Day 27 of 10 week challenge: Those minor annoyances.

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Faith

Today I had a wonderful start to my day, lots of compliments, many great people coming into my place of work and just building me up. I was a happy camper most of the morning. Until of course there was a complaint made…because heaven forbid you either make one small mistake or irritate someone.

The irritation: The fact that I will take a few extra seconds to get more coffee on the brewer so that I do not run out of coffee. One customer did not appreciate waiting an extra 5 seconds for their coffee. It was his God given right to get his coffee right away without having to worry about the guys behind him.” Who cares if they don’t get coffee! It’s taking a few extra seconds out of MY day.” So of course someone complained about not only me but the other girl who works at my place of employment. We care about making sure there is always coffee available even if it means doing a quick filling of a filter and placing filter and pot in brewer. Yes the customers coffee sits there for a grand total of 4 extra seconds but the 5th person in line will not have to wait 4 minutes for his or her coffee.

Oh dear, I have irritated someone. I have become a minor annoyance big enough to be complained about. Not to my face of course but to my boss. Even if I full out say “I’m sorry, just have to get a quick pot going here so I do not run out.” someone has to get completely irritated. I don’t get it, it’s JUST coffee for goodness sake!

Then it occured to me, I was getting irritated over the fact my boss scolded me. I was getting irritated because after listening to my boss I ran out of coffee 3 times and had to make customers wait a few minutes for coffee. I was getting irritated because my boss kept getting in my way and complaining about something so minor. I mean, I can only serve as fast as the darn coffee machine brews right? I was all irritated over ONE complaint brought up against me, all day I had been recieving praise and all it took was a single complaint to bring me down.

I walked home and my focus was on this stupid little complaint. The whole way home I devised a way to word  a perfect facebook rant. oh yes…it was angry word time. How dare someone be a little impatient with me. Grumble grumble grumble…

I walked through the door sat down and wrote my quick rant…in zero detail. “One of those days >< Tomorrow shall be better” It wasn’t  JUST the small complaint against me, there were a few other minor annoyances snowballed in as well. And normally when minor annoyances occur people tend to blow them out of proportion “Timmies screwed up my tea again!” So? Bring it back and ask them to NICELY fix it. “The damn coons got into my trash again!” So? Who put the trash outiside in the first place? “It’s too cold outside!” So? Bundle up and nut up! Yet minot annoyances seem to fuel us right? And I’ve seen some small annoyances flare into BIG deals. Just log onto facebook…every other post will be some sort of complaint hidden among all those nice uplifting possitive motivational posters people tend to post.

Why didn’t I rant? I mean, I had that rant stewing for a good hour. I could have produced tonnes of responses off my epic facebook rant. My facebook pals could have knocked the complainer down and built me up then I’d go into work tomorrow with my head held high.

I didn’t rant because it’s not something Jesus would have done…and that thought hit me like a brick wall. What did Jesus do whan faced with minor irritations? Wait did I say Minor? He was faced with some pretty epic irritations wasn’t he? But yet he took a deep breath, and gave a calm response or no response at all. people mocked him and he forgave them, Pharisees plotted his demise yet he still went on with what he did best. Jesus scribbled in the sand before giving a calm collective response, the kind of response that people really do not expect. When peope are attacked is it not natural to argue back? Jesus had some days where he used force but those situations were justified, there are some days where producing a defense is justified. There are times where one needs to stand their ground. But something as silly as one little complaint against me? Well time is wasted thinking about it, but a lesson is learned through it.

So today I am glad that even withour praying about it or asking God for wisdom on this the wisdom still came to me. I think God is keeping me on my toes a little more than usual. I’m certain I’ll slip from time to time but it’s the days that I am convicted that I am most happy about. My mind wants to vent but God holds me back and just fills me with something as simple as a little conviction about what I’m going to do. Usually I vent first and THEN get convicted. But isn’t it just so much better to just think before doing? I can erase all the facebook rants I want but once they are seen…those words can never be deleted even if they no longer exist on the internet.




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