It’s almost Spring and that means Easter and Mother’s day are just around the corner! Warmer weather is on it’s way and that means you will probably be stepping out of hibernation soon.

Avon has some wonderful Spring Trends (Check out a brochure today) and I’ve had the opportunity to test out some of the latest Avon items. Here are 10 items I absolutely LOVE and recommend.

Genics Eye Cream

This cream is for any age whether you are trying to smooth out wrinkles or prevent them. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the new eye cream and I LOVE it. I’m only 25 so I’m trying to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Genics brightened my eye area and smoothes it out. A friend of mine in her 40’s used it for a week and I noticed a dramatic improvement in her eye area. Her wrinkles were smoothed out and eye area was brighter.  This is deffinately a MUST have. The little Jar costs $42 (in Canada) but goes a long way, you don’t need much so a jar shoukd last at least 3 months.

Shine Attract Lipstick

Amazing lipstick color wrapped in silky clear lip gloss to hydrate your lips. I carry one everywhere I go, it’s easy to apply and provides great color and moisturizer. I’m a lip gloss fanatic so I’m very excited that Avon has a lipgloss/lipstick duo.

Forever-Eau de Parfume by Salma Hayek

A nice belnd of Pink pepper, Orange Blossom and Musk. This scent is absolutely beautiful and pretty much everyone I have introduced it to has said they LOVE it. And we all know people love a good celebrity endorsed scent. This makes a perfect gift and right now it is available as a gift set which is perfect for Mother’s day…or if you are anything like me, you’l grab one for yourself. The set includes a full size perfume, Body lotion and body wash all perfect for layring this amazing scent.

Superextend Extreme Mascara

Hooray! My Fave mascara has just got better. I live by the superextend mascara as its easy to apply and really gives my lashes volume, infact I’m known to just apply mascara as my makeup and nothing else. The Extreme version is finally here and at an amazing price! And I love the bright yellow color of the container!

Nail Polish

Now in 6 new vibrant shades! Avon has also introduced mini nail polish sizes which are perfect as little gifts or for on the go. The nail colors are absolutely gorgeous and what better way to bring in the spring than to wear bright spring colors? I own every one of these sweet shades and adore them. They go on easy too!

Natural’s Kids

A little something for the kids! Shampoo, body wash, detangling spray and adorable bath sponges! These make nice easter gifts for children! This is my daughter’s favorite bath item…and I will admit that I use this product as well. The Shampoo/Conditioner is awesome. It’s not often I find a duo product that makes my hair combable. I have hard water in my household so anything that makes my hair managable is perfect.

Avon Hair Dye

In 25 shades from Blond to Brown to Red to Black. It is available now and at the great try it price of only $7.99 you cant go wrong. I tried the above shade and went from being a dark brown to a nice light red. I have very possitive feed back. First of all this dye is less messy than ANY store bought dye I have tried. It is not harsh, it works and it’s been 2 weeks and my color has yet to fade. Everyone loves my new hair color. I totally recommend Avon hair color.

Breast Cancer Coin purse

For only $5 you can get this charming coin purse. ALL proceeds go towards breast Cancer research.

The Butler Bag

Tired of searching the bottom of your purse for something? Now you don’t have to! With this stylish bag you can organize all your things. The bag is also available in brown. I bought my demo bag and just love it. It’s so nice even my husband told me to keep it, you know you have something nice when your man says it’s nice. My bag is now organized and I get lots of compliments on it. It will be available for $19.99 with every $25 beauty purchase.

Lovin’ and Leafin set by Mark

How about an elegant leaf necklace and earing set? Silvertone and the best part…it’s made from a real leaf so the details are very realistic. No two necklaces are the same! I got to see this beautiful necklace and it is a real work of art. Get both the necklace and earings for only $30 just pefect to bring in spring.

There are so many new and exciting Avon products being launched! 2012 is going to be a great year for awesome Avon products.


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