Day 10: Letting it go

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Faith

Some days people just say the silliest things, these may be offensive things, lies or just downright stupidity. I’ll admit to saying things in my lifetime that were quite dumb. I’m sure we all say stupid things. This week someone has been hatefully attacking Christianity, it has come to a point that if you are a Christian this person loathes you. To them ALL Christians are evil. If you follow Jesus you are completely ignorant and evil. But lets not pint a finger at just one person, this week I have also read or heard people say “People who have children are selfish” (way to call your parents selfish). “All Americans are evil, Death to America” “Behead those who oppose Allah, Islam is a religion of peace.” (yeah that totally contradicts the ummm message) Or my all time favorite “God Loves Dead soldiers.” (Ten points awarded to Westboro Baptist) The point is there are some silly and downright offensive ideas out there…what is the point of them?

I was about to get all upset over someone who is making every effort to tell people I am a nut job and that Christians only love each other…now I could argue about it, but there is zero point to having arguments with those who are upset and not in their right mind. People who purposefully cause a scene. All their time and energy is set on tearing me down because they are mad at me…that’s what people do when they are angry, they must have vengeance. If they don’t see that person fall they are NOT satisfied. I’ve had others like that in my life, I’ve even had people plot my demise. One pair of girls got so angry at me they plotted to steal my husband from me because they needed to set him free from my control…little do they know that my Husband is head of the household and half the time he has to practically babysit me. I’ve actually been banned from social media (For my own good of course). Nothing that  will do or say will make these people happy, if I am happy they will be pissed, if I am sad they’ll laugh and call me weak…no matter what I do I am not going to win.

So what do I do? I blog about this silly thing…and having learned from past experience I do not fuel the fire. I simply move on. I let the situation go, I do not go to anyone and complain and say “OMG guess what so and so said!” and most importantly I pray and leave it in God’s hands. There is no Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth here. Jesus tells us to simply turn the other cheek in situations such as this and simply forgive.

Jesus was humble, perfect, loving…His message is pure. But no matter what He did or said, the Pharisees were angry and they wanted to kill him. NOTHING would change their minds. It was part of God’s plan. I can read the Bible today and say “Wow, those guys were idiots.” Their Hearts were hardened and even Jesus himself in the flesh could not soften their hearts.

What I have learned today is that while it is true there are the unfortunate few Christians who have hardened hearts for the outside, our goal as Christians is to live like Jesus. Even Atheists can not find anything morally wrong with His teachings. Christianity is about Jesus. It is meant to be a relationship with a loving savior. A very spiritual relationship. When one has this relationship the whole religious aspect is removed. I can honestly say that the closer  get to Jesus the easier it is to just do his works…without grumbling, being humble, caring, loving without selfishness. Just being a selfless person. I know so many people who are truly selfless. Less of me MORE of Jesus.

So what if one person says I hate anyone who us not Christian! I have learned that I just need to let this situation fly away. Let it go. I don’t want to comment or confront. I really don’t want to waste any more energy. I accept that anything I do or say is going to set them off. I just encourage anyone who faces the same situation to do the same. Let it go, because holding on to it is just a waste of time. Time that can be spent better. Don’t quarrel with fools they have nothing to lose. This means don’t waste energy trying to argue with the nut jobs from Westboro either, the more people who argue the more attention they get and this is their goal is it not? Don’t pay attention they just fade away in the background, where nobody is listening. There are real moral issues in this world to focus on…a silly person with a sign or a silly person who continuously posts lies on Social media is definitely not a first priority.

A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult. Proverbs 12:16


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