Colour my World-Avon hair Dye

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Fashion
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I remember a few years ago making the comment “It would be really cool if Avon started to sell hair dye.” This was before I became an Avon rep and I always assumed that if Avon ever did come out with color they’d come out with maybe 6 shades.

The wait is finally over and Avon hair dye, in 25 shades will be available in April to avon customers. But if you are an Avon rep you can already order the hair dye and try it out. And I did just that so I have a review for those who might be thinking “Can Avon really compete with big store brands of Hair dye?”

First off, let me start by saying I’ve been coloring my hair for many years out of pure boredom, I love to change my hair color and I have gone almost every color under the rainbow. I’ve done salon grade dye jobs as well as store bought boxes of dye. I don’t think my hair has been it’s natural color since I was in grade 8 (My natural colour is ash brown…I think…) I’ve only messed up the color about twice but thankfully darker colours always came to the rescue.

Above is a before photo. Notice that I have multiple colour in my hair as a result of using Manic Panic, a semi permanent and non toxic hair dye. I like to keep a jar of it handy for touch ups when I dye my hair red. It doesn’t matter what hair dye you use, red always fades fastest. With Manic Panic you can get a shade of red and just lightly brush it through your hair to tint it red again. I haven’t touched my hair in weeks so it’s all sorts of random shades of red and brown. My hair is a dark brown naturally and store bought dye never lightens it well.

I almost picked a dark color of red but opted for the lighter True Red and the above picture is the result. It lightened my roots nicely and evened out my hair color. And I have some very possitive feedback. Also I got plenty of compliments from people and my facebook feed was busy with feedback. (just a small warning, at first my hair looked a bit orange but after a few hours it set to a nice shade of light red and after one wash it looks even nicer) I wouldn’t actually  care if my hair turned Orange but I’m sure others would…

I’ll compare Avon hair dye to popular store brand dyes.

Store Brand Dyes are messy and tend to stain the skin and anything it comes into contact with such as the flooor, sink or walls. Avon hair dye didn’t stain a single thing in my bathroom.

Store Brand Hair dye smells strong. Avon dye while applied smelled about the same but not nearly as strong.

Store Brand Hair dye has the tendancy to stain skin. Avon Hair dye came off the skin with Soap and Water, no scrubbing required.

Store Brand Hair dye takes forever to rinse out. Avon hair dye rinsed out within a minute and didn’t stain the shower. I was shocked at how non messy it was.

Store Brand Hair dye tends to stain the pillow for the next 3 days. Avon hair dye didn’t leave a single spot on my pure white pillow. My Hair was even damp when I went to bed…a big no no with store brand dyes, if you don’t dry your hair before bed prepare to see dye stains everywhere (If you use brown, red or black)

Store Brand Hair dye costs an average between $10-$15 a box. Avon hair dye is affordable at only $7.99 a box.

I’m thinking Avon hair dye will be a big hit, I already have pre orders for the stuff 🙂 However I have heard from a few people who said the dye didn’t work (Ie, turned hair orange) my advice is if you are not sure before coloring your hair ALWAYS do a strand test because having a small streak of orange is better than a whole head of orange. All hair types are different so always test before trying especially if you are first time hair coloring.

So if you use store brand hair dye, try out Avon’s new line of hair dye! Chances are there is a perfect shade for you.



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