Disaster of Dog Proportion

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Animals, disaster
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One of my favorite things to do in this world is to help others. Sometimes I help others even if it means I’ll be pulling hair out of my head. But I absolutely love being helpful, showing kindness and just giving. Sometimes my acts of kindness just make no sense especially to my husband, people seem to think that making sacrifices is crazy, but he has learned that through sacrifices I’m happier than a Dog with a pile of Scooby Snacks. My husband sacrifices his time in a different way, he fixes everyones computers for free so thats his way of being helpful. However this story is an act of kindness where I realized I’m probably a bit over my head.

A plea to help rehome some animals was posted on Facebook, 2 iguanas and 3 dogs needed new homes as the owners had to move to small apartment and they didn’t have phone or internet to do the whole Kijiji thing. If they placed the animals on Kijiji they’d go like hot cakes. I wasn’t interested in the dogs but without thinking I sent an email requesting the iguanas. I had been reseaching iguanas for years, my husband and I wanted to build a habitat and get an iguana and here I was faced with adopting 2! And voila just like that I became the parent of 2 green iguanas.  But the owners faced a dilema, they really needed to rehome the dogs as soon as possible because they direly needed to start packing. It’s pretty hard to move things out of a house with 2 puppies and a Doberman who’d bolt out the door as soon as it opened. So I decided that since I have access to Kijiji and had a friend interested in the Doberman I may as well foster them at my house and rehome them.

It would only be for a few days…how hard can an extra 3 dogs be? It’ll be fun.

I forgot how much and often puppies go to the bathroom >< I realized that I had to walk each dog individually because they weren’t yard trained like mine. I have no fence.

No fence? No problem. I’ll just let them run amok in my big back yard. My big, icy back yard. Full of large sticks. I’m terrified when my dog picks up a large branch and weilds it, I was ten times more terrified when the Doberman picked up a branch and came running at me multiple times. My dodging was pretty good though so no injuries thankfully. The dogs liked their freedom so much we had to go on a dog rodeo to try and wrangle them all back into the house. My husband and I had to run around on the icy ground trying to catch all 3 dogs.

Puppies sure are cute but they are a lot of work. I seemed to have forgotten how much mess my dog made when she was a puppy. I was impatient for the day she became an adult dog and sometimes I’m still finding myself awaiting the day she matures even more. These two puppies, Shepherd Lab mixes were certainly full of energy. I assumed after they ran around all day they’d eventually get pooped out and sleep all night. WRONG!

My dog slept all night as a puppy but not all dogs are my dog. Every dog is different. I placed these guys in the livingroom around Midnight to go to bed. Did they fall asleep? Nope, they howled, ran around and scratched at the door. So I got out opf bed to let them come upstairs in hopes that they’d simply sleep upstairs in our room. No such luck, The Doberman managed to fall fast asleep on our bed along with our German Shepherd but the puppies continued to run amok causing havoc. They got into the cat food, the dog food, they chased our cat…I had enough so I grabbed their leashes, tied em up and voila they slept for a good 2 hours before waking up at 4am and going to the bathroom…on my stairs, the only carpet in the house >< and puppy poop is not easy to clean AND it smells!

Alright we made it through the night. Morning came and it was time to let the puppies out to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately as I was getting dressed both puppies took a dump AND went pee. My fault for letting them drink so much before bed. How much pee can one puppy hold? Enough to go pee on the floor then 5 minutes later go pee on the bed :O I was just swamped.

If only I had a fenced in yard. Sigh.

But although I had a hair pulling experience I still had much fun. The dogs are all great and I got to scare a bunch of people when I took the Doberman for a walk. The Doberman is sweetie and is infact much more well behaved than my dog. I’m very happy to have found homes for all three dogs. Enthusiastic dog lovers will be giving these guys forever homes. Both the puppies are gone now and the lovely Doberman will be going to a new home this week. I’m just overjoyed I could help someone out, get to play with puppies for a day and provide great homes for these dogs. While I faced a wee bit of a disaster (Dogs constantly stalking me, avoiding doggie land mines etc) I had an amazing time.

And as I find myself still wanting to keep the Doberman I take a look outside my office door and see two big whining sucks looking back at me. I probably can’t resist but I know very well, one big Suck up is more than enough and someone is going to really enjoy the company of the beautiful sweetheart of a Doberman. 🙂

That and I’m pretty sure the cats will be relieved once they only have one dog to deal with.



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