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Posted: February 8, 2012 in Geek
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Hello fellow geeks, I totally forgot to do a December geek report so I shall include December in this one. I want to thank the few fans of this blog I have and a big thankyou to anyone who stalks this blog…or twitter stalks me, or admires me on google+. I’m not after fame (Actually I hope to just inspire a few and not have to worry about the masses, I don’t think I could handle fame, I can be quite shy at times. That and in real life I’m actually quite awkward but people seem to like me still go thats awesome.)

Well that being said, Geek reports are monthly personal reports on the geekness that surrounds my life. Also people seem to LOVE being mentioned so I thought I’d start off with some honorable mentions of some of the many geeks who inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚

Twitter Geeks

Shout out to some of my awesomesauce Twitter Geeks











Keep on geeking everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Google Plusser Geeks

Christopher Waisanen

Chris Taylor

Steven Arebalo

Kim White

Linda Baxter

Kristen Moran

Jason Ryan


Brian Fitzpatrick

If you have google+ and you are a geek I totally reccomend circling these awesome people ๐Ÿ˜‰


December geek reportings

In all honesty December wasn’t at all too geeky. Normally I get all geeked out come Christmas but this year I got nothing geeky. I actually got stuff I needed which is great too ๐Ÿ™‚ The Dish Cloths, Socks and Underwear I got for Christmas all came in handy. I did purchase a few items for myself before Christmas though. I could not resist Hello Kitty Slippers that were in an Avon brochure (I sell avon…mostly to myself lol)

I also Got myself a set of Dragons. I posted Pictures of them already on Twitter and Google+ but here is a picture of these awesome lil dragon figurines. Speak No evil, Hear no evil, see no evil dragons. Maybe they don’t speak, hear or see evil but in my world of geekdom if the dragons are Chromatic (Not Metalic) then they DO evil. Just Dragon rules, that’s all. Dudley the Dragon isn’t shiny so I’ve deemed him to be evil as well…along with those Dragon tale dragons.

And I might not have had a geeky Christmas but my Daughter sure did. Her Grandma Bought her a nice brand new Light Sabre. Now might be the time to show my young Jedi the Star Wars films ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it folks, the geek happenings in December.

January Geekness

December may not have been a geek month but I can Say Jauary Certainly was. I turned 25 on Jauary 27th and I was destined to have a geeky party. I didn’t get my geeky party on that particular day because weather was horrid and 3 friends showed up. We had some great laughs though and I was very Content. My Husband on the other hand really wanted me to have my geeky party so he threw me a surprise belated bash. He made a Turkey and sent me into town to do some shopping. I got to run amok in the Comic book store too which was great! I had my Geeky day and LOVED it! Have I ever mentioned that I’m easily amused? The smallest of geek things can bring me joy. Like Batman Heroclix that I totally forgot to decorate my cake with.

I bought myself some new D&D miniatures. I don’t play 4th edition D&D so I don’t ever use the stat cards for the new minis. In all honesty I don’t even use stat cards at all. I just simply collect D&D minis, it has been a tradition of mine since 2006 when I was introduced to D&D.

I also picked up a coffee table with a glass top for $1 at an auction. I found it was quite plain so with my awesome geek ideas I decided to throw a D&D dungeon map under the glass. Now the table can add to my tacky geek decore AND the dungeon map is safe!

So there you have it, January was great. I anticipate 2012 to be a very geek year! I hope to bring good geek updates in my blog (Other people’s geek updates, not just my own.) Have a great 2012 everyone and keep on Geeking.

Zombie 101

#42 Sunflowers will not protect your lawn from zombies.

#10 Landmines will Protect your lawn from zombies…as well as unwanted tresspassers. Zombies are one thing, looters are another.

Call of Duty Noob report

I am hereby proudly reporting that I have finally gotten multiple good kill streaks (Not on PVP though just Player V.S Computer) and I have figured out how to actually use the items when I get a kill streak. As for using the mini map…I still ignore it. I am slso getting more kills than deaths, that’s always a good thing…practise practise practise.

Top Geeky Pictures

Fan Expo Toronto 2012

With the announcement of Patrick Stewart being in attendance at Fan Expo I had no choice but to insist that I go this year. I skipped last years geek fest because we didn’t have enough money and we had to fix some plumbing in the house. But Now I have months to prepare and save as well as make a costume.

Jason Mews as well as Kevin Smith will also be in attendance at Fan expo this year. The line up of celebrities will be announced as the year goes on so I am looking forward to every announcement. Hopefully this will be a great year. This will also be my first Geek Convention.

Extream Geek Makeover

I’m destined to turn my house into a great big tacky geek fest so I thought I’d share my progress each month. I’m just a beginner compared to the many geek collections and decor I have seen.ย  So I thought I would start off with showing everyone my office Vanity and the contents on it.

I have a mix of things on my vanity, Hello Kitty, Super Heros, D&D minis, and Star Trek action figures as well as some fantasy figurines.

Now that I think of it…my display clearly shows my geek confusion…I just can’t pick a theme or make up my mind.

And yes, I do have a Barbie included in my display to show off my girly side. She’s a collectable Hippy Barbie (Even gives the peace sign with her hand)ย  I have seen Star Trek barbies as well as Barbies dressed as super heros…they need to make more super hero geek Barbies. Maybe a Star Wars edition Barbie?

Gaming News

Pleased to announce a new member to our gaming group @WraithLover my Friend Sam. You can follow Sam on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚ Sam has been introduced to Pathfinder and will also be joining us in other games that our group runs such as Deadlands and Silver Age Sentinels.

We just finished up Pathfinder for the Month of January and will be playing Deadlands in February.

Things Geeks say

Or better yet…Things I, a Fan girl, Says…amazingly regularily. And I think I’ll include this section in my geek reportings blogs.ย  We shall see where this goes…and I hope to get other phrases from other geeks.

“Honey!!!!??? I Looked EVERYWHERE and I can’t find it! I Failed my Perception Check again!”

“Stupid computer…If you don’t freaking speed Up I swear I’m going to throw you out the damn window!”

“Where’s the damn Xbox controller? Where the hell did I leave it this time?”

“OMG I actually killed someone!” (PVP in Call of Duty)

“Are we rolling for initiative yet?”

“When are we gaming next?”

“Honey! The guys want to know when we’re gaming next!”

“I am going to assimilate this pastry, Resistance is futile…Om nom nom.”

“Nooooooooooooooo!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The computer was lagging and I just died! Gaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“Where the hell did the 10 sider go this time?”

“I found the Schwartz!” (Pointing to something with the brand name “Schwartz” on it at the hardware store)

Aaaand that’s it for this edition of Geek Report. I swear I’m going to feature more awesome geeks…eventually…after I bug them a bit…

Keep on geeking everyone. And don’t feed the Yao Guai!


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