Unlikely Good group of Dungeons and Dragons Heroes.

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Geek
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It’s been a while since my gaming group played this particular campaign for Dungeons and Dragons but for some odd reason I just can’t seem to stop thinking about how crazy it was. My Husband was the DM and decided to be lazy and said “You can be anything as long as your alignment is Good.” Those are foolish words with our gaming friends. Very foolish words.

We started off as level 10 characters so I chose to play a half Dragon half Githzerai monk. Why? I was being random and if I was going to play a half dragon I was going to play one that was half reptile from the plane of Limbo as well.

Picture the above picture without eapons (This was the best picture I could find, I actually drew my character but it looks horrible…like a very bad representation of a dragon mocking Jackie Chan ><)

My scary looking monk wasn’t even the worst, in fact out of our party, I was the only one who looked remotely good aligned.

How about two words that should never go together. Drow of Pelor. Yes that’s right, not only did one of our group members want to play a good drow (Which is fine, lots of people play good drow) He had to choose the Sun God as his Drow’s diety. Lawful Good Drow paladin of Pelor. For once there was drow living in the underdark, secretly studying the ways of Pelor when one day she asked “I want to be blessed by you Pelor”. So Pelor blessed her…and lit up the underdark and pissed off a whole lot of Drow. And that was the backstory to this character.

How about a Good Mind flayer wizard with a Beholder as it’s familiar? Somehow we made it work. But certainly every town we travelled to moved as far away from our wizard as possible. “It’s okay, I only drain the minds of evil folks…are you evil?”

A party needs a cleric right? Why not make it a rakshasa Cleric? Afterall a Rakshasa could always denounce the necromancy part of it right? Why raise the dead when you can turn undead and heal people?

And last but not least, the party was complete with it’s very own Lich Rogue/Sorcerer. Because nothing spells “Good Heroes” Like the walking skeleton in robes. While most Liches are evil…it is possible, although VERY rare to have a Good aligned Lich. I’m sure this threw a few other Lich brethren off.

But think about it, how man towns and cities would easily let a party of Heroes into town that looked like this wonderful collection of misfits? “Why hello. We are heroes and we are here to destroy some evil artifacts.” No bluff check, just the plain truth. The Dragon, Mind Flayer, Drow, Lich and Rakshasa walk into the inn…and everyone runs for the hills.

…and this is one of the reasons you should probbaly never give free reign in class and race selection when running a campaign. If your group is as twisted as mine…maybe it’s best to avoid the face palms and headaces and make a few rules.


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