Day 69 & 70 in 10 week challenge

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Faith

Day 69: The long process of ADHD

Today we went to the Doctor’s for the first of a series of visits we will have to make over the years. My daughter’s school has recommended we take her to a specialist to diagnose her with a behaviour disorder.

First of all let me say I am an ADHD child. I still have ADD and have a hard time focusing. I also suffer a mood disorder and it comes from time to time. I survived through ADHD with minimal medication. I was on Ritalyn but it didn’t really do much other than allow me to notice stuff I never really notice before. When I went on Ritalyn in highschool I began to notice little details…I was on a trip, it was quite amusing but I was quite capable of organizing myself, doing homework and being good at school. I really didn’t need the medication and I do not belive that medication is a solution to everything.
When entering the Specialists office I was greeted by lots of artwork abour Jesus and God. This comforted me knowing that God had actually granted us a Christian Doctor. Some Doctors frown upon the mention of Prayer helping so it is safe to say that Prayer will be an important part in my child’s development. Not a lot is working but the fact my daughter knows Jesus is helping her really helps her at school. She feels she can’t behave in her own strength maybe it is time she get some divine assistance. 🙂

There will be many more appointments and I know from experience that this is a long process. This may even involve a few trips to Toronto. But we shall see how it pans out. As for now I know that I have a vibrant, healthy, happy daughter.


Day 70: Because I know where I am going

Today was a roller coaster day. I fought with anxiety and thoughts of suicide in the morning and I threw the world’s biggest pity party…but faithfully I still went to Bible Study KNOWING full well God was going to pull a “I told you so” on me. So I went.

My joy had been taken…or was it taken? I realized that NOBODY! NOTHING! Can take my joy away. No anger can steal my rejoicing, no enemy can take it permenently, no mistakes or steps backwards can take the Joy away.

My whole life I figured that when I die I’m going to a nice place where I will be joyful, calm, serene, happy etc. But Scripture tells us a different story. It is more than just a happy ending. It’s actually quite EPIC. God isn’t preparing a nice relaxing place for us he’s preparing a feast! We are the brides/bridegrooms and we are headed to the biggest and most extravagant party ever. He’s preparing a celebration for us. It is worth the trials of this life, it is worth the suffering and hurt in this world. Why do we have to go through a little bit of Hell first? Because in the end it is worth it, we long for it. Eternity is set in our hearts and NOT in our Body.

No matter who you are no matter how religious you are you can not deny (unless you are an emo) that Eternity is set on your heart. EVERYONE fears death of the body but belive that there has to be something bigger in life. Why do we have a conscience? Why do we need to leave legacies? Why have so many historic people felt the same way people of today do. We long for an eternity. If life is just being born then dying what cruel fate is this? What’s the point?

Think back to the day you got married. Or think ahead to the day you will get married. Imagine the perfect wedding ceremony. Didn’t you or won’t you feel special? The center of attention? Why is it that we long to have thse weddings? It’s even a Biblical tradition! Why? Because one day God will return and sweep us off our feet like we are the center of attention. We will be Princesses, we will be princes we will be important.

Hosea 2:19-20 “I will betroth you forever; I will bethroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and in compassion. I will bethroth you in faithfullness, and you will acknowledge the Lord.” -This is wedding language!

I’m so excited. Because when I leave here I’m going to a party. A(nd for you Atheists out there, even if I am wrong and I die and nothing happens my life was still spent anticipating a huge party and anticipating eternity while you throw a pity party and fear death) And when Christ returns on his White Horse which will be an epic spectacle it is said that his faithful followers will ride behind him into battle (Revelations 19). You know those awesome battle scenes in movies? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc? Well guess what? Christ’s faithful followers will get to take part in a real Epic battle…but this one will be more Epic than anyone can imagine. God has no limits and when He does something He does it big!

Oh I can’t wait!




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