Day 62 of 10 week challenge: The Natural Disaster Marriage

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Faith
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I think this is the perfect day to post this as today (November 14th) marks 9 years of my husband and I being together…as in we have been dating since November 14th 2003. Now I could say a few things about the 9 wonderful years we have had but mny husband has his own revelation and I thought I’d share his.

For those of you who don’t know, my wife Jess and I meet in natural disasters class in high school. We have been together for 9 years less 4 days now and thru all this time disasters happen, and that’s natural in any marriage. What defines a good marriage is the amount of relief effort that follows a disaster. Notice that word there, effort! With out it the marriage would fall, no matter how strong the marriage is. Haiti, a poverty stricken nation, was struck with a 7.0 quake. On 15 January, 600,000 emergency food rations, 100,000 ten-litre water containers, and an enhanced wing of 19 helicopters; 130,000 litres of drinking water were transferred to shore on the first day. Now that’s Effort!! Japan, one of the strongest nations in the world, was hit with a tsunami caused by a Earthquake, a magnitude 9.03! The National Police Agency has confirmed 15,870 deaths, 6,114 injured, and 2,814 people missing. As of March 2012, donations to areas affected by the disaster totaled ¥520 billion and 930,000 people have assisted in disaster recovery efforts. Wow. Even Japan one of the top 10 most powerful countries(#7 2011-2012) Still Requires help and effort to get better. As do all of us in our marriage. People ask me why Jess and I can get along so well, can put up with each other, no matter what natural disaster comes our way. Well all I can say is a lot of Effort is being put into it, both by us and by God, With out whom the Statistics of marriage will only get worse. 1 out of 2 don’t make it as it is now. 50%!?! I pray that more effort will be put into marriages so that no Great Nation will ever brake apart again! Let no Disaster break what God joined!!


I’m married to such an amazing man, and we face storms all ther time…but Nick is right, disaster relief efforts are made. Instead of abandoning our post we rebuild. And no storm out there will seperate us. Not only do we have Relief effort we also have preparations for those disasters. Having God in our marriage has made our marriage strong. If a hurricane decides to wash up on shore we wouldn’t just leave our home unboarded and unfortified right? We’d get out the sand bags, the wood and anything to strengthen our property. Married people need to do the same with their hearts. Fireproof their marriage. Build it up so it withstands earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, volcanos…whatever.

I love my husband 🙂 And I look forward to many more years.


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