Day 63 of 10 week challenge: Joy comes in the morning

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Faith

I can honestly say that I had one of those days (Yesterday) where I had a rollercoaster of emotions. Stress had been getting to me, I was happy one minute and anxious the next, I was simply walking on thin ice. I had an instance where I was having difficulty feeling anything. I was unable to pray for myself…I was having a very hard time going to God with my problems. I was so lost, so hopeless and so depressed. I was so down I even told my husband that I needed to go to the doctor to get meds.

My husband talked to me through my little storm, he kept speaking to me as I sat there having a pitty party. Even though I really didn’t want to listen, I just wanted to go to bed and lay down I still knew he was there for me.

One of the things I said was “I’m a fake. I’m hiding behind a smile, I go to work, I’m joyful but I’m just hiding who I really am. Underneath I’m miserable, I’m horrible, I’m depressed and anxious.”

My husband responded with this: “Yes! You are a fake! Ther person you are out in the world, the compassionate, loving, joyful, vibrant person who puts others first with joy and puts smiles on other people’s faces is the REAL you…who you are right now is the fake. Now smile and get rid of the fake you.”

You know, Joy truly does come in the morning. There was pain in my night but the very next day I was fine. I could not pray for myself but I am so blessed to have a man by my side who said the prayers for me, God gave him the right words. Standing in front of me was a wonderful man of faith and he took the step of faith to pray for my well being. So here I am yet again, looking back, scoffing and moving forward yet again.

We all face times of darkness…and it’s not a lack of faith. But when the dark times come always remember…Joy comes in the morning.


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