Advent day 4: Hanging the greens

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Faith


The use of wreaths, evergreens and garlands represent the everlasting love of Jesus Christ so this evening we reflected on observing the greenery we have hung around our house (We had the garland up right after halloween) We discussed all the things that Jesus has done for us in our lives 🙂

I read my daughter the story of Christ’s birth and she is looking forward to taking part in the Journey to Bethlehem again this year. Our church hosts the journey, an outdoor tour of Bethlehem with actors and live animals each year. Groups of people go through with tour guides who tell them the story along the way, the point of the journey is everyone is on their way to take part in the Census.

Remember this Christmas Season that Jesus loves you very much.  And remember to take the Religion out of Christmas and put Christ back into it. Having a relationship with Jesus is far better than just doing religion. I speak from experience, I knew Jesus loved me but I did not feel it I just simply lived the motions and tried to folow the commands in the Bible on my own. We’re not meant to do things on our own strength, they are in fact impossible and meaningless. Ever since I began to persue Jesus and accept his everlasting love following any commands in the Bible have become easy, natural and I want to follow them. Every day I find myself wanting to cast out bad habits, but I’m not able to do so in my own strength. I thank Christ’s everlasting love 🙂

Life is never any easier but how I face and deal with life has become easier…and much more peaceful. This Christmas everytime I see someone’s lovely Christmas Greenery I will reflect on Christ’s everlasting love.







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