Day 71 of 10 week challenge: A night to remember

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Faith


Ladies Christmas Gala time!

Oh what a wonderful evening. My day actually started out being treted for possible Head lice and picking nits out of my daughter’s hair. Oh joyous. But I was dead set on looking awesome and wearing my best attire. My wonderful husband actually spent 2 hours on my updo (And I must say he did an amazing job) and I have to say this is what true lov is…fixing your wife’s hair even though your Carpal Tunnel in your hands ache.

Let me start off by saying my church hosts these galas to raise money for a charity. This year’s charity was the James Fund. The James fund riases money for Neuroblastoma Reasearch. A Cancer that affects children. One such boy affected by this cancer was James. James died of his Cancer but a legacy was left in this tragedy. James’ Father created the James fund to raise awareness and funds for this cancer reasearch. Neuroblastoma affects about 75 children in Canada, that’s not a whole lot but ever life is percious. Unfortunately because it’s not a common cancer the only way to get reasearch for a cure is to get groups of people together to raise the awareness.

My small community supports the James Fund and a family in my town experienced Neuroblastoma, praise God that their son overcame it, he is free of this cancer! Our community even has yard sales to raise funds for this reasearch and James’ father was even on an episode of the Rick Mercer Report discussing Neuroblastoma. This rare cancer affects me because it hits close to home…a little boy whom I know in my community had this cancer so as a mother I support this cause. I could not imagine how I would feel if my daughter were stricken with Cancer and had to go through treatments.

I had an amazing time at this Gala, it’s not too often I get to wear a gown! After a week of emotional termoil I think having a ladies night out was just what I needed. And of course it was all for a great cause.


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