Day 14-Glory

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Faith
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In the morning I was treated to a beautiful sunrise, fog in the feilds, clouds veiling the sun from time to time so I was able to look directly at it, it was just so glorious. Normally I’m not awake to see the sunrise but ever since I got a full time job I get to see the sun rise 5 days a week (Assuming it’s not cloudy of course) and there is nothing quite as magnificent as a fall sun rise with multiple V geese formations flying in the sky.

God shows his Glory in many ways. For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities-His eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for Not knowing God Romans 1:20

One of the things that irks me is that so many people belive that Science and the Bible do not coexist. Everything Scientists say, defies the Bible. This is not true. I belive in Science and science changes every day with new discoveries. God’s word has not changed in thousands of years yet still can be applied today. It is written in such a way that it will apply to any time. The only things that have changed are a few cultural issues and laws 2000 years ago. But if you read the Gospel today, it is still applicable to today’s era.

Science always changes but God does not. When I was a kid, Pluto was a planet…it is no longer a planet. Multiple times scientists have found all sorts of random information on Human’s missing link (Or Lucy the cavewoman), evolution theories constantly change, all sorts of medical advances take place and new discoveies are made every single day. I find Science very exciting, I love science and I belive that Science does not negate what the Bible says.

The Big bang theory states that The universe came from nothing and it expanded out. Scientists have known for quite some time that the Universe is infact expanding. In the Bible it states that God created the Heavens and the earth from nothing. The word for create in the Hebrew language “Bara bara” means to create something out of something that does not exist. The Big Bang theory also states the universe came from “Nothing” the only difference between the two beliefs is that one has a creator, a catalyst. The other does not and we will never know what it actually was. We’ll never know why we are here and how. We can only speculate on how we came to exist. The Universe is pretty big and we’re pretty small.

As for the expanding aspect the Bible states that God Expanded the Heavens. This can be proven by using the basic rule of scripture, scripture interprets scripture. When reading Genisis 1:1 there is a word we need to look at and this is the Hebrew word for Heaven “Shamayim”. This word is used to refrence the Universe. It is used 11 times in scripture along with another Hebrew word “Natah” which means to stretch forth, expand, stretch out etc. (Job 9:8, Psalm 104:2, Isaiah 40:22, 42:5, 44:24, 45:12, 48:13, 51:13, Jeremiah 10:12, 51:15 and Zechariah 12:1.) When the noun Shamayaim is used with the verb Natah it indicates the Universe is not static, but is infact expanding. This has been known for over 4000 years and yet Scientists recently discovered this 100 years ago.

The Bible states there was a begining, so does Science. The Bible says the universe is expanding, so does Science, The Bible says the World came from Nothing, so does science.

So when I see the stars at night, the sun set, the moon, creatures of this earth I am reminded of God’s creations. The universe declares his glory! There is so much we do not understand, but just look around you at His handiwork. If we came from nothing and there is no God…I honestly have nothing to live for. I am merely just a creature with zero purpose. God created us in his image, this is not a physical body but a spiritual one. Think about it, out of every single creature we have advanced, we create buildings, art, music, have so many differences. We have culture. We have the need to worship…something. I choose to worship my creator, and be awestruck at his creations.

Some information taken from “Does God Exist” July/August 2012 Volume 39 Bimonthly periodical.


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