Now I can have a Quarter life crisis!

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I turned the big 25 today! yay me!

I’d say as far as Birthday’s go, this years was pretty awesome. I didn’t have the biggest party in the world mainly because the weather totally sucked and only 3 people made it out but the week leading up to today was just amazing! And I have to say it’s probably the best Birthday gift I could ever get.

I guess some gals would love jewelry or something like that for their 25th Birthday. Maybe go have a night out or something. What should a husband get his wife for her 25th Birthday? Shoes? Fancy stuff? A pair of green iguanas? Yep. My awesome husband is a man after my own heart. He allowed me to adopt two beautiful male iguanas. I’ll take that gesture as an epic Birthday present. I absolutely LOVE reptiles and finally I get to care for and spoil iguanas…not to mention hydro will cost a wee bit more due to the heating in my office. I get to work in tropical environments 🙂 although I might want to move my office come summer.

My birthday gifts did not stop at the iguanas. I also got to do some random acts of kindness 🙂 And if anyone knows me well they should know that I get super excited when it comes to being able to do kind things. It just kind of grew on me and I’ve become a kindess addict. I guess if there’s a few things that are cool to be addicted to, kindness should obviously be one of them right?  I got to help out a friend who’s going on a missions trip to El Salvador, and I was able to do this through Avon. Because I knew that there must be some way that I could use Avon for my random acts of kindness…I guess my husband suspected as well when he saw my friend’s plea for makeup to bless ladies in El Salvador. “Did you see her facebook status?” He asked “Yep! I have a bag full of stuff set aside already! SQUEEEE!” I really am totally excited and I can’t wait until my little contribution makes some ladies really happy. My friend got lots of stuff from others as well and was able to fill a hockey bag full of blessings.

But why not do two random acts of kindness? I already blogged about rehoming the three dogs that came from the same place I got my Iguanas. The fact my husband allowed me to do this and has stated I can do so again as long as I don’t pull all my hair out is awesome. I love animals and I’m just so happy I could help some animals in need. I found all three guys great homes where they are loved and are giving their new families love. I already got great reports from all three dogs. The Puppies settled in perfectly and Keen the Doberman has a new best friend, my friend’s energetic son who happily plays with this amazing Doberman. And now that all dogs are gone my suck up of a pooch is content she gets her full attention back. I couldn’t be more happy with the dog I have. She’s just perfect.Her love alone is an amazing birthday gift 🙂

Oh and my husband also helped clean the house…that fact right there makes me one lucky gal. He actually cleans better than me and he taught me how to cook…I married a winner.

Ohhh and Next week we’re getting blessed with a dishwasher, there’s an actual story to this (Long story short we wanted a dishwasher from a yardsale but our pastor totally bought it but now they are moving and no longer need it so we get to have the dishwasher we covetted…well, my husband had his eyes on it, I was like “You want to replace me?” but hey, I no longer have to stand by the sink and do dishes) so there, no more dishes for moi and I’ll probbaly get lectured on proper dish loading.

I was also blessed with the company of a few friends, not too many people showed up but I was surprised by the arrival of two good friends who I didn’t know were comming. We had an amazing conversation, shared some great laughs…what more can a girl ask for?

Best of all I ruined the cake, jello, had an anxiety attack mid day  and yet still managed to have a great time. House is still clean, I pigged out on junk food…I’m a happy camper right now. And I have the Christian Radio station on and praise music makes me even happier.

I just want to let everyone in my life know how blessed I am to have them. Be it my besties, my family, and those crazy folk on Facebook, Twitter and Google+…especially you Twitter and Google nerds, you barely know me yet put a smile on my face. I say we should all get together sometime…and royally scare the rest of the world muwahahahaha.

Thanks everyone 🙂 I won’t forget my 25th birthday. Live long and prosper!


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