Day 3, 4 and 5 of 10 week Challenge

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Faith, Family

Wooo, what a busy weekend I had, but I am keeping my promise and no matter how tired I am I am going to blog about my 10 week God Revelation challenge. I’m extreamly exhausted but here goes…

Day 3-Sometimes you just need to hear that He Loves you

When trials come your way sometimes it’s easier to just blame God for them and ask “Why would you do this to me God?”

Over the last few weeks I have faced things like my Husband being fired from a job, my daughter having a rough time at school, being picked on and challenged and just becoming down right exhausted. I was in a prison of darkness at one point, Depression and Anxiety are never fun and I had to ask the question “Why God? Why are you doing this to me?”

Does God Abandon his children? Absolutely not.

A few years ago I was in a bad place. My husband and I had just lost our business, we didn’t just lose our business we were promised a bit of money for the equipment and the lady who made an offer backed out a few days before our store closing date. We were stuck, confused, upset. We had prayed about this hoping we would be able to get at least a bit of money for our store’s equipment but all we got was $1000 from the unit’s land lord to keep most of it there. We took the offer even though it was a poor one. Wouldn’t you know that a week later that same lady who had broken her word was in that very unit with our equipment, she had just gotten it for a much better price. We were angry, how could someone do this to us? How could a woman we trust do this? We were faced with uncertainty and we had just lost a store that we had loved dearly. Those were dark times but we made it through, we’re still here and it is as if the devastation hadn’t happened. We forgave the people involved, we let it go and moved on. And today I am thankful that I did not hang on to that store as it was costing us more money to run than it was making us money. I got a job and things started to look up, no longer did we have an extra 16 bills to pay every month. It was a blessing.

Sometimes God puts us in dark places to transform us, to change our path. He KNOWS us and Psalm 139 could not say it any better. God knows us inside and out there is nothing we think that gets past him. Our thoughts matter to Him, when we stand and sit matters to him, when we toil and are tired and down in the dumps we matter to him, when everyone around us does us wrong we matter to him. God loves us more than we can even fathom. He loves us so much that he can not leave us the way we are. While correction and changed paths may suck…they tend to turn out for the better.

I have found that the deeper my roots are in God the stronger I am when a storm comes my way. Remember God never promised a perfect challenge free life for everyone, it is quite the opposite. We will face challenges, we will endure storms and we will get beaten down from time to time. Life is unfair but God is just and he keeps his word. When I lost my job I was quite upset, but within a few days I had to just trust God…there are many reasons why He allowed this, I am begining to see the picture and soon I’m sure I will have a testimony to share.

But in a time of trouble…a time of depression…all I needed was His Love.

Day4: Asking the big questions

I wasn’t the only one thinking this exact thought “Why are there signs and wonders occurring in other parts of the world but not as many here in North America?” I’ve heard of missionaries declaring amazing Miracles they have witnessed, I have heard of the revivals in third world nations, each day thousands of people in Third world Nations come to Christ. Why is there hardly any revival and signs here in this nation? I’ve heard of some great testimony, I have experienced the Holy Spirit more than once and I have seen many people cured of disease…but compared to other nations…there really isn’t too much that’s amazing…or is there?

Finally my question was answered.

Isn’t having clean drinking water a miracle? Abundant food? A safe place to worship God without fear of being killed? having the internet so I can blog and keep in touch with friends and family? Having a fair justice system, a health care system, access to vaccines and free education! Listing all the things we have here in Canada and all I can say is “Thankyou Lord.” How many lives have been saved because there is clean water and inspected food? How many lives are saved due to medical advances? Our Children do not die by the thousands because they are hungry or get sick. We are so very privileged. Just the things that Scientists discover each day is just phenomenal. I am so glad that this answer was finally revealed to me.

Day 5: Contentment

I love my early morning drives with my husband to the next town before we both go to work. We get to listen to the Christian Music station full blast at 5am and just start of our day reflecting in the Lord. For once, I had a happy morning. And as we drove into the drive through of our old workplace to get coffee…I realized “Hey, I’m not working HERE this morning.” hen we both laughed. Same pay but much more to do. It’s a blessing I got fired. I got to go to another 6am-2pm job today, one where I am beginning to know the regular customers and make their coffee the way they like it. I am a people person, and nothing makes me happier than making others happy. So when I got to my job today I smiled and knew that I was valued here, my customers love having their coffee made before they even walk through the door and the people I work for are like family. There’s no more vulgar talk at break time. There’s no having to listen to coworkers complain about EVERYTHING. It’s wonderful and it’s a steady job!

Plus on the way to work there is nothing more soothing than singing songs of praise and starting the day with God. I had such a good day. And best of all, my daughter had a great day too. I will continue to pray and I will continue to work hard as a parent. It’s so good to be able to reward you child. I’m sure God loves to reward us too…and when He dies it is just beyond words.

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