Don’t jinx Mother Nature

Posted: February 24, 2012 in disaster

I should know better by now not to laugh and insult the weather. “Ha! Is that all you’ve got?”

The Weather wasn’t wrong but Environment Canada’s prediction on timing was.

I expected to wake up in the morning and see a covering of snow on the ground. When I woke up there was a light dusting, it was snowing lightly and school wasn’t even cancelled. That’s right the local kids in the Kawartha lakes/Peterborough area had to trek to school after all…not a single bus cancelled. The Snow suddenly stopped and that’s when I began to laugh. “Aha! Once again, the stupid weather network was wrong!”

But then why were we still under a snowfall warning? What snowfall?

Ooooooh THAT snow. Heavy, blowing snow…and it’s not even half over yet. It’s not the worst snowfall I’ve seen but the Weather Network was right, we did get our 15cm of snow AND Roads really suck.

On the bright side my German Shepherd LOVES it and has rolled around in glee on the porch.

It’s also snowman making snow, so I’m probably going to be out there later with my daughter to build some forts and snowmen…once that wind stops of course.

Lesson has been learned, I shall not scoff at Mother Nature.


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