Days 11-13 in 10 week Challenge

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Faith

This isn’t even a challenge anymore, I am just having a blast purposefully seeking out God’s revelation. I can honestly say that my days have just been so much better and even on days where I am worn out and bad things happen I easily come out of those states with victory. Stress, bad things, disaster etc will happen to everyone and people will deal with situations differently. I am thankful that I have God to help me through and an amazing guideline to dealing with daily situations.

Day 11- Family On Sunday I had the opportunity to spend time with my church members in fellowship at the Pastor’s new house. Now of course when a bunch of Christians gather most would assume we all talk about church…some of us do but for the most part we just talked about daily life., Discussed how our jobs were going and complained about the NHL lockout. We pretty much did what any group of people would do…we socialized.

I love having fellowship with my Brother’s and Sisters in Christ. I get to know people more, speak to those I don’t speak to much and just have an all out good time. If a non church member would have came they certainly would have felt welcome. That’s just how we roll and I know this is the same for most churches who throw fellowships. You see, we are always open to the community no strings attached.

On Sunday I realized that I am so fortunate to have such a loving and caring family. A family who will reach their hand out to anyone in the community. We love what we do and we are always looking to help others.

Day 12- When God is absent. Ever had that feeling that God isan’t listening? You pray and pray and pray but He’s just not answering? Everyone has been there, including people who are mentioned in the Bible. You see, God works differently than we do. We will ask for something but we might not get it the way we want it. Prayer is a step of faith, God is always listening but won’t nessesarily answer the way we want it. And I find it interesting that when we come across hardships we have issues going to God. But if someone else has issues…well, it’s very easy to pray for them right? It’s easy to pray for the cancer patient…but if we are diagnosed with Cancer…it would probably be much harder to remain faithful. This is our human nature…we have the tendancy to be a little selfish…we are meant to think about ourselves and what benifits us.

John the Baptist even had doubts, and he was the one who declared the coming of Christ and when Jesus came he pointed out to everytone that Jesus was the messiah. John was thrown in jail by one of  King Herod’s sons. While John was in jail he had a perspective from prison…he relied on what he heard about the outside world. He was not around to witness the miracles of Jesus but he heard about them. John even sent a messenger to Jesus, he wanted to know if Jesus really was the one. After all, why hadn’t Jesus performed a jailbreak for John? When The messengers went to Jesus and adressed John’s issues Jesus simply replied  “Go back to John and tell him what you have seen and heard-the bling see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hera, the dead are raised to life, and the good news is being preached to the poor. And tell him ‘God blesses those who do not turn away because of Me.'” (Luke 7: 21-23)

“God blesses those who do not turn away because of me.” God blesses those who do not stumble and run away because Jesus hasn’t answered a prayer, or because Jesus said or did something…or in my case because a few of my friends call me lame because I follow Jesus. Blessed are those who even though they are going through a trial, even though it has been years and years of prayer, even though God isn’t answering a prayer the way they want it answered…do not fall way because of Jesus.

I have witnessed people’s faith and positivity even through very dark times. I have seen strength in people who have lost loved one, who are termially ill, who have lost jobs, a pet, who are being persecuted…those people who still do not fall away, are blessed. And seeing people who still hold on to God through trials is encouraging. people should hold on closer to God in times of trouble not run away. And let me tell you, when I go to God in my times of trouble I recieve refuge. I recieve peace and comfort.

And in times of trouble, one must look back and think of all the times God has come through.

Day 13 Why am I happy?

“You have a minimum wage job…why are you so happy?” Someone asked me this today. Yes I have a full time minimum wage job serving coffee. And every single day those customers will come in and they will be welcomed with a smiling face. Even when I feel cruddy, I still smile. Although I may face anxiety, depression, uncertainty, sickness…I still smile. And I’m not faking it. Why am I so darn happy?

I used to have days of sadness, days of doubt, days where I was just plain ol cranky. Friends who know me from the past know who I was back then. Many remember nagging, complaining, pouting…I was pretty manic. Once in a while I’d be happy go lucky the next I was about ready to strangle someone. What changed?

People still wonder how I can be so happy even when people attack me. I have a few people talking behind my back and there are those who have wronged me. I don’t appreciate what some people do or how some people treat me but this will not change my happiness.

Why am I happy? I have a song in my head, a song of praise. I serve a wonderful God, a faithful saviour. I am free to run, talk, walk, sing, write without condemnation. I live in a free society. I have a job, food on my table, a shelter over my head, a husband who loves me. I’m so blessed. All day songs of praise played over and over in my head…of course I am smiling. Why would I be sad in God’s presense?

I will face times of sorrow and mourning. But today I have something wonderful to smile about.


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