Notes that changed my destiny

Posted: August 19, 2012 in random
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This is a true story about how a stalker who called themself “Guardian Angel” Helped shape my destiny.
I would have to say the most interesting summer I have ever had occured 10 years ago when I was a 16 year old girl. I was a blonde (dyed blonde) punky 16 year old girl who was having issues finding her identity. I didn’t really have one. I had friends, I had a boyfriend whom I was only dating to make some other guy jealous (A guy who didn’t even know I existed so I was simply wasting my time and stringing my guy friend along), I had a volunteer gig at the Humane Society and I was lost in a world of darkness…I was a volitile little 16 year old girl, I was on Antidepressants and I could snap without notice. I wasn’t emotionally well and my current boyfriend didn’t really know how to handle me.

Then the first note came. My mom pulled a single peice of paper out of our mailbox. An adventure had begun. “Hello Jess, Your favorite Hockey player says Hi, Be good.”  SQUEEEE he loves me! I honestly thought my crush was stalking me, this was epic. And I was going to catch him in the act.

More notes were placed in my mail box. One said that I should avoid the Hockey players at my school because most of them were not good enough for me and they had bad intentions when it came to girls. Another said that I should look up at the sky at night and say that “I’m a good person”. Others were just little tidbits of advice like toning down my heavy makeup, not sitting out front of my townhouse complex with my friends like jailbait, not going off alone with random guys etc. Later on the note writer admitted he was not a hockey player…so it wasn’t one of the hockey players…or was it? I didn’t care I just wanted to find out who my note writer was. Who was this Guardian Angel? Who was stalking me the Summer of 2003?

Then a note changed my destiny. I would have listened to ANYTHING this person said. I was 16 years old, I was a messed up 16 year old girl, infact I was like any 16 year old girl who would find this kind of creepy stalkery romantic (In an Edward Cullen sort of way) I was in love with the person writing these notes and I had no clue who it was. They wrote a note telling me to dump my boyfriend because he was no good for me, he didn’t know how to handle me, he never smiled and there were other guys at the school who were in love with me. So I did what any crazy 16 year old girl would do…I dumped my boyfriend. I then proceeded to wait on my Guardian Angel. I sat outside all summer waiting. I recieved 14 notes in total that summer and as son as school started they stopped…apparently my Guardian Angel headed off to school in British Columbia. He was gone and I was single and I was going to stay single. I was not well enough to have a boyfriend anyway.

I dressed like a Goth in grade 11 to scare the guys away. I put up a wall. “…Theres somone else who loves you who goes to your school…guys are just too shy to tell you.”

But one guy wasn’t shy. One guy was destined to win my heart. I was single because of a series of notes. I was available because a bunch of notes told me to be single. And here I was open for the taking. The least likely guy went for me. He was like King David, the least likely person to win a girls heart. At the time he was the school’s loser. He wasn’t worthy of anyone. But he knew in his heart I was the one…so he asked me out and stalked me until I said yes. Guess I ended up having 2 stalkers that year.

All it took was a few notes to shape my destiny. Maybe Guardian Angels do infact exist to push you in the correct direction. I probbaly would have endedup in a dark hole had I not have met the man who could actually put up with my emotional baggage. A man who never gave up on me no matter how many idiotic things I did or said. The man I’ve been with almost 10 years and have been married to for 5. And I couldn’t be happier.

Guradian Angel, I still don’t even know you. Were you an actual guy who had feelings for me? Were you one of my mom’s friends writing these notes? Was it you mom? Was it just a big joke? I still don’t know…10 years and I still have no idea. But who ever you are, Thankyou. You saved me, you saved me from a horrible fate. I was a lost 16 year old girl who wanted to end her existence and you saved me. You led me to someone who is good for me, someone who will never give up on loving me, someone who does smile and laugh and brightens up my day every single morning. I’m glad I never had my heart torn out by some jock. You saved me 10 years ago and I just want to say Thankyou. I pray for you every day, whoever you are, and I hope you are doing well.


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