I’ve been super busy(Or possibly lazy) the last few months so I have neglected to write Geek Reports since February. I’m sure I’m not all that important but if you feel the need to know what I have been up to find me on google+, thats where the majority of my geeky posts go because my facebook friends just don’t understand me!

Google+ and Twitter mentions

Normally I pick 10 people and just mention them but I thought I’d try something different, just pick a few and mention why they are at the top of my google+ or twitter geek list.

Tony Love: The one who makes virtually everyone feel welcome on google+, I don’t know how he does it but he takes the time to focus on pretty much everyone in his circles, so much that a few of us Google Plussers had a discussion on someone’s status feed about how awesome Tony is. So Tony, keep up what you are doing and keep on geeking!

Robert Muhlig: Robert introduced me to google+ by inviting me 🙂 YAY! Robert also comments on many of my posts and talks to me regularily on twitter. So thank you Robert for being an awesome Goolge+ and Twitter friend.

Christoher Waisanen Commenting, sharing and liking many of my google+ updates and posts thus giving me a +5 boost to my geeky confidence.  He’s kinda like the Bard constantly throwing out bonus spells to everyone.

@AdmuralCain I’m pretty sure out of everyone on Twitter @AdmuralCain comments on my posts the most plus comments with witty and funny responses. One can always use more humor.

@CheekeeChappee A huge Jason and The Argonauts fan as well as the biggest fan of Ray Harryhausen’s special effects work. He also has twitter accounts for some of his Figurines, one of them being @HarrysHaus whom is one of the skeleton’s from Jason and The Argonauts. Those who make accounts for figurines are not only borderline insane but awesome! Wait did I say Borderline? Oops, we all know we’re nuts and nobody is going to stop us!

@ElderBlueDragon Twitter can always use more dragons, so long as they stay out of @epicreddragon ‘s hoard.

Zombie 101

#11 Like the sign above says, invest in a boat…

#36 if your vehicle keeps breaking down, don’t keep fixing it, look around you. GET A NEW ONE! Don’t be like that old guy on the Walking Dead…every other episode that damn RV breaks down at inconvenient times. Don’t be like this guy, drive a brand new Luxury RV, if your going to hide out from zombies you might as well hide out in style.

#55 Stock up on medical supplies. Especially pain meds…for your headaches. Gravol is probbaly good too, the smell of the undead will probably make you want to barf all the time.

2012 Summer Movie outlook

The Avengers Best. Superhero. Movie. EVER! Go see it if you haven’t, the only people who have bashed it so far are those who hate superhero movies to begin with. There isn’t a lot to nitpick in this film, it just flows perfectly with minor flaws. The one liners are awesome and Joss Whedon is a film Making genious, enough said.

The Dark Knight Rises: Being released in July, this film is sure to make July an epic month. I just hope they did an awesome job with this last installment of the Dark Knight. But being that it’s Batman, it’s quite hard to not make it Epic…because it’s BATMAN!

The Amazing Spiderman: So we’re just going to forget the other Spiderman films did not happen. The trailers for this film look pretty good so here’s hoping we get a great Spiderman movie out of this. I’m also glad that Emma Stone is playing Gwen Stacy in this film as I absolutely LOVE Emma’s acting abilities.

Prometheus: Looks absolutely awesome so here’s hoping the film is just as good or even better than the awesome trailers for it. I’ve always been a fan of the Alien Franchise so I really hope this movie is great.

Brave: I have to mention the next Pixar film in this blog (Because we’re all kids at heart and we’re so totally going to go see this movie) I adore the trailers for it and I’m sure Pixar will not fail us!

Snow White and The Huntsman I’m all for my favorite fairy tales getting a dark twist, I know that Kristin Stewart can act even though Twilight really sucks (But honestly ANYONE with the role of Bella is going to act corny, the character is just lame) I think the role suits her and we will get to see just how good an actress Kristin Stewart is. On the bright side, at least Megan Fox wasn’t cast as Snow White.

Out and About in May

While doing an Avon Spa party at the local Cafe I took some time to admire the Batman Tin wall Plaque.

Taking Anadralius out to Free Comic Book Day at the local Comic Book store.

Picked up a new percentile dice (double D10) at the comic Book store. maybe now I won’t have to worry about hunting down 2 10 Siders as much. (assuming I do not lose this one under the couch as well)

My 6 year old Daughter playing some arcade games at the movie theater on her birthday. We went to see The Avengers.

Taking Anadralius to the Beach to catch some rays on a nice warm sunny day. She also needed a bath after being all dusty from the winter.

Aurora taking a break from selling Lemonade by reading some Batman Comics.

Gaming News

My gaming group and I have been playing Silver Age Sentinels, I do believe the party only has 2 original characters. I finally decided to retire my Weather Controller who was also team leader and bring in a Healer…a healing Dragon to be exact. Being a Dragon, I find that I am getting attacked much more. I’ve always wondered how the heck the enemies know I’m a healer…I mean DRAGON! You’d think that the last thing a dragon would be would be a Healer ><

Anywho, our team has been dealing with more rumors of Appocalypse and the Horsemen returning and we finally found one of the villians we’ve been searching for on our Patrols…turns out it’s a very evil dog that has Size and Mass increase and eats a lot, thanks to our Psychic party member the dog is now our new party leader’s responsibility. Seeing as how my room mate’s character is now party leader…I’m getting a big kick out of this.

Top Geek Pics

And thats it for this month’s geek news folks. Have a very Geeky Summer and most importantly, Stay Geeky!

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