Day 42-44 in 10 week challenge

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Faith

Day 42: I need a Hero

Wednesday night kids club celebrated by having a superhero party. And being the geek that I am I was very excited to dress up and join the fun. There were so many creative costumes and so many little Batmans. But while we all dressed up as our favorite superhero the kids were told a story about a real superhero. One who gave his life for everyone. A Superhero who could make the blind see, raise the dead and save millions upon millions of souls. A hero who inspires so many people.

Jesus is the ultimate hero but there are also many every day heroes in the world today. Nurses, Doctors, Policemen, Firefighters, the neighbour who lends a helping hand, the friend who lends an ear, the missionary who gives up their time for others…all are heroes. Anyone can be a hero, chances are if you are a parent you are a hero to your child. If you have ever helped someone out you are a hero to that person. I have come across so many every day heroes and I’m sure at some points I have even been that hero.

We all need a hero.

Day 43: Another prayer answered in abundance

My husband had the day off today so that we could go up to visit mom and sisters when I finished work. It was an absolute beautiful day with above average temperatures and the sun shining. Nick and I cleaned the house and made breakfast. It was a wonderful morning. I was a little worried about paying bills this month so I asked God for a little help. The weather for next week looks just lovely and by lovely I mean rain, rain and more rain. Not ideal roofing weather for Nick.

Then we got the phone call. Someone had seen Nick’s kijiji add about computer repair. The company that saw his add is a computer retail company that sells electronic equipment to retail stores and businesses. They need people in the peterborough area to be technicians when the company sends out new equipment or equipment needs upgrades or repair. Nick could get 20+ hours a week at $50 an hour. As well as be able to do computer repair on the side at that rate too. He’s doing what he loves and it has just been working out so perfectly.

I am so proud of my husband’s abilities and I can not wait to support him and encourage him in this. This is an answer not only to our financial prayer but to my prayer reharding Nick’s path in life. I knew he was not meant to go to Calgary to work it just did not make sense. I am beyond happy to have my husband at home more often. Life is way too short to be chasing the wind.

And at the end of the day…we even got to spend good quality time with family. My little sister almost caught a Muskie too, how cool is that?

Day 44: Making those “Tough” decisions

It has been years since I have owned a cell phone. My husband and I drive our friends nuts because we do not have mobile devices where we can be reached at. I’ve even had some moments where I really needed to contact Nick but could not because he doesn’t have a cell phone.  And now we are at a point in our life where again the career path has changed and my husband now needs a way to always access his email or recieve phone calls. So today we went out to make that tough little decision.

My husband is the type that awlways goes big. I usually just let him do whatever he wants because I trust in his abilities. Problem is sometimes He really does need me along to help with his choices. Just like sometimes I need him to drag me out of a comic book store before I spend our Mortgage money. My husband fell in love with a $350 cell phone but there was  smaller model for half the price. He began to convince me to let him buy it but that would leave us broke. So of course I thought about it for a while. I really wanted to push him to buy the cheaper phone.

“Look, if the computer job really picks up you will be able to afford a better phone. Right now you can only afford that one. It will do what you need it to do but it just has a smaller screen.” I said. Nick was still not convinced. Then I realized maybe it was due time I eventually had a phone so people could saty in contact plus I’d really like one for emergencies. “You can buy the better phone later on…for now get that one and like always hand it down to me when you get a new one. You know I’ll take the lesser phone because I’m not fussy. I just need a phone that texts and calls…and maybe tweets thats it.”

So again my wisom prevailed. Eventually I might have a phone. I don’t need a top of the line phone and I’m actually blown away at what a cheaper phone these days can do. How technology changes just amazes me. The last cell phone I had was a Motorola Razor. It wasn’t fancy but it did what I needed it to do.Today so many people in North America have cell phones and it blows me away how far civilization has come in the means of communication.

So today I’m happy I actually prevented my husband from splurging and I’m glad that sometimes God gives tidbits of wisdom on what the wise thing to do is.


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