Day 72-75 of 10 Week Challenge (The final posts)

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Faith

10 week challenge has come to an end. It has been a wonderful 10 weeks of listening for God’s Revelations and waiting on his presense. I have learned so much. My blogging daily has come to an end but no worries I will definately post many more testimonies.

Day 72: How the enemy attacks.

Not too recently my husband made the decision to have Jesus in the center of his life. My husband has always been a rock and it is rare for something to get him down. He has never cared about critisism or what others think of him in a negative manor. So being a rock he prayed that the enemy would not discourage him. He stood firmly on the rock proclaiming that through Christ the enemy was defeated and could not win over his mind.

Problem is my mind happens to be much weaker than my husband’s and I have never felt so much torment in my life. Normally anxiety will last a day, at most I might have 1-2 bad days in a week. The last 2 weeks were so up and down that my husband had no idea what to do with me. He prayed without ceasing, even got me to pray out loud a few times but I felt as though I was being tormented. I was just about ready to give up…I was acting exactly like Job except I really didn’t have a good reason to do so.

Finally my husband got fed up and asked “Why are you putting me through this? I can only handle so much of you acting like this! I’m so worried about what you are going to do next, your words and lack of joy hurt me.”

I spent days wondering why I was in such a miserable mood. I was almost contemplating going on meds. My anxiety had over come me and I was depressed. But I have come so far without meds why would I need them now?  I just gave up and prayed that God would give me peace…or at least the answer to why I was ating defeated. Within Minutes it finally came to me in a soft voice…just a soft thought in my head.

“The enemy can not defeat your husband he has prayed them away…however you are weaker and are under attack because if you are acting out then it will affect your husband. Right now the enemy trembles and does not want Nick to get off the fence and take those steps in faith forward. The only person who can bring him discouragement is you.”

What strong words and what a revelation. And it could not be more true.

Day 73: Show that Grace

Another of those bad days where I just want to scream and yell at everyone. Don’t you just hate those days where everyone seems to nit pick or attack? I know I’m not alone. Getting yelled at by your boss for something out of your control, getting yelled at by customers then insulted by people you think are your friends.

Oh but thank God for Grace. Because I certainly know that the things I do hurt God yet he has so much love, Grace and Forgiveness for me. I need that Love, Grace and Forgiveness to over flow out of me even if it means I’ll be seen as a sucker. But today I took some much needed deep breaths and I forgave, I showed my Grace and even though people told me “They don’t deserve your forgiveness” I forgave anyway. After all…I don’t deserve God’s pardon either.

Day 74: Broken Relationships

It pains me to see people break up, but this month I have witnessed 3 marriages come to a crumble and one hanging by a thread. One marriage includes children and it pains me to see that their parents were not able to try an work on the marriage. Many people say it is best to split now before the kids get too old and it affects them. I belive that no matter what age a divorce happens children are affected because they become pawns.

Marriage seems to no longer be an institution that is meant to be permanent. Society paints this picture of perfect cinderella marriages and if they don’t work out and ther milk spills then it’s splitsville. For only $300 you can get a divorce and within months go have another wedding. Just look at Celebrities, we all know most couples will not last they are just in it for a nice fairy tale wedding then when reality hits it’s time to split and go on the prowl for another victim.

It feels so heavy in my heart and it just breaks my heart when I see couples who just give up. There are excuses like “You don’t know what it’s like! I can’t live with them anymore, life is so frustrating and I’m not happy.” and of course it is never easy to get in the middle and try and help. I find myself unable to help any of them…no matter what I say it will likely make it worse. The best I can do is pray, offer a shoulder to cry on and shine in my own marriage so that others can see what a good marriage looks like. And I said “good” not “Perfect” There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, they all come with ups and downs, and lots of dissapointment but I’m here to let people know that it’s all worth it. Can’t seem to change your spouse? Try changing yourself first and see what happens? Don’t expect to have the perfect spouse BE the perfect spouse. It’s exhausting and requires much patience but it is well worth the challenge.

Day 75: Don’t be angry with God.

An Atheist told me that Christians are such fools because every time somethingbad happens like a tragedy or someone’s kid being mentall;y challenged we blame God and get mad at God. Goodness this could not be further from the truth. Yes many Christians do infact get mad at God and blame him but God never said life would be Puppies and Rainbows and reality is that life has a 100% fatality rate. Yes Childhood cancer is unfair, yes tragedies suck big time and Natural Disaster can strike at any point…is this all God’s doing? Should we just all get mad and blame him?

I can honestsly say I am glad I am a Christian. And here is why. When Tragedy strikes I may be mad for a while or upset for a while but eventually the joy will return because I have a future hope that I will one day leave this physical body and enter heaven…where I know a party is being planned (Trust me, God is making a huge party up there). I have joy in this life by being content with what I have instread of being mad about what I do not have. I have joy when I give to others. I have joy when I praise Jesus, the Bible brings me comfort, I am slowly and quite easily getting rid of many things that affect the flesh suc as addictions and bad habits. When someone insults me for beinf a Christian I feel blessed. I have a wonderful supportive Christian Family who will be there in my ups and downs and we will all share joys and sorrows together. Life dissapoints all the time but I know I am not alone and I know I can’t face many things in my own strength.

“But if there is no God?”

Then I just lived a life filled with Joy and purpose. I had a purpose. And If I die and there is No God how will I know? Why would I care? If I no longer exist then I no longer exist. All I know is that every time I help someone in need, everytime I sacrifice my own time for someone, everytime I bring joy to someone because of Jesus then my life has been well lived.

Christian parents of Mentally challenged children have more strength than non Christian parents they also show more love. Not too many blame God for making their children that way but they thank God for every day they have with their children. Just recently a young girl died in the states, I came across a tweet on twitter about a beautiful girl named Danika who had an asthma attack and became brain dead. Her parents and her riends prayed endlessly to return life to her. She did not survive. However the inspiration of the strength I have been shown from this girl’s family is just priceless. They didn’t blame God, they didn’t lose hope and they accepted her death and accepted anyt prayer for their strength at this time. They accept the fact God took her home and their story has given many people strength and hope. They never once pulled a Job “Woah is me” No they stood strong like King David. David fasted for many days to try and save his son but his son died anyway. Once he heard the news that his son had died (And God even said he would take his son) he stopped fasting, got up and accepted his Son’s death. Mourning will not bring a person back. But there is freedom through Christ and joy to be found when you trust in God in tragedies.

Remember…we can be taken any day. may each day spent on this earth be a blessing 🙂


And this concludes 10 whole weeks of Revelations.



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