Avon Home Cafe Party

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My friend and I finally jumped on the Avon Home party Bandwagon. And after a really long day and hard work the party has paid off.

I decorated my livingroom to make it look like a cafe, seating on one end and product on another. It’s always good to provide some coffee, tea and light snacks. Fruits and veggies make for nice afternoon snacks. However many people who show up come mainly to see the Avon products and have a look through the brochures.

We provided some door prizes, a grand prize draw for the larger Avon Basket could be won if customers spent $10 on any order or avon on location purchase. We also provided smaller gift sets for anyone who showed up. Pretty much everyone bought something so it was a big success.

Our district Manager showed up to check out the party and brought the Anew Genics home Party kit to display. This is a wonderful package to get as it contains lots of samples, a full size eye cream and cute Genics bags to display. This is PERFECT for Avon On Location events. We provided people with they eye cream and gave our testimonials so hopefully we get some Anew sales. It’s an absolutely wonderful line of product.

I streamed some avon images onto my TV from my Laptop, good use of a TV 🙂

Our Party was a success. We only had 10 guests show up but we gained 2 new customers, I got 2 sign ups and my friend Sam got a sign up. We sold almost $100 in products and made $30 in orders. We invited my friend to come sell her own products and she signed up for Avon. We are very happy to have Jen, Carolyn and Paula on our Avon team. Seeing Sam and I work together really inspired them and felt like part of a team, they are all looking forward to attending Avon events.

We put up flyers in town and had one person show up from seeing the flyers. Another lady we know whom we gave an invitation to also dropped in on her way to town.

Most of all we had lots of fun socializing and sharing our Avon Successes. Being on the Avon team is tonnes of fun. I’m up to 25 customers now and I’m also team building, I just need 2 more sign ups to become Unit leader! I’m so excited. Next week we get to help out at the Peterborough home show so hopefuly there are more sign up opportunities for Sam and I.

I totally reccomend signing up for Avon. It’s a one time $10 sign up and you get a kit thats worth more than $10. Who doesn’t want a forever discount. You get 10% off everything and the discount and commision goes up the more you order.


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