Day 60 of 10 week challenge: Remember

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Faith

Remebrance day (Or Memorial day in the USA) is a time where coutries reflect on the brave men and women who fought for freedom. We reflect on those who have died in the line of battle as well as honor those still alive. I used to be 100% anti war and refused to wear a poppy and honor remembrance day but today I wear a poppy, I thank my veterans and I honor the dead….just like ANY country would honor their dead.

My Grandfather died as a result of the war, I have never met him. He died of lung cancer before I was even born.

Many men and women have died fighting in WWI, WWII, The Gulf war, Vietnam and many other wars both current and in the past. And we can not forget the casualties on the other sides as well. Any lives lost is tragic and war is just a horrible thing, unfortunately war has been happening for years, thousands and thousands of years.

I missed my town’s ceremony because I had to work but I do know that it was beautiful. My entire church cancelled morning service (They had regular service in the evening instead) and they met up at the cenotaph in town to honor the dead and to thank veterans and soldiers. I have many friends in the military, the majority of things they do is provide aid to disaster zones and war stricken areas. I have friends who went to help civilians in war strucki countries and I have friends who had the opportunity to provide aid in Haiti after the earthquake. Why did they join the forces? It wasn’t so they could shoot people, in fact thats the last thing they would ever want to do. They join the forces because they want to help others. And yes sometimes this help is not welcome in other countries.

I think the most surprising incident that occured this year was Muslim protestors protested the Remembrance day ceremonies in Toronto. Instead of taking a moment of silence they exclaimed “Shame on Canada” during the moment of silence. This would be the equivalent of Canadians walking into a Mosque and disturbing the peace, it would be very disrespectful. But one thing I have learned is just because a few people are causing a ruckus doesn’t mean anyone should point the finger at everyone else. It’s exactly how Westboro Baptist Church protests funerals, does Westboro represent all Christans? Absolutely not. The irony of the incident is the biggest trouble makers were Muslim Women. If they had pulled this in Afghanistan they would be killed because it is a shame for a woman to have a voice in Afghanistan. There are no women rights and freedoms in many countries in the middle east. These ladies will get away with the words they say and their actions because they are residing here in Canada where it is totally okay for people to have an oppinion and totally okay for Women to have a voice.

Reality is there are still plenty of nut jobs in the world. These extreamists are blind sided and come in all shapes, religions and colors. They don’t even care about their own people. More Civilians have been killed by the Taliban than from Canadian forces. There is no honor in killing your own people! There is no honor in war either because people get hurt, people die, people lose loved ones. But like any sane person, we honor our fallen and we honor our loved ones. And most of all we need to forgive and love our neighbour because we all share the same earth and we all bleed the same blood.

Every day…Remember. And Pray for those who persecute you.




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