Advent Days 5-8 when the flu changes your plans

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Faith


Well it is quite hard to read when your throat hurts and you are all congested…it seems that the flu has changed our advent plans unfortunately. So from here on in I have decided to just wing it…we’re making our own Advent traditions. Following guides have never really worked anyways.

Advent Day 5: Make Christmas Craft

I’m cheating on this one…because the kid’s club at our church made Christmas crafts…with lots and lots of glitter. My daughter made 3 crafts and the kids watched a Christmas movie. I was so stuffed up I didn’t even bother to read today’s Christmas story we just all went to bed as soon as we got home. But hey, we still made a Christmas craft, I helped clean up tonnes of glitter and all in all it was a good evening.

Advent Day 6: Sleep in heavenly peace


Day 6 was the reflection on The Nativity Scene…and well, there was plenty of sleeping in heavenly peace in our household as we battled the flu. I’m pretty sure my little cold turned into the flu because not only was I stuffed up I was cranky, sore and my head hurt. Sleeping in was a blessing. We already have our Nativity Scene up too right beside our Christmas tree. I did some Christmas shopping at the Bazzaar in the morning and my husband and I had a breakfast together…it was quite nice, as for the rest of the day, it was quite simply much needed rest.

Day 7 -Movie night


Yes that’s right…no advent is complete without a movie night. Especially when your 6 year old hyper active daughter spent the entire day on the couch. How do you know a kid is sick? They don’t move. After fetching her at school in the morning we all had a lovely breakfast, watched a few Veggie Tale Christmas movies (Advent just isn’t advent without Veggie Tales) then slept until 2pm. Awesome day. The photo at the top of this blog post depicts our evening. Myself and my daughter both cuddled on the couch, hot chocolate and popcorn in hand. We watched Home Alone 5 (Yes there is actually a home alone 5) which wasn’t too bad of a movie. Home Alone 4 on the other hand I totally do not reccomend…it sucks. However nothing Beats Home Alone 2 which is not only hilarious it has a very good Christmas Message that brings tears to my eyes.

Day 8- Blessings

This evening my family and I made a blessing box. Each Day we will add a blessing to this box, be it money, food, toys, donation of time etc. Christmas is a time to give and we are looking forward to giving a bit this Christmas. I encourage everyone to give this season to someone in need. Today couldn’t be a better day to do the blessing box as our local grocery store had a day of giving to those in need. Not sure what to give this season? No problem, food banks are always in need and you can buy a few extra items at the grocery store and drop it off in the food bank box.

I’m not sure what we’ll give this Christmas but we shall see. Most of it will be annonymous so I will not be posting any of it on this blog. I do hope to encourage others to be givers though 🙂 Let this be the season that blesses.



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