10 Reasons to become an Avon Rep

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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          Being an Avon sales person is easy as well as lots of fun. If you love Avon’s product then already you would make a great Avon Representative. Avon offers unlimited Earning opportunities, Avon is perfect for you whether you want to make extra cash or just buy Avon at a discount for yourself and a few friends and family. Avon Employs thousands of Women and Men world wide and has evolved into a well known and trusted company. With 125 years under it’s belt, it’s no wonder Avon is so well known world wide.

So, what are some great reasons to join the Avon bandwagon?

1. Who doesn’t like a discount? When you are a rep you are guaranteed a 10% or more discount on Avon Products (Do note that some stuff in the brochure has a fixed discount such as shoes, clothing and gift ware that usually doesn’t exceed 25% in discount or commission) The discount depends on how much is ordered, for example, an order of $465 will give you a 40% discount. Not too shabby? And if customers order this much product thats money in your pocket! There are also some reps who sign up just because they love Avon and want the discount! All you have to do is make an order each Campaign (And there is no minimum order) and you stay on Avon’s system. Orders are placed online and delivered right to your door!

2. Take advantage of great offers! One such great offer is the deal of the day, each day Avon puts an item at a very dicounted price on it’s web site for reps to order. Advanced Money Makers are also available and these products are usually discounted at 40% so you can either buy for yourself or stock up and sell for 40% earnings.

3. Samples anyone? One great thing about being an Avon rep is the samples. Who doesn’t like to have lip stick in every color to try out for just $3? Perhaps you’ve had an Avon rep in your life at some point who used to bring you samples all the time, now you can be that person!

4. Try out new product before everyone else! Avon reps get to order demos before they are even available. That means you get to try out new products, wear new clothes, get the latest Jewelry before everyone else! It’s always fun to get the newest product and have people question it, it makes future sales and gains you new customers if you are pursuing big goals with Avon.

5. Fun Avon Events. There is nothing more fun than being in a room surrounded by fellow Avon ladies. And men, Avon has mostly women Reps, wouldn’t you LOVE to be surrounded by 100 ladies? At some of these Avon District events there are door prizes, previews of whats comming up and lots and lots of sales advice and tips from the experts. They usually give you something for free just for showing up, just last night I got a free pair of Lovely earings 🙂 Last month I got a free full sized Genics eye cream valued at $42! SWEET! Like free stuff? Join Avon!

6. Contests and Draws! Avon sends out all sorts of free products to reps who enter into contests, sometimes they just do random Draws. Right now there is a draw for a chance to win 1 of 10 Ipads, a Travel Voucher or a Car! Just for placing orders on time. And everyone gets something for free JUST for placing 3 orders on time! Avon has all sorts of neat Promotionals. Each District might even do their own little contests too. Free stuff? Why not?

7. Be part of an awesome team in the past Avon Ladies competed and were quite territorial, but thanks to technology and the fact we can sell just about anywhere there is no longer a Territory issue and some reps will work along side other reps. I can honestly say I am part of an amazing supportive team and we have a great time pairing up at events. Look at how much fun we are all having in the picture above. Team building is also another great way to earn more money and you can jump right in to team building when you sign up or later on down the road.

8. Fundraising opportunities Need fundraising for something? Avon offers Fundraising packs that you can sell. The packs cost $10 for people to buy and $5 goes towards the organization/cause/Charity (If they have non profit status, if not $4.55 goes towards cause) . Avon fund raising is very easy, you just take the orders and payment and deliver on delivery day. You won’t get commission off this BUT all the orders will go towards you goals and discounts. Make $500 in fundraising and voila 40% discount on everything else you order.

9. Avon supports Breast Cancer, Women Empowerment and the environvent Avon is well known for it’s Women Empowerment campaign, Breast Cancer Campaign and other campaigns such as disaster relief or Environmental. Avon Donates ALL proceeds from the sale of  the campaign item to the organization. Proceeds to the empowerment campaign goes towards preventing domestic violence in women world wide.

10. More bonuses and earnings when you join leadership As a leader you get $50 for the first 5 people you sign up within 4 Campaigns, thats $200 in your pocket! (So long as your sign ups place a qualifying order of $100 or more before taxes)  Plus you get a welcome pack valued at $100 from Avon after you sign up your first sales rep. It’s only $10 to join Avon, no annual fees. $10 gets you a starting pack, a gift and 20 brochures. Once you have a team of at least 5 people under you you will begin to recieve commission from their sales. (To qualify as Unit leader you must have 5 representatives place an order and have team award sales of $1000 before taxes) There is also a $200 bonus for acheiving Unit leader Status and $300 in awards for maintaining the status.

Want to learn more about becomming an Avon Representative? Contact me at 705-639-2830 or email me at jgoslinn@yahoo.ca I can sign anyone up in Canada. For training purposes I will also get a hold of the District Manager in your district to help train you and get you the brochures that you need. If you live in the Peterborough County or Kawartha Lakes area I can personally get you started with your Avon Business opportunity.


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