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Posted: January 11, 2013 in Animals, Faith
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While reading through one of my “Daily Bread” Books I came across a small tidbit about a underwater photojournalist by the name of David Doubilet. Doubilet is best known for his amazing underwater photography, many of these pictures appearing in the National Geographic Magazine. He has recieved honors for his work but at the same time has also faced critisism from environmentalists who accuse him of ignoring the bigger picture being pictures of human destruction in oceans, pollution and dead marine life. But Doubilet belives a better way to get people to care about the environment is to show the beauty of the many  wonderous creatures on this Earth. And there is no doubt much beauty in the many creatures that God has created.

This is so similar to how many Christians act. Some Christians seem to think that the best way to improve the spiritual environment is to point out all the filth and sin in this world. “Look at what so and so is doing, look at the state the world is in…” Even I have fallen into this train of thought where I focus on all the evil in the world while ignoring the big picture which is LOVE. Nothing is more beutiful than love. Nothing is more beautiful than someone reaching out a helping hand to someone. Nothing is more beautiful than a community coming together in love. Nothing is more beautiful when someone cares about the world around them.  The greatest thing the world can offer is LOVE. Love for People and creatures alike.


“By this all will know that you are my desciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Christians are more effective witnesses when they become portraits of the beauty God is creating within them than when they paint a bleak picture of human degradation.

We are not meant to judge the world, that is up to God. As Christians our job is to shine our light and let others know about Christ. Just a simple “There is a Saviour and He loves you very much” message will do. There is no need for a hell and brimstone kind of message especially when you tell someone about Christ the first time (Trust me on this, that message is for the believer and not the unbeliever, it’s meant to get believer’s off their pew seat and into the world to spread the message of Jesus Christ) . So many people will reject the words you say but even so a seed is STILL planted and it’s up to God from that point on. The most effective way to teach the Gospel is to SHOW the gospel through your actions and the greatest of these actions is to just simply love one another.

It’s due time to stop focusing on what’s wrong with everything in the world and start SHOWING what’s right in the world. Because when you look at it, there are beautiful and miraculous events happening day to day, lets not be blinded from them by focusing on all the dirty nitty gritties life offers.

water3 “In the end, the best thing one can do is to amaze people.” -David Doubilet


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