Day 6 and 7 of 10 week Challenge

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Faith, Family

Woohoo I have managed to blog an entire week so far. Usually I give up on stuff by the 3rd day. This includes Fasting (When I give up things for Lent) If I manage to make it to day 3 thats usually very good for me.

Day 6: Sometimes Sci Fy makes you think…

Who would have thought that God would catch my attention by using the popular TV series “Dr. Who”. Many Dr. Who episodes discuss the Divine and there has never been the denial of a supreme being. It seems as if the entire universe kind of links back to a single supreme being. There were 2 spisodes that caught my attention. The Episode where Rose and the Doctor encounter “Satan” and the episode where The Doctor and Martha end up in the future of Earth where everyone is stuck in a never ending Traffic Jam below New York City. I do not remember the names of the episodes but any Dr. Who fan will know which episodes I am talking about.

While watching the episode where they encounter Satan I came to a realization that this episode does speak truths. The devil in the episode was a mere idea and an idea can wreck all sorts of havoc. An idea can bring out the fears in people’s minds. An idea can destroy ones mind. How exactly does Satan operate? The Bible claims he is the Prince of Lies. There are so many people in this world who think that they are not good enough, who think the world is out to get them, who belive that revenge is the answer, or putting up walls is the answer. I can’t even tell you how many people I personally know who either put up walls, who are bitter all the time, who are so easily defeated and who throw pity parties every time one little issue arrises. I am someone who occassionally throws a pity party when I am defeated…but once I realize that Satan is the Prince of Lies I can come out of my state and throw him under my feet. I don’t think that a physical demon body is as scary as a horrible thought…a thought which brings out all your fears and which causes the imagination to come up with all sorts of folly. And Satan won’t always bring about fears, sometimes it will be false hopes, false promises, false beliefs. He will lead people astray by making them love things that seem harmless but in reality are harmful. “Oh a little alcohol won’t hurt you. Oh this drug will make you happy. Nobody wants you to have fun, go out there and have some fun. Money is a god thing, you need more to buy more. Mr. Jones has a nicer car than you. Sara has a nicer body than you.”

“The Devil will attack you two ways. When you are doing something right and when you are doing something wrong” Joyce Meyers. This could not be more true.

And as for the episode where The Doctor seeks out Martha in the never ending futuristic Traffic Jam a broadcast comes on where they beging to sing “The Old Rugged Cross” I had goosebumps when everyone began singing this song and having tears of hope. I kind of feel like I’m stuck in a never ending Traffic jam. Life is constantly full of stops and challenges. The characters in the episode had the hope that they would arrive at the upper city and be free from the traffic jam. That was everyone’s destination. In life today, as a Christian, my hope is that one day at the end of my traffic Jam I will see Jesus and be free of pain and sorrow. I will cling to the old Rugged cross my whole life until one day I will lay it down for a crown. It just made my day that an episode of Dr. Who played such a wonderful Hymn. A Hymn of hope.

Even the geek in me will always seem to find God’s message in things. Be it Star Trek, Star Wars or Dr. Who.

Day 7:  Prayer is a wonderful thing

I belive in Prayer, and for the last 7 days I have been talking to God and it has been getting easier and easier. I choose to discuss my thoughts and feelings and concerns throughout the day. God already knows my thoughts but stepping out in faith and praying can make a huge difference. I could go on and say “Well God already knows what I need.” But the Scripture says over and over again to pray without ceasing. To pray when we are thankful, to pray when we have needs, to pray for others and to pray words of praise.

On Sunday my husband sat down with our daughter and they prayed together about her behaviour at school. she had a rough week last week being kicked out 3 times. It takes a lot to be kicked out of school in the first grade. my husband prayed with her and they took the problem up to God asking for good listening ears, the ability to do well in class and be able to willingly have a good day. My Husband came to me on Tuesday and told me that He had prayed with her and has been praying every single day for her. I began to pray as well. For her, for her teachers. Wisdom needs to be revealed in this situation. Wouldn’t you know that so far 3 days in a row she has been listening, respectful and able to reason with the teachers when she feel like bursting out. She has been getting rewards for her behaviour and encouragement from trachers and class mates. She is even starting to learn to read with confidence where as before she wasn’t interested in trying because she could not do it. But she is such a bright wonderful little girl full of love and full of ambition.

I just thank God every day for her, and I thank him for a praise report. She knows that Jesus loves her and is with her and that just might be what gets her through the day.

And I want to thank all those who are praying for us, it means the world that you would step out in faith and do this. Thank you so so much!


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