Day 61 of 10 week challenge: Taking the step of faith-prayer

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Faith
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I have another testimony about my experience at Resonate 2012 in peterborough Ontario.

On Friday evening, while everyone was just letting it all out for Jesus, everyone was just in the spirit and giving their all I was feeling pushed to go pray for someone. A complete stranger. And I don’t deal with strangers as belive it or not I can be quite shy.

But I felt the need. Yet I stood in fear. I knew who I needed to pray for but I just stood there. I kept thinking “God help me, what do I do?” Maybe someone else will go pray for this girl…there’s obviously someone else in the crowd with the gift of prayer. Not me, I suck at praying out loud…my words suck. What do I say? How do I pray?

I”m standing there, frozen in fear. But God knows how to push someone to do things. My Husband nudges me…points directly to the girl I was too afraid to go pray for and told me that I need to go pray for her. So I slowly made my way…I stood for a few seconds then I sat down, taped the girl on the shoulder, asked her for her name and asked if I could pray for her. I don’t know her, I have no clue what she’s going through and heck I’m going through some pretty rough things myself. But I sat down beside her and I prayed the most sincere prayer I could come up with. No fancy wording just a prayer of protection, a prayer of healing. God knows this girl’s heart so whatever she is going through He will hear it.

After praying I just sat with her, threw my hands in the air and worshipped like nobody’s business.

I can only imagine all the strangers that have prayed for me. What did they feel? Intimidation? Shyness? Anxiety? But yet they took the step of faith and prayed with me anyway. And I’m so glad many people in my life have taken the time and the leap of faith to pray over me…because some days I just need it. I need that relaese and there is no greater release than the release of prayer. Even on days my heart rejects God and I harden it on purpose…as soon as someoe prays for my my darn heart just melts. Because NOTHING can keep Jesus out of this little heart of mine.

And I will still pray for this wonderful girl. She’s got huge things in store for her life. I only know her first name but I think that’s all I really need.

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