Day 57 Dealing with difficult people

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Faith

Day 57: Dealing with difficult people

Just smile and wave, smile and wave.

I happen to work for a very difficult boss, one who micromanages the itty bitty things. I have even discussed this with him but turns out I just have to have a little more grace and let him Micromanage. As much as I am annoyed and really really just want to yell I need to hold back, take a deep breath and just allow him to be my employer.
Workplaces can be tough. Sometimes you have to work with Coworkers who you do not see eye to eye with. Many a time I have wanted to smack someone and in all honesty I am a VERY patient easy going person so if I feel the need to strangle a coworker they are obviously getting through my skin. However due to my patience I have not quit or lost a job yet. (Well except being let go at Timmies which was a blessing) Some jobs you may have a boss who is mean, or annoying or just unfair. I’ve had a mean boss before, I should not complain about my current boss as the first employer I ever worked for was meaner than Judge Judy. She worked me hard, she nagged, critsized and I honestly thought I sucked until she told me later that I was her best worker because I worked and did what she asked as well as fessed up to my mistakes. And sometimes customers can be a pain…I’ve got too many stories but thank God for Grace because if I didn’t have it, I’d have lost it.

I realized today as I was being micromanaged and I was muttering under my breath that I have a rare gift. High tollerance. I Smile and wave through difficult bosses, customers and coworkers. So Thankyou Lord for my patience, because belive me there are MANY people out there who do not deserve my Grace just like I do not deserve your Grace Lord.


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