Day 8: Begone Satan

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Faith, Family

Before a few certain people catch wind of this post I will state right now that No, I am NOT calling YOU Satan (Few things happened last night that might make people think I’m talking about them)

I’m actually going to speak about the Devil himself.

And this is not a light topic and I know that people are afraid to speak on this topic, it’s a scary and dark topic. Many Christians try and ignore this topic. But the thing is Evil does have influence in this world.

The one thing I do know about Satan is he is NOT Omnipotent like God.  He can only be in one place and he will likely choose the place where he can do the most damage. Chances are Satan himself isn’t going to focus directly on you…but his demons will. Because he relies on his army to do his work. It seems as if Satan is present EVEYWHERE but he is not. His influence is all over the place but Satan himself is NOT.

Satan wants Christians to sit on the fence, be a lukewarm Christian. One of those people who just goes to church, lives the motions, doesn’t really apply Jesus’ teaching in their daily lives. One of those people who will argue with everyone about the Bible but not show an application to it…the type of Christian the world really hates. Satan couldn’t care less who calls them self “Christian” but he does care who starts to apply Christ’s teaching.

I made the decision to stop living the motions. I’ve had enough of fence sitting. So many people like the fence siting because I’m a Christian BUT not really…I’m Christian with other Christians but totally worldly when I am with others. Can a Christian hang out with Non Christians? Absolutely, Jesus did. Should a Christian force feed non Christians? Absolutely not. Be friends with non Christians yes, it doesn’t mean we have to do what they do, say what they say. It also doesn’t mean we should force anyone to come to church or hear about Jesus but it does mean you should leave the door open…and just be a truthful, genuine person, with a warm heart and the knowledge that you too are very imperfect.

Both my husband and I have begun to really apply the Gospel in our lives. Some people really don’t like this fact and we’ve lost some friends over it. But for the most part many are very encouraging…even our Atheist friends because they see nothing wrong with what we do. Some people just can’t tollerate a little tidbit of Jesus written over facebook or Google+ every so often and will immediately stir up a quarrel. But at the same time their posts on their own page are constantly showing hate towards any religion…but this is okay because they are expressing freedom of speech…but I’m not allowed to say “Jesus cares for you…I’m praying for you…God is awesome.” (I have people on all my social media friend’s lists who constantly tear down, express freedom of speech but won’t allow ANYONE with other viewpoints to express differently.) I’ve been called a Bigot. Know what a Bigot is? One who doesn’t tollerate someone else’s oppinion and beliefs. You know what that means? EVERYONE is a Bigot because at some point in life we will dissagree. I’m a Bigot, your a Bigot, your neighbours are all Bigots!  End of story.

People will be people, but Demons, they don’t take too kindly to anyone getting stronger in faith. They will do everything possible to tear you down. And they just about nearly tore me down last night. Filling me with anger and resentment, making me yell at my Husband when he was trying to reach out t o me and help. Bringing out my anxiety, bringing out my pessimism. I was a total wreck for a good 2 hours. I’m a pretty scary person when I’m in this state as I am literally unpredictable. I know this, I’ve had so many evenings just like this. I knew that Something was controlling me…something was really tormenting me. But this time I had enough. I’ve had it, I am sick of the attacks. What I am about to say might make some people want to toss me in a Mental institute. I stood at the mirror, looked myself in the eye, and I told the Demons exactly where to go. In the Name of Jesus and by his blood I demanded they flee and take a hike. And they did. I qite literally pulled a “Begone Satan”.

And today I’m a different person. I am still the same outgoing, loving, geeky girl who I was yesterday but I’m a different person in spirit. I will stand my ground on some things, but I know to do them lovingly and without anger.  I know better than to walk around constantly stating “Hey look at me I’m a Christian.” I don’t want to be known as a Christian because of a Lable…I want to be known as one through my actions. I just want to be a kind, loving person who reaches out and enjoys doing it. Everyone follows some sort of influence, mine just happens to be Jesus.


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