First Thunderstorm of the Season

Posted: March 16, 2012 in disaster
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It’s not even Spring yet.

I live near peterborough Ontario in Canada. Snow is melted, pond almost thawed, I think I blinked and missed winter. I won’t complain though, unless you are a snowmobiler or a snowboarder chances are you despise winter too.

I remember last year getting all excited about the first Thunderstorm which occured Mid April. It was a good one. I recall muttering “Wow, a Thunderstorm before May.” This time I caught myself saying “Wow a storm before April!”

Some people are probably going to blame Global Warming as if they haven’t seen green grass in March before. Yes mild winters have infact occured, winters just like this one but yet there are still the Global Warming accusers. I agree that Global Warming occurs but blaming a few odd weather occurences on it is just silly.

This brings me to the first Storm of 2012. This system flattened a house in Michigan, sparked Tornado warnings in Canada and brough hail and a good light show. How big was the hail you ask?  Toonie sized…

Toonie sized hail. For readers who have no clue what a Toonie is it’s Canada’s $2 coin…which has the radius of half a golf ball.

Or the size of the actual hail pictured above. Could be worse, I’m sure after this loveley weather there would be more complaints if we got a snow storm instead.

There was no hail here where I live but Peterborough got quite the rain fall causing some roads and parking lots to flood. And man did we ever get rain, it woke me up at 2am right before Mother Nature started to Roar. Her Roars competed with my Husband’s snores and I lay awake listening to the fury of a March storm. We had a good light show around 10pm as well which I watched and was quite gleeful about…but waking up at 2am? Well that just sucks.

But alas, thanks to a sinus infection I was forced out of bed and stuck my head ut my window to watch the wonderful display of lightning that came with the storm. I didn’t snap the above photo but this was taken somewhere in Ontario. Lightning is so pretty yet so destructive.

And thanks to an early Series of storms I have something to blog about. Other than waking my whole town up at 2am there was no local storm damage. We were treated to Nature’s fireworks and got a taste of whats to come. And with high springlike temperatures for the next 2 weeks I’m sure more storms might just be produced in March or Early April.

Spring is here. It’s here a wee bit early, infact for once the Ground Hog was actually right! I’m very happy we got our first series of Thunder Storms 🙂 and now I look forward to what Mother Nature has in store for us next…well after we get our home insured for storm damage anyway.



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