Days 37-41 in 10 week challenge

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Faith

Day 37 Friday October 19: A change in the path?

What kind of wife would hang out at their husband’s job site all day voluntarily? Apparantly I’m that type of wife. I’ll admit, I LOVE hanging out with my husband no matter what we are doing…and he loves it when I hang out. So off I went at 5:30am to the big city of Cobourg Ontario (I say big city because any town larger than mine is big) driving through the fog blasting Praise and worship music on the radio. I’m quite glad I went as I prayed the entire way that a deer would not jump out in the thick fog. Scary situations always seem to get people closer to God don’t they? Nick and I left really early so we could enjoy breakfast at Whimpy’s then head off to the nice messy and very muddy construction site.

Now Construction (Framing and roofing) is not what Nick wants to do the rest of his life but we are so blessed that he has this job and he’s learning…because now if we ever want to add an addition to our house he knows how to do it. We feel that God has led him to this job for a reason, for the last  2 months we have learned that relying on what God has laid out for us is much easier than doing things on our own. Nick lost his job at Tim Horton’s and found this job within a day…the only problem is this November the crew is going to Calgary and now my husband has a decision to make. Does he go for 3 years or does he find something else?

I noticed that Nick’s boss gave him lots of praise and even told him to stop working so hard. Nick has always put 100% in a job no matter what it is. So of course today when I asked for a revelation I realized I have a wonderful husband that not only puts 100% in his job but also gives his 100% to me as well as the Lord. WE feel God gave him this job but is changing Nick’s direction yet again because it was meant to be a short season. I can see why too…the problem with construction work is men tend to have vulgar talk and it’s easy to get sucked into it. The amount of swearing and disgusting language (You know, the usual sexual content) I overheard actually made me realize that maybe going with them to Calgary is a bad thing. He’s had the opportunity to share his faith but we can continue to share through social media. Why would God take us out of one bad workplace just to throw one of us in a worse workplace?

My husband has this job until mid november…after that he needs to do something else. It encourages me to see him not worry, it’s easy for me to worry but we’ve made it this far with just him working so if we have to go through a short period with less money it’s no big deal. We’ll just have to see where we are led…and I’m actually quite excited because life is NEVER boring in the Goslin household.

Day 38: Saturday October 20. The love of ministry

I finally brought an Operation Christmas Child shoebox example to my place of work. I also brought some empty boxes for anyone who’d like to take part. Many people got to hear about this awesome ministry and I even encouraged people to give. I was able to give out 10 shoeboxes so hopefully they get filled and sent.

Most people love the idea of OCC however there are some who dislike it. And it’s understandable, some may not like the idea that Jesus Christ is also shared when these boxes are delivered. Some feel that there are needy kids in our own country. For the person who disliked the boxes I was able to encourage him to buy some toys and donate them to the local toy drive. I also informed him that my church is making hampers this year and the Lions Club collects toys every year for kids. Most people I deal with on a daily basis are non christian…but one does not need to be a Christian to have a kind heart and do a little philanthrophy during the Christmas season. I don’t want people to feel the need to be a Christian because I throw scripture at them…I want people to find Christ because they are attracted to how some Chrtistians act (words are one thing but actions speak louder) I want people to see Christ in me and want to persue what I do. I want people to see how Jesus changes lives, I want people to see what Jesus does for all those kids in other countries and how his word changes so many lives. I can honestly say that the best gift the kids recieve when getting the shoeboxes is the message of Jesus Christ and they are so very happy about it…it’s not forced on them they just want to know the same saviour that inspires so many people to love and give up luxuries to go on missions trips just for them.

Day 39 Why not keep Jesus to myself?

“I don’t care if you go to church on Sunday and belive in God but I think Christians should just keep it to themselves.”
Ah yes my all time favorite quote that gives me such a chuckle.

I guess I could just go to church and keep everything to myself…problem is Jesus has done so much for me I can’t help but to tell others. Why do Christians share their faith? Is it because we just want to increase our numbers? Is it just because we feel the need to shove our  belief down everyone’s throats? Is it just because God tells us to so we better get a good quota to look good before God?

No it’s because we have something so good that we just want to share it. It’s not about Brime stone and fire it’s about God’s love (Yes I still belive the Brimstone and fire, Hell is a real place and I wouldn’t wish for anyone to go there) It’s understandable that many people don’t want to be “Saved” because they feel christians are ignorant but we’re not doing it because we want to shove our faith down people’s throats we just want everyone to have the opportunity to hear about Christ…but not only hear but to see as well.

Fact is there are many people out there who actually want Jesus they just don’t know how. There are many people who haven’t even heard about jesus but if they did they’d be so happy and amazed. There are still many people who don’t even know what Jesus really is about they just assume he’s some guy who’s laying down rules…there are so many people who will NEVER pick up a Bible because they don’t want to…why should they waste their time? The ONLY way for them to know God is to see it or hear it from others…and if it means people will hate me or think I’m an idiot so be it. I know what I have is real, what I have is so good that I can never turn back and what I have MUST be shared. It’s not a cultural thing, the gospel of Jesus Christ is for EVERYONE and anyone who wants to accept it.

Day 40: An answer to prayer

Monday rolls aroung and we’re faced with the question “How are we going to pay for gas money this week so Nick can get to work?” I worried a little but then simply asked God. It’s his time to shine. Nick felt that somehow we’d end up with enough money for him to get to work each day this week.
I figured God would privide just a little again but alas…he comes through even bigger! One of the members of our church needed a few computers fixed and reformatted and since the computer guy in town charges $75 an hour (The average reformat costs people $150-200) Nick was offered $50 an hour. $50 an hour is alot considering he’s been fixing people’s computers for free the last 5 years. Nick probably would have fixed them for free but our friend insisted Nick get paid as well as think about opening a computer repair business.

Funny how God works. One door closes another opens and Nick has always wanted to work with computers. When he graduated he had a plan to work with computers but it never happened other than the odd fixing of everyone’s computers for free as a favor.

So now Nick has gas money and more. Plus referals. So many people don’t know computers so the demand is out there for fixing them. But Nick will still cut deals with people…because after all it’s always been his way of helping others and he really enjoys it.

Day 41: Having a sabbath

Now I had to work most of today but after work I decided that I was going to take some time to rest. God intended for people to have a Sabbath as a day of rest, it makes perfect sense as our bodies need at least 1 day a week to rest or we get worn out. And people in the Biblical days REALLY worked hard. God knows us and he knows we NEED rest. So I took the evening to cease all cleaning and just relax. God gave me to opportunity to calmly and relaxingly help my daughter with her reading and homework and I got to bed nice and early because my body needs a bit of extra sleep. It is refreshing and relieves that stress that builds up inside.

Take a sabbath at least once a week, doesn’t have to be Sunday (Actually the real day of sabbath is Saturday) and just rest and be still. Take the time to meditate or reflect on God…our bodies and souls desperately need a Sabbath.

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