old age home. Missy’s sister live about one mile away from us and comes over once a week for Janet’s bath and takes here to docter appt. when necessary. Missy is the tv buff she likes si fi and some sports. I enjoy diy shows and some cooking shows and of corse comidies. [big bang theory, Jay leno and Jimmy Falen.] My music intrests are country and 70’s and 80’s I also listen to todays contempery music. Missy Likes talk radio. I enjoy going to the flea market on a Sunday after Missy and Janet come home from Church. How did Nick get on with the car? I hope all went well and it is running fine. Time for bed I will write later With love Andrew & Missy

  2. Carolyn Rodley says:

    Where is the “LOVE” button????????. Jessica, you did a truly wonderful job on this blog. I could see my dad, James Lesley Rodley in some of the pictures of Nick, I even have one that I will post next month, as we are moving down the street this month, so I have to do the search and rescue thingy. My son Micheal is also his twin in many facial movements and smiles. He has a trillion similairties to my daughter, Kristina, in movies, tv shows and the love of outdoors. Kina is in her college for Vet Tech, she is trying also for Wildlife rehab. Andrew and Nick are so much on the same path when it comes to joking around and making people know they are around. I feel for you Jessica when you go to Florida, between the two men, you will never be able to keep your eyes shut, lol
    Kristina is going to add you to facebook within the next couple of days, and if I am right Micheal has already accepted Nick. You have to facebook stalk them, then you will see so much is the same. I really can not wait to see you all. Maybe one day real soon, I’ll kidnap Kina and we will drive down for a weekend soon. The best to you all, Auntie Carolyn, and Kristina, xxx

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